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Self Healing Exercises

by Tony Wilden
April 3rd 2009

Lots of people have heard that I have been studying health for 30+ years, and that many of my insights are explained in my New ebook collections.

The road to real health begins with your mind and the greatest influence on your mind is the way you live.

Tension created by 21st century living is the greatest cause of ill health. You may be given a pill to help the symptoms, but this does nothing to deal with the cause and so the dis-ease grows.

Around your body you have channels called meridians through which vital life force energy flows. Eastern philosophies talk of such a flow... the Indians talk of prana, the Japanese call it ki, the Chinese call it chi, and westerners call it life-force or magnetism.

The fact that it exists is not the question, for most western scientists now know of such a force, but not how to keep it strong and balanced.

What you need is some way to train your mind to stop stress affecting you. Whether the tension is psychological or physical it has the same effect on your body’s energy. If your energy flow is interrupted or slowed down, your natural healing systems are unable to cope.

There is a small gland at the base of your neck called the thymus gland, and in Chinese medicine, is said to control the flow of chi as well as its physical function of producing anti-bodies. The first gland to be affected by stress is the thymus. The energy system of the body is affected immediately and if left unchecked will lead to dis-ease.

We do gain some relief through sleep, but most of us counteract the benefit by sleeping on soft mattresses, watching television, and eating before retiring. If we are using energy for digestion or for processing thoughts, we are not using it to recharge our energy.

If you can find a way to stop the affects of stress, you are on the way to defeating the main cause of dis-ease. You need to develop a calm mind, which isn't always an easy thing to do. Meditation is completely foreign to most westerners, but Chinese exercises do not seem so strange because you are actively using the body to gain a relaxed mind.

Active Meditation For Relaxation and Focus

The first level of working on ‘moving’ meditation, is where you stand in a certain position with slightly bent knees. This provides the heat necessary for certain chemical or energy changes to take place. It is not too difficult to maintain but isn't as easy as seated meditation.

You are trying to teach your mind to relax while working. In this way you do not need a nice quiet room with candles in order to relax, as you are teaching your mind to relax at all times so that tension does not build up.

The basic stance for this kind of meditation (Chi Kung or Qigong) is where the legs are slightly bent with the knees not projecting any further than the toes, with the toes slightly gripping the ground.

The arms are held at chest height with the fingers pointing to each other. The fingers are held slightly apart with the palms concave. The tongue is pressed lightly onto the hard palate with the chin pulled in slightly to straighten the back. The eyes are looking straight ahead but not staring. The shoulders are relaxed with the elbows hanging. The breath is deep but natural and not forced, breathing in and out through the nose.

Hold this posture for 15 minutes, but beginners can start with 5 minutes.

Qigong Healing

Qigong, or chi kung, translated means breath work or breathing exercises and you can use it to build up your internal energy or chi. You need a reasonable supply of chi to each organ to maintain good health, but just as important is the free flow of this energy through the meridians.

In China there are Qigong clinics where people can go to be treated with Qigong either by a doctor or as a self help exercise. The patient learns the Qigong exercises so that self-healing takes place and this is obviously the best way. If however the patient is in no fit state to perform the exercises, then he must first be treated externally. This involves the doctor ‘putting’ his own chi into the patients body.

If you are to heal yourself you need a normal flow of chi, but if you are to heal others you need an extra amount of chi. This means that you must be fit and healthy, and apart from building up an extra supply of chi, you must also learn how to put it into others. This is a very simple practice physically but is quite difficult to learn mentally.

In order to heal others with chi you must know the meaning and practical use of yin and yang. Once this is known, usually after many years of practising an internal art such as tai chi chuan or taoist yoga, you then have to build up your supply of chi and learn how to pass it to others.

A Chinese doctor confronted with a mild disease will stand in a Qigong posture for around 10 minutes to build up his immediate supply of chi. When he knows that he has enough to give he will either place one palm onto the affected area, use point massage, acupuncture or massage.

If someone has to be treated for a major ailment the doctor will fast or only eat fruit for 10 days and practice Qigong three times each day for at least 20 minutes each time. Only in this way will the doctor’s body and mind be strong and clean enough to perform the difficult healng session.

Sometimes western students of Chinese healing methods only look at the physical effect of the particular practice i.e. they only study the technique of needling or the technique of massage. But if no chi is present then all of that learning is wasted. Some form of internal art must also be practised in order to gain the idea of chi. Qigong is the starting point for this learning.

Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

Tony Wilden is the author of the Aikido Success Blueprint, the Aikido First Aid Kit, and the Optimum Health Secrets. You can sign up for his free monthly Harmony ezine at http://www.aikido-health.com

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