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Harmony 247, Real Causes of Illness
October 10, 2023

Knowledge is Power, but...
Action is the Key to YOUR Success!

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit #247. October 2023.


It's Tony here from the Aikido Health Centre with your Harmony Ezine packed with unique tips and insights on aikido, health and well-being.

In this issue... Real Causes of Illness - details below. Next issue we turn the spotlight on The Reality of life... stay tuned!

Real Causes of Illness

Welcome to your Harmony newsletter. In this issue you'll learn about some of the Real Causes of Illness.

" YOU are what you breathe, drink, eat, think, feel, and do "

Tony J. Wilden

If you really want to experience optimum health, all of these areas need working on in a holistic way. The truth is...


We are surrounded by polluted air... chemtrails, farming chemical spray, vehicle fumes, business processes, etc.


We drink water that is contaminated... air pollution, farm chemicals, raw sewage, fluoride, etc. all enter our rivers and end up in our water supplies.


We eat foods that are unhealthy... most farmers spray toxic chemicals on crops. food is not natural and full of chemical additives, saturated fat, etc.


Our mindset is often negative... caused by negative thoughts and fearful world events caused by news corporations owned by billionaires.


We experience vast extremes of emotions... that are intentially manipulated by a world run by greedy, power hungry, meglamaniacs.


Our actions are weak and lacking in power... because our beliefs have been erroded by failure, mainly caused by negative life events.

Unfortunately, we are being controlled and manipulated either by evil control freaks or hopeless idiots. BUT... you can change it by taking massive action on all of these issues and...

Take Back Control of YOUR LIFE!

Learn easy-to-apply, Powerful Action Steps... Experience Real Health

That's it... next month we discuss The Reality of Life.

" You Are What You Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do "

Tony Wilden

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Please Note
The information provided in the Harmony ezine is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any dis-ease. It should not replace the advice of your health advisor... Knowledge is power!

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