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harmony of mind/body/spirit is a free monthly e-zine/newsletter that Delivers news and quality information covering many fascinating subjects. Filled with tips and techniques to help you balance your life and succeed. Knowledge is power ! We aim to give you only quality essential information on what it really means to be healthy. Watch this space !


The " secret 5 series " each month will be focusing on various aspects of how you can gain more energy and power. This will enable you to follow your plan of action to it's goal of enlightenment, health, happiness and abundance. True success !

5 Paths to Health

Quality information on : the healing arts of acupressure, reflexology, energy balancing, sound healing and contact healing. Do you want to receive real knowledge on 5 paths to health ? See below for useable master strategies you can put into practise !


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Nothing is more important than our health - NOTHING ! Its what enables us to make the most of what life has to offer. Without good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, little else matters. Health considerations tend to take a back seat because more pressing matters take priority - money, career, family commitments etc.

The body is of prime consideration when it comes to health and harmony. How can we develop if the foundation of our life is damaged ? Its time to act and DO something about it ! You can master the strategies of successful people for your success !

Inspirational Truths

There are 3 types of people 1 Achievers 2 Non-achievers 3 Dreamers
Be number One

A few small powerful actions are worth 100's of hours of fiddling about

The life and practise of a peaceful warrior is action being useful to others.

God hides things by putting them near and the closer you are the less you can see. Look far to see near and look near to see far.

Before you act, ask yourself : Will this bring me peace or anxiety ? Take the higher path to peace and you will change your life for the better. Take the lower path to anxiety and you will cause tension and negatively effect the flow of life force energy. This leads to illness and dis-ease.


When mind/body/spirit are out of balance we become ill ... dis-eased. How can we rebalance our energy and live life to the full ? The ability to really relax is of utmost importance in our quest for health as when we are calm and relaxed we are free from stress. It then becomes much easier to concentrate, focus and achieve our goals.

If we liberate our natural talents and go with the flow, we will have unlimited energy. A simple path to health must be found and the " 5 paths to health " will give YOU the tools necessary to completely change your life for the better.


How can we use the knowledge and services encompassed by western medicine and also maintain a lifestyle in harmony with the principles of nature ? Acupressure can help restore a sense of perspective by examining a method of self-help rooted in universal principles of balanced and natural health.

The nature of vital life force (ki, chi, prana etc.) is to flow smoothly and harmoniously throughout the body. An infinite number of situations can occur in which this energy is blocked. The acupressure points when stimulated can help to adjust the vital life force to once again flow freely.

Explore the path-way of personal responsibility with acupressure, a survival kit which is self-contained in knowledge and can be used anywhere at anytime. This is health assurance now and for the future. An excellent method for the relief of pain.

Are you looking for answers to your energy and health problems ? Maybe you are in pain and want relief. For quality info try The Gentle Touch


The art of reflexology can be found in the healing methods of many ancient cultures. It is a holistic therapy based on the idea that all dis-ease and illness are caused by our thoughts and lifestyle. Massage using reflexology simply stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself. The body needs and wants health !

Our feet connect us to the earth and the energies of the universe. A healer using reflexology concentrates on the reflex areas of the hands and feet where the nerve endings are close to the skin and more accessible to massage. Stimulation of these reflex points will release any blockages of energy, improve blood circulation, toxins and poisons are removed and stress and tension melts away.

An effective method of massage is to walk barefoot over rough terrain which will stimulate the reflexes and improve the circulation throughout the body. This will also give you exercise and fresh air, a combination of powers to heal yourself. Allow the natural lifeforce energy to bring renewed vigour to every part of the mind/body/spirit. The result is a balanced Hu-man being with Reduced Stress

Energy Balancing

Kinesiology and touch for health are a natural path to balanced health and well-being. Through a series of muscle testing techniques, it is possible to find in which organ your energy is blocked. Corrections are made by a variety of stimulation and holding techniques to re-balance the energy flow. Emotional stress release is an excellent method to let go of past worries and move on with your life. Long term problems can be tackled with this technique. Your local Kinesiologist or Touch for Health practitioner can give you more information on the effectiveness of these methods.

The art of yoga is one of the oldest practises in the world. It provides a system of physical and mental discipline to improve strength, stamina and flexibility, while calming the mind and relieving stress. Practise of yoga promotes health and well-being through body postures and concentrated breathing techniques. Zen meditation is included to silence the mind and improve concentration. A sound, strong, healthy body is necessary for you to do your best work and study.

The discipline of yoga has become very popular in the West for its spiritual aspects and relaxing effects. It has been used to control pain, stress and related illness. This allows the body to heal itself.

I recommend you include yoga in your plan of action to boost your energy levels. I use an ancient Tibetan Yoga routine with excellent results. This complete system is easy to learn and takes 15 minutes to perform. Balance your energy centres with 5 simple moves. This is truly "maximum benefit for minimum effort". Try Tibetan Yoga

Sound Healing

Healing in the 21st century will make use of light and sound, working with the vibratory rates of elements, cells, organs, organisms and states of consciousness. Composers of healing music or sound healing will use frequencies of audible sound and the human voice for prevention and cure of dis-ease.

The vibrations that produce sound represent an energy that is found throughout nature, not only within ourselves and our world, but beyond into the realms of the universe. On a cosmic scale, sound healing is a universal, unseen power, able to make profound changes on all levels of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Music, sound healing, mantras and chants have very ancient origins. The knowledge of sounds and words of power have survived centuries of materialism and remain a living heritage for the future. Within the mysteries of sound healing is vibrational motion. You can gain and direct this energy for healing, inspiration and path-ways that lead to harmony on all levels.

Your voice links the conscious and unconscious levels of your being and reflects the current state of your health. Using the resonance of your voice and "sound healing vibrations" you can increase your awareness of your mind/body/spirit. To move in harmony, release emotions and develop creative imagination. A healthy voice will be versatile, sensitive, warm and has purity of tone ..... clear and open. Above all using the voice for sound healing will give you vitality, which is the abundance of vital energy to transform your life. Sound vibrations are found in Healing Music

Contact Healing

Running down both sides of the spine are energy centres through which the creative energy flows. We can either choose a lifestyle in which this creative energy flows or choose to block it ! Healing will come when the vital life force is balanced and strengthened by vitalising the blood stream and sending positive or negative vibrations directly to the weak part of the body.

There is a simple way to gain extra energy for healing. An abundance of life force energy can be developed so you can live life to the full. First we must understand that there are positive and negative qualities that must be balanced for maximum benefit.

How can we strengthen the bloodstream ? We can increase our positive energy vibrations by putting more oxygen into the bloodstream. This can be achieved very simply :

Action 10-15 minutes of deep breathing morning and evening. Relax, let go of worries.

You can increase your negative energy vibrations by putting more nutrients into your bloodstream. This can be achieved very simply :

Action Gradually add raw, organic fruit and vegetables to your diet, take quality multivitamin/mineral supplements. Drink plenty of pure water.

How can we gain extra energy for healing others ? The answer is to study specific breathing techniques as found in ancient texts ; Aiki, Yoga, Zen, Tibetan, Meditation, Chi-kung etc. There are many resources available to us. The question is what are you drawn to - there the answers will be found on How to Meditate like a Zen Monk


Do you want to take control of your life right now ? Do you have time for YOU ! Maybe one of the following Quality links will be of benefit to you on your individual path to wisdom, freedom and personal power ... enjoy !

Easy Tai Chi

7 Golden Secrets The World of Chi Kung


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