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FREE 127 Page Healthy Computing Ebook

You've been using computers for years and you have a list of discomforts & ailments to your credit. You are getting in worse shape mentally and physically as the years roll on, all from the life you have chosen, working in front of a computer.

What next?  

Proven-Effective Advice for healthy computer usage. Some of the valuable information you will learn from this FREE ebook are...

  • Seating Positions.

  • Selection and Arrangement of the Components for the Workstation.

  • Probable risks and feasible solutions.

  • Recipes - the consolidated bunch of best practices on each topic.

  • Workstation ergonomics.

  • Workstation accessories usage.

  • Self assessment questionnaire.

  • Disorders, Ailments and Cures.

  • Medical Awareness and Training.

  • Occu-Bright, can it help your eyes?

  • Dangerous Gas from Computers.

  • Chemicals From Computers.

  • Experiences of some computer users from different walks of life.

  • 4 Steps to Setting Up Your Computer Workstation.

  • Some Exercises for Computer Users.

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking ®: Speak-in to your computer.

Optimum Health Secrets offers you a gold-mine of wisdom. Including 7 key action steps to boost your energy and experience glowing health!

How Will This Healthy
Computing Ebook Help You?

What you are dealing with is vital when you have to be successful and productive in using computers. They have found their way into our lives, so we had better start knowing what they are all about.

You at least have to know the most essential information that is required to operate them and use them to your advantage.

Computer related health hazards are often unnoticed until they reach a chronic stage. Some damages are irreversible. Understanding the reasons and causes will enable you to prevent them from occurring.  

In the event of already contracting ailments, the necessary treatment for a cure must be taken, before they cause more damage to you.

Healthy Computing is a guide that will help you quickly and easily understand the computer hardware and software hazards and the prevention and cure for them.

You can take advantage of this book on Healthy Computing that includes the tips you need to quickly and easily understand and practice a quality work style with your computer that will be comfortable and healthy.

You'll overcome any ailment that you might have contracted by using computers or related articles. You'll feel good about your health.

And all of them Can be Yours, in this single book.  

Get your copy today and get rid of any fear about permanent injury related to your job on your pc! Act now and avoid possible injuries later.

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