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harmony of mind/body/spirit - issue 004 - 1st June 2003

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If You are serious about reaching your dreams, desires and life goals, then building a foundation of knowledge IS the best thing you can do. Quality condensed knowledge allows you to develop your individual plan of action. The only other ingredient necessary for your success is to
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The ezine harmony of mind/body/spirit is the KEY to your success ! Useable, to-the-point, value-packed master strategies allows you to experience incredible levels of energy, health and inner peace. YOU can learn how to tap into your inner powers and unlock your potential at will !

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The harmony of mind/body/spirit is a free monthly e-zine/newsletter that delivers news and quality information covering many fascinating subjects. Filled with tips and techniques to help you balance your life and succeed ! knowledge is power ! We aim to give you only quality essential information on what it really means to be healthy ! Look out for the inspirational Truths ... each month ... Fill your mind with inspiration, contemplate, decide on your path ... and act.


The secret 5 series each month focuses on various aspects of how you can gain more energy and power. This will enable you to follow your plan of action to it's goal of enlightenment, health, happiness and abundance !

This month - 5 Passions to discipline Quality information on : lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity. Do you want to receive real knowledge on 5 Passions to discipline ? See below for useable master strategies to practise right now !

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harmony of mind/body/spirit


What is more important than our health ? ..... Nothing ! Health enables us to make the best of what life has to offer us and without good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, little else matters.

Health considerations tend to take a back seat because more pressing matters take priority - money, career, family commitments etc.

The body is of prime consideration when it comes to health and harmony. How can we develop if the foundation of our life is damaged ? Its time to act and DO something about it ! You can master the strategies of successful people for your success !

Inspirational Truths

We first form habits, then habits form us.

The key to our life lies within us and we have the power to unlock the
door to an exciting new world.

We are what we are and where we are because of the thoughts
that dominate our minds.

When we are calm and relaxed, we are free from stress. It then becomes easier to focus, concentrate on, and achieve our goals.

Before you act, ask yourself : Will this bring me peace or anxiety ?

Take the high path to peace and you will change your life and become more positive ....... forever !

Take the low path to anxiety and you will cause tension and negatively effect the flow of life energy, which leads to illness and dis-ease.

harmony of mind/body/spirit



The universal law is pure energy and it accepts whatever thoughts, feelings, and actions we project, and reflects them back at us in the form of events, experienced day to day. This means that we don't have to surrender to the push and pull of circumstances. We can put thought and creative activity into living to achieve our goals by individual effort.

In this world we see two minds at work :

The lower mind, which is interested in money, eating, drinking and self-indulgence in any of the 5 deadly passions of the lower self.

The higher mind is engaged in thought activity like philosophy, literature, music and painting, activities aimed at educating the higher self.

Discipline is allowing spirit to control the mind and disregard the 5 deadly passions : Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Vanity, and by careful observation we can see how these destructive mental activities work in human beings. Emotions are automatic responses to situations we are in, and they cause biological reactions in the body.

The 5 desires are an illusion ... they give promises of wonderful things just around the corner, and that we should be patient. In reality they bring only struggle. Either we must consciously form good habits, or unconsciously form bad ones. Fear is a habit ..... so are self-pity, defeat, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, resignation etc.

We first form habits, and then habits form us


Lust is any normal function that has been allowed to grow into an abnormal demand, which makes it destructive and degrading. Abnormal sexual desires, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, foods etc. It is an illusion that keeps telling us its attractions are the best and that human beings should ignore soul's warning of going too far in overdoing a habit. Lust pulls us down to common animal appetite's and holds us there, this is degrading.

Have you met people who are under the control of lust ? ... an abnormal attempt to satisfy this obsessive energy drives them forward to destruction. This passion is never satisfied and the more we feed it the more it want's, until it has full control of us. The lust for power, money, sex, high position etc. is there for all to see in our " modern world. "

We grow to become that upon which we contemplate, so whatever mind concentrates upon ... it becomes. So we must consider, and not forget our own weaknessess, that we may pardon the weaknessess of others. We can spend our time productively, and within a short space of time ... change for the better.

YOU can learn how to improve your health in just 10 minutes a day using proven ancient techniques of Qi Gong Exercise


Anger is a reaction designed to protect our integrity when we feel our personal boundaries have been crossed ..... when we feel invaded. It can be a way of saying NO to an injustice or violation. Justified anger is immediate, clear and needs little explanation. By releasing anger in a positive way, we can expose what is inappropriate and defend our integrity in a way that is beneficial to everyone concerned.

Interiorised or repressed anger is a widespread phenomena in the World's modern societies and leads to violence, family violence, crime, misplaced aggression, and wars at every level. It is the least acceptable and the most repressed emotion today. The physical signs of repressed anger can be seen everywhere : clenched fists, tense jaws, stiff backs, raised voices, staring eyes ... people tend to be on the edge.

One purpose of anger is to stir up tension and anxiety, which stops us from thinking clearly. Anger destroys peace, neutralizes love, engenders hatred and turns friends into enemies. This emotion brings the individual down to complete destruction ... it consumes, weakens, and destroys all noble qualities of mind/body/spirit.

As long as anger dominates the mind, it is impossible to make progress on the spiritual path. There are many masks that help anger make its appearance : slander, gossip, backbiting, profanity, faultfinding, impatience, resentment, mockery, ill-will, irritability etc. ....... anger consumes and it seldom concludes without repentence and remorse. It raises the energy level, which must be controlled.

