Pressure Point Self Defence Seminar
Sunday 6:15-9:15pm - 5th February 2017

You'll Learn: verbal skills, how to protect your personal space, trigger points when to take action, what action to take, easy-to-apply simple moves, develop massive power, very effective pressure points. Proven effective tips That Work! Just 15 11 7 places available. Book and confirm your place!

Aikido Club

Arun Aikido Club Dojo
Holy Cross Community Centre,
330 Chichester Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK PO21 5AU

The Arun Aikido Club have been offering unique training in the art of Aikido since 1992. Our instructors are highly qualified, hold professional liability insurance, are CRB/DBS checked, and first aid certified.

We offer junior & adult aikido classes, self defence seminars, and private lessons. Learn aiki principles, self defence, pressure points, and power development... all designed to fast-track your skills.

You are most welcome to join us and train in a real family atmosphere with 3 generations of the Wilden family. Plus... Your 1st aikido class is absolutely FREE :)

Arun Aikido Club

Robin Wilden 3rd Dan, Tony J. Wilden 5th Dan, Natasha Hadwick 2nd Dan

What Lessons
Interest You?


All of the theory, principles, and techniques of Aikido Yoshinkan up to 1st Dan black belt. You'll take gradings, achieve belt ranks, receive grading certificates, and reach high levels of skill in the art of Aikido.

Thursdays: Juniors 6.00-7.30pm - £7 a class or £20 a month
Thursdays: Adults 7.30-9.00pm - £10 a class or £30 a month


Learn the Most Effective Methods to protect yourself from aggressive people. The 3 key moves to use whatever the attack, the effective use of pressure points and how to double your power. 3 hours £20


Choose aikido, aiki principles, self defence, pressure points, power generation, aiki exercises, tibetan yoga, chakra balancing, breath control, meditation etc.For more information visit... Private lessons


Training uniforms are essential for our aikido classes. Loose fitting clothes for private lessons/seminars

Juniors 3'5"-5'0" - £20 (RRP £25) Adults 5'0"-6'3" - £30 (RRP £35) Belts £4 (RRP £5)


Arun Aikido Club Dojo
Holy Cross Community Centre,
330 Chichester Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK PO21 5AU


98 Linden Road, Bognor Regis
West Sussex PO21 2BD UK


Junior Classes - Natasha: 07795 647675

Adult Classes - Robin: 07752 128829

Self Defence Seminars/Private Lessons - Tony: 01243 824329 / 07709 557487

A complete catalogue of martial arts equipment & products is available on request. For detailed Arun Aikido Club info - see below! Book your Aikido classes, seminars, and private lessons... Click Here


Sensei Tony J. Wilden 5th Dan

Tony Wilden has been studying the art of Aikido since 1985. In 1992 he founded the Arun Aikido Club in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK. He has trained over 500 students, conducted more than 50 grading seminars, and arranged dozens of lectures, courses, demonstrations & workshops.

Tony has achieved coaching qualifications from these organisations... Martial Arts Commission (MAC), Ken Shin Kai Aikido Association (KSKAA), British Aikido Board (BAB), Bushinkan Martial Arts Association (BMAA), National Association for Karate and Martial Arts Schools (NAKMAS).

In 2010, after an intense training course, Tony qualified as a pressure point fighting instructor under Master Russell Stutely. He learnt the most effective methods, which he offers in his... Self Defence Seminars

Tony is experienced in the security industry, he holds an SIA licence, and has worked as a door supervisor, store detective, and security guard. Tony has also studied healing systems and is qualified in anatomy & physiology, acupressure, reflexology and kinesiology & given 1000's of treatments since 1993.

Adult Class
Senior Instructor

Sensei Robin Wilden 3rd Dan (right)

Robin Wilden has been studying the art of Aikido since 1990 and was the first junior black belt in the Ken Shin Kai Aikido Association. He has tons of experience and plenty of insights to pass on to you.

Robin is the Arun Aikido Club adult class instructor. Its his responsibility to teach the basic Aikido techniques and prepare students for grading. He has also studied Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Kick Boxing.

Junior Class

Sensei Natasha Hadwick 2nd Dan

Natasha Hadwick has been studying the art of Aikido since 1990. She is the Arun Aikido Club junior class instructor, and it is her responsibility to teach the basic Aikido techniques and prepare students for grading. She has also worked with children for Fit for Sport.


Josephine Wilden 5th Kyu

Josephine Wilden has been studying the art of Aikido since 1987. She is the Club secretary and deals with many aspects of the day to day running of the club... membership, training fees, uniform, etc.

Welfare Officer

Kate Jackson 5th kyu

Kate has been studying the art of Aikido since 2012. She is the Arun Aikido Club welfare officer, and makes sure everything is okay with our members and deals with any issues that may arise.

Club History in Pictures
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Arun Aikido Club

Series of demonstrations given by Sensei Tony J. Wilden

Samuel Alfie Wilden interview March 2014

Arun Aikido grading preparations 2013

Sensei Natasha Wilden 2 weeks before giving birth to her 2nd son Leo in 2013

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