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Harmony 166 Diet & Fitness Tips!
January 10, 2017

Knowledge is Power, but...
Action is the Key to Your Success!

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit. Issue 166. January 2017.


It's Tony here from the Aikido Health Centre with your Harmony ezine. It is packed with Unique Tips and Insights on aikido, health, and spirituality.

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In this issue we spotlight New Year/New You - Diet and Fitness tips... details below. Next month we discuss exactly how to Stay on Track with your life plans... stay tuned!

New Year - New You!
Great Diet and Fitness Tips

I hope you had a good xmas with family and friends, and wish you a happy, healthy, and wealthy new year!

So, here we are with our first newsletter for 2017. In this issue we are going to discuss diet and fitness tips.

Yes, I know, you don't really want to hear about a difficult subject that involves discipline and change. That's why, I am going to congratulate you for sticking to your goals throughout 2016...

Well Done!

If you slipped a little, like me, I may offer a few tips to help you get back on track :)

Maybe 2016 was a gap year for you regarding diet and fitness? Were you busy doing something more important? Exactly what was it?

I would love to hear all about it.

In my life, 2016 was mostly a success.

From January 1st 2016, every morning I performed my hour of exercise. This included aiki exercises, tibetan yoga, chi kung, deep breathing and meditation, etc.

I have also been teaching and practising aikido for 4+ hours a week. And on top of that my other job as a security guard has me walking 7 miles per shift at 4 shifts per week.

Phew, I'm even tired describing it :)

I have also been reasonably good with my diet too. Eating 90% organic food, along with organic green powder nutrients, organic dense multi-mineral liquid, krill oil, and organic turmeric.

At home I have a water filter built in to the mains which removes 99% + of unwanted chemicals, etc. My family drink at least 2 litres of pure water each and every day. As you can gather I have many excellent diet and fitness methods in place to improve and sustain my health and well-being.

Before you start thinking... he's cocky or arrogant, maybe I should let you know about some of the negatives that I haven't been able to deal with...


I live in a town centre, on the south coast in the UK. This means there are car fumes, industrial fumes, etc constantly polluting the atmosphere. I should also mention the shitstorm of chemtrails dumped on us from above by the government via aeroplanes.

This is the elite's method of dumbing down their citizens... covered in a future newsletter!

I use air ionisers and essential oil diffusers in a vain attempt to help reduce the damage to my lungs :(

Then there is the massive electromagnetic pollution attacking me from all sides via wireless transmitters, tv, radio, computers, smart phones, smart meters, etc. etc.

I use quartz crystals strategically placed around my home to reduce the damage.

As you can see... I have a long way to go before I can state I am an awake, vibrant, alert human being. But, just like YOU, I am trying my best!

Like I said earlier, most of 2016 went well. Unfortunately, I had a major setback in the 2nd week of December, I pulled a muscle in my neck. I thought I would just carry on and train through it, like I had with other little niggles that came and went.

It wasn't to be... my body decided I needed a rest and my neck went into spasm putting me out of action for almost 2 weeks. No exercise, apart from a little stretching, no security work. Since then, I have had a series of minor issues...

My back went into spasm in support of my neck going out on strike. Then I got run down and had influenza, which I am still recovering from. I still haven't resumed my routine...


Sometimes life events get in the way of our best laid plans.

Is your situation better off than mine? I'd love to hear about it. Maybe you are in a worse situation? I'd love to hear about that too! Tell me what you think... Your Valuable Opinion is important to me too :) Click Here

3 Week Diet and
Yoga Burn

Okay, you must have had enough hearing about my miserable failures. Maybe you are asking yourself...

"I opened this message to get some diet and fitness tips"

Well, I'm glad you are still with me, because I'm now going to give you exactly what you have been waiting for! Here goes...

1 - Breathe Deeply... fill your lungs with good oxygen. Sea air, in the woods, by a lake, etc.

2 - Drink Pure water... find a way of filtering your water and drink plenty.

3 - Eat Organic Foods... and remember your whole green food supplements and minerals, etc.

4 - Focus on Positive Thoughts. Stop watching the negative news and reading papers.

5 - Express Your Emotions. Share positive feelings and let go of negative feelings.

6 - Exercise and Stretch... Out of breath for a minimum of 20 minutes 3 times a week.

7 - Take Action... action is the key to Your Success! make plans, write out your life blueprint and take massive action on each step.

I have kept this brief so you can get started quickly :)

If you want a lot more detail on each of these tips then I suggest you visit Optimum Health Secrets I cover it all in step-by-step detail including THE number 1 health tip available!

My Top Recommendations...

3 Week Diet - A foolproof, science-based diet designed to melt away several pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days!

Yoga Burn Her yoga secrets for a tiny belly. Dynamic sequencing focuses your body to change and adapt to look better and feel better.

Action Is The
Key To Your Success!

"You Are What You Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do"

Tony Wilden

You can live a healthy and vibrant life, by using the following tips daily...

1 - Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.
2 - Drink Plenty of PURE Water.
3 - Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.
4 - Focus on POSITIVE Thoughts.
5 - Positively EXPRESS Your Feelings.
6 - Gently STRETCH for Flexibility.
7 - List Your Life GOALS.
8 - ACT on Your Plans.

Remove stress, anxiety, and dis-ease, by completing the 8 holistic key steps. It's all explained here... Optimum Health Secrets

Recommended Action!

Visit Tony's... Blog - Facebook - Twitter I'd love to hear your important opinion on Aikido and Health related issues... Tell Me What You Think

Peace & Harmony

Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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Tony is an Aikido Instructor and qualified in several Healing Arts. He has a deep interest in spiritual matters, optimum health, environmental issues, and the creation of harmony between people and nature. Tony is on a path to wisdom, freedom and power and shares his insights on aikido, health, universal principles, ancient knowledge and master strategies.

Please Note
The information provided in the Harmony ezine is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any dis-ease. It should not replace the advice of your health advisor or doctor.

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