On the path to truth, it is important to express our anger and not leave it buried within us. When we express our anger positively we will feel a release and feel compassion, as we can now understand what drove the individual to cross our boundaries.

When we are calm and relaxed we are free from stress. It then becomes easier to concentrate, focus and achieve our goals. YOU can be calm and relaxed ... through the use of Yoga Health Secrets


The purpose of greed is to enslave us to the material things in life, and to cloud the mind from the higher goals of spirit. It makes us worship money, gold, diamonds, gemstones and other valuables. Greed clouds our minds to seek wealth instead of spirituality, resulting in slavery. It hardens the consciousness and becomes the most relentless slave driver.

Some of the forms where greed shows its ugly head are : lying, hipocrisy, robbery, bribery, trickery, misrepresentation etc. The most obvious sign of greed is the desire for power, which is fine if we do something positive with that power. We can observe that it is usually power over others that is desired, which leaves many damaged lives in their wake, and of course, without a second thought.

As we can see greed makes us thick skinned, selfish and not someone we would wish in our circle of friends. How can we transcend the grip of greed, when we are surrounded by it ? We must become more detached and ask ourselves ... what is the difference between What do I really wan't and What do I really need Here the answer may be found !

Do YOU need a universal generator - some first aid for your soul, that will enable you to break through the boundaries and Become Real


The purpose of attachment is to hold us down, while we wait for our lives to improve. It is the crux of procrastination, of waiting for something to happen, to release us from the burdens of life. It never comes, of course ..... as we continue to tread the mill. Attachment is part of our mental baggage, it creaps up slowly on us and is the most deceptive of all the passions. It aims to enslave us and set a false value on our surroundings, associations and relationships. After we become absorbed in attachment, we have no time for anything else.

Maybe we are attached to other people and feel we can't live without them ... this can be a fear of loneliness. We can become attached to valuable objects that society has told us to hold dear ... property, cars, precious metals and gems. Are these things really valuable to us as spiritual beings ?

One reason we become attached is that we don't understand that we are responsible for our own lives ... what we think, feel and act upon all effect our energy and the energy of others. When we take responsibility, we learn and see that we have almost given up on our dreams, desires and life goals.

We can look closely at how we live and become more detached, in a compassionate way. If life doesn't go exactly how we wan't it to, then, ... because we are more detached, it won't crush us.

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The main purpose of vanity is to block us from taking the path of truth, as it deceives us and makes us self-satisfied. Vanity builds organisations, establishes creeds and dogmas and then assumes itself as the only way. It lives upon its own exagerations and has thousands of ways to tell the mind to hold itself in high esteem.

The vain human being is arrogant and puffed up with the vanity of his own imagination. He speaks of himself all day long and resents any efforts to enlighten him. Vanity is extremely sensitive, but sees no weakness within itself, a paradox. Some of the signs of vanity include : bigotry, self-assertion, flashy wealth, domineering attitude, bossiness, fault-finding, scolding etc.

We can be free of vanity if we are prepared to make a careful study of our own motives and actions, drop the negative and use the positive.

WHAT can WE DO about it ?

Can we interrupt the habits and patterns we have developed ? Yes !

Can we create an empowering alternative good habit or pattern ? Yes !

Can we re-inforce the good pattern until it is habitual ? Yes !


Why do we suffer from stress, aches, pains, allergies etc. ? It is medically accepted that about 75% of all dis-ease is caused by stress. Emotions such as anger, fear, worry etc. are all stored in the body causing muscle tension, which obstructs the natural flow of energy. These conditions occur to let us know that something is not as it should be in our lives.

To struggle against a fault increases its power, so the best way to remove it is to flood it with its opposing virtue. The following virtues will counter the negative effects of the 5 passions of lust, anger, greed, attachment, vanity :

Chastity, forgiveness, contentment, detachment and humility.

harmony of mind/body/spirit


The physical world is a vast network of energy and human beings are unique in their ability to project this energy consciously. Humans beings are competitive and are in the habit of stealing energy from each other :

Intimidators using threatening behaviour.

Interrogators by probing and criticising.

Poor me people make others feel guilty and responsible for them.

Aloof people by being distant and cool.

We can get free of the competition for each others energy by learning how to receive energy directly from the universe and divine spirit, this is the mystic experience. We can become creative, raise our vibrations and allow love to enter and flow through us. This love is infinite and can be given freely to others.

How can we strengthen and balance the natural flow of energy that radiates throughout our entire being, and achieve harmony of mind/body/spirit.

Vitalizing the blood stream This can be achieved through : deep breathing, drinking pure water, eating a balanced organic diet, taking quality supplements, daily exercise, deep sleep and relaxation.

Sending positive or negative energy directly to the dis-eased part of the body, via the autonomic nervous system. This can be achieved through many healing therapies and creative arts.

You can take control of your life and start towards your dreams, desires and life goals, after all, happiness is an inside job and problems are stepping stones. What are YOU drawn to ? ... set your goals and act !

Do you wan't information on how to apply 5 Miracle Steps to get anything you want/need and receive your Keys To Power

harmony of mind/body/spirit


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harmony of mind/body/spirit


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"harmony of mind/body/spirit"

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harmony of mind/body/spirit

The information provided in this Ezine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any dis-ease - and should not replace the advice of your health advisor or GP. The " harmony of mind/body/spirit " is for educational purposes only and remember --- knowledge puts you in control of your life. Slow positive changes are best for maximum lasting benefit.

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