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harmony of mind/body/spirit - issue 003 - 1st May 2003

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The secret 5 series each month focuses on various aspects of how you can gain more energy and power. This will enable you to follow your plan of action to it's goal of enlightenment, health, happiness and abundance !

This month - 5 Levels of Being Quality information on 5 planes of existence : physical, emotional, causal, mental, and spiritual. Do you want to receive real knowledge on 5 levels of being ? See below for useable master strategies to practise now !

Looking for back issues of harmony of mind/body/spirit ? The Secret 5 Series - 5 Essentials for Life - 5 Paths to Health see link below !

Looking forward to next month's feature article, which is called
5 Passions to Discipline - lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity. Plenty of answers on how to improve your life !


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Nothing is more important than our health - NOTHING ! Its what enables us to make the most of what life has to offer. Without good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, little else matters. Health considerations tend to take a back seat because more pressing matters take priority - money, career, family commitments etc.

The body is of prime consideration when it comes to health and harmony. How can we develop if the foundation of our life is damaged ? Its time to act and DO something about it ! You can master the strategies of successful people for your success !

Inspirational Truths

We spend the first half of our lives collecting things,
and the second half trying to get rid of them.

Look for the silver lining in your clouds. Maybe there is
a reason for what happens, a spiritual lesson to be learned.

When you set goals for yourself, they work in two ways -
You work on them and they work on you.

Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.

Before you act, ask yourself : Will this bring me peace or anxiety ?
Take the higher path to peace and you will change your life forever. Take the lower path to anxiety and you will cause tension and negatively effect the flow of life force energy. This leads to illness and dis-ease.



The planet earth and the material level is called the physical plane of existence. The physical world is a vast network of energy and human beings are unique in their ability to project this energy consciously. While we live on the earth plane, the human body is the temple or house for our soul. The human being is the most amazing thing in the world, it thinks, moves, communicates and even takes care of unconscious but vital functions, such as breathing.

The 5 physical senses are our connection to the physical world, in order of most sensitive to external vibrations are : see, hear, smell, taste and feel. The nervous system spreads throughout every part of the body and the impulses are carried from the sense organs to the brain and other nerve centres. Impulses may also be sent from the brain (the objective mind), through the nervous system, to every part of the body. All of the physical senses are directly connected with this nervous system.

If we are to make the most of our lives, we need to keep ourselves healthy and fit in order to experience a life of harmony and balance. The best method is to develop good habits ... eat a balanced diet, take regular exercise and manage stress.

Positive energy can be gained from the air and sun and negative energy can be gained from water and food. The real way is through action : deep breathing in an outdoor environment for extra positive energy ; drinking plenty of pure water and eating organic foods (backed up by supplements) for extra negative energy. It is important to balance the power of these opposing vibrations to experience harmony and peace of mind and have Serenity Health


On a finer level is the emotional plane of existence where we are controlled by our feelings. Emotions are the sensations of the subconscious mind and the urges of the instincts set them into action. Emotion is the spark to action, an automatic response to certain situations, causing biological reactions in the body. It can sometimes spring up from no-where, we can love, be happy, sad, fearful, angry etc. These emotions can be aroused by the memory or from external stimuli received through the senses. The 5 emotions that require discipline : lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity will be covered in detail next month.

Under stress the blood flow to the left and right hemisphere's of the brain can become unbalanced and lose harmony. A healthy blood supply is vital in order to think clearly. When the mounting stress involves excess input,
" too much to do " people can develop feelings of confusion, become overwhelmed and unable to cope. This is when emotions show their head and take control of us : lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity. This state of overwhelm can be relieved in many ways and the best method I have used is through : deep breathing, relax and let it go - just do it.

Laughter can solve many problems and even help cure ill-ness and dis-ease. When you begin to take control of your emotions you will begin to experience more energy and learn the Secrets of Personal Magnetism


The causal body of human beings, known as the seed body is a place where memories of past lives and karmic patterns are stored. A reader of past lives looks here by reading the Akashic records on the causal plane of the path to God. This will explain some of our current personality and character traits. It is possible to travel to higher states of consciousness and become more aware of your true path, and there are many ways to achieve this ...... which path are you drawn to ?

If we are intending to look inwards for the answers to life's problems then it is essential that we have support. Search for the right inner path for you, and with discipline, perseverance and the guidance of a master, a whole new fascinating world will open up as you approach wisdom, power and freedom. You have the power to Meditate like a Zen Monk


In the mental plane of existence we are concerned with mental habits that are established in a person. They become so grooved after a few repetitions that they become the major ruling part of life. There are two aspects at work ... the higher mind and the lower mind. The lower is interested in making money, eating, drinking and self-indulgence in the 5 passions. The higher mind is engaged in thought activity like philosophy, ethics, morals, creative arts, literature, music and painting.

The higher mental plane is known as the etheric and is the source of our subconscious and primitive thought. The instinctive mind has some control over the body and the use of willpower can effect the instinctive mind. A bright, cheerful and happy attitude will reflect itself in your state of health. While depressed mental states, gloom, worry, fear, hate, jealousy and anger all react upon the body and produce physical tension which leads to illness and dis-ease.

The majority of people put very little energy into their thoughts, it becomes almost a mechanical process. When thought is sent with strength, it carries with it vibrational life force energy and can produce startling results. There is an immense ammount of stored up energy in the thought world, and this can be drawn upon at will.

Thought takes form in action, and mental conditions are reproduced in physical manifestations. A mental attitude of calmness, peace, strength and absolute fearlessness will aid your development and make the changes you want in your life. It is essential to be calm and relaxed as you go about your life. Are You ? - then you have Supreme Confidence


To pass into the true spiritual planes of existence we must drop the mind. Soul uses the mind as a tool, but should not be guided by it. The mind cannot understand the nature of divine essence which can only be experienced, which is why descriptions of God are inaccurate and vary so much, they depend on mind power and thought.

Learning to recognise, understand and work with the light and sound of God is one of the most unique and exciting paths to enlightenment. The divine essence - God, exists at the heart of the spiritual worlds beyond matter, energy, space and time. The word vibration flows from the centre, through all planes of existence to the physical plane where we spend most of our time. We must separate illusion from truth to recognise ourselves as a channel for God's vibrational energy. Vibrations of sound have the power to connect spirit and form.

As human spirituality begins to unfold, we begin to have a sense of the existence of a supreme power, a desire to help others and feel a relationship of energy with all humankind. The answers can only be found if you enquire within ! Do you want top resources on Christianity then why not have a look at Shalom Place


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5 Forgotten Fundamentals

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