Pressure Point Self Defence Seminar
Sunday 6:15-9:15pm - 2nd April 2017

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"Yoga Stretching Gives You Total Flexibility of Mind and Body, and Balances Your Energy Centres!"

Yoga is one of the oldest practises in the world. It provides a system of physical and mental discipline to improve strength, stamina, and flexibility, while calming the mind and relieving stress.

This type of practise promotes health through body postures and concentrated breathing techniques. Zen meditation is often included to silence the mind and improve concentration.

Hatha yoga deals with the physical, which is an excellent foundation to build upon. A sound, strong, healthy body is necessary for you to do your best work and study.

Daily practise is recommended to improve your health.

Also, by using mantras and chants you can truly become balanced and in harmony with nature. Yoga has become very popular in the West for its spiritual aspects and relaxing effects.

It has been used to control pain, stress, and related illness.

There are several branches and the best known are...

Hatha, Raja, Karma, Gnani.

When confronted with a choice of methods and plans, ask yourself 'what is the natural way' to a healthy body?

There your answers will be found!

Your body is the temple for your soul or spirit. It is important that you look after it to experience relaxation, stress relief, vitality, concentration,  willpower, self-confidence, awareness, clarity, creative insight, inner peace.

Optimum Health Secrets offers you a massive gold-mine of unique wisdom. It shows you, step-by-step, exactly how to balance your energy centres, and experience glowing health!

The Science of Yoga
and the Seven Principles

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Simple stretching can be used to increase your flexibility, and help prevent training injuries. Here's what you can learn by studying yoga...

1 - The physical body is the temple of the living spirit and should be cared for to make it a useful instrument. The body should be kept in good health and trained to obey the orders of the mind.

2 - The astral body has been known to many ancient people and is composed of matter of a finer quality than the physical and is its exact counterpart, it can be separated under certain conditions.

3 - Prana is universal energy and found in all forms of life. It is used in magnetic healing, mental healing, absent treatment etc. Prana can be increased and transferred by willpower for healing using the breath.

4 - The instinctive mind carries out the essential body work of repair, replace, change, digestion, assimilation, elimination, breathing... all below the plane of consciousness. This is where your animal fighting spirit comes from and must be controlled by the intellect.

5 - The intellect distinguishes man from brute and brings reason, logic and willpower. This is a mental awakening of self consciousness - the I principle allows your higher nature to be on guard.

6 - The spiritual mind is the super-conscious mind and many people are aware of a higher 'something within' which leads to noble thoughts, desires, aspirations, deeds, kindness, humanity, justice, and mercy etc.

7 - Spirit is the divine spark, your inheritance from the divine power. A drop from the spiritual ocean, a grain of sand from the shores of the infinite, a particle of the sacred flame, and harmony of God.

There is a Simple,  easy to learn and complete exercise system which Balances Your Chakras (energy centres).  It offers you maximum benefit from minimum effort to BOOST Your Energy.

I use Tibetan Yoga as part of my training and have experienced great results... it will only take you about 15 minutes a day to balance your chakras.

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