Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit - issue 006 - 1st August 2003

Summary of the Secret 5 Series - Real Health - Answers !

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Have YOU built your foundation of knowledge ?

Have YOU developed your individual plan of action ?

Have YOU taken massive action towards your life goals ?

This month we offer a summary of the Secret 5 Series and HOW we can develop a simple plan of action to take us from where we are to where we want to be. Below you will find information on the essential daily ingredients we all need to bring more Positive Energy our way.

Are you are looking for Back Issues of harmony of mind/body/spirit ? 'The Secret 5 Series' : 5 Essentials for Life, 5 Paths to Health, 5 Levels of Being, 5 Passions to Discipline, 5 Natural Powers - See below for link.

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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit

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harmony of mind/body/spirit


This is the final Ezine of the 1st series of 'harmony of mind/body/spirit' and is a summary of the 'Secret 5 Series' - 5 Essentials for life,5 Paths to health, 5 Levels of being, 5 Passions to discipline and 5 Natural powers ... ....... see below for links to back issues !

The 2nd series titled 'The Peaceful Warrior Series' the road to mastery takes us on a journey of discovery, and looks at ancient methods of achieving inner power, longevity, healing and martial excellence. YOU will learn HOW to truly balance your energy centres (chakras) and boost your vital life force with sound vibrations ...


Know what you want, work for it and life will return its richest rewards. Early to bed, early to rise, work real hard and advertise.

The key to your life lies within you and you have the power to
unlock the door to an exciting new world.

Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.

All of us are on a spiritual journey towards a better understanding
of God, ourselves, and our lives.

When we learn to understand God, ourselves and our neighbours, we will have all the spiritual blessings we could ever imagine - Spirituality for All

harmony of mind/body/spirit


The action steps required to transport you to a new life - full of inspiration, serenity, and positive energy vibrations - a place where you can finally relax and achieve peace and tranquility, becoming a more ...
.... efficient, effective and loving human being.

5 Essentials for Life air, water, nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation.

5 Paths to Health acupressure, reflexology, energy balancing, sound healing, contact healing.

5 Levels of Being physical, emotional, mental, causal and soul.

5 Passions to Discipline lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity.

5 Natural Powers heaven, earth, fire, water and air (vital life force).

harmony of mind/body/spirit


When mind/body/spirit are out of balance we become ill ... dis-eased. How can we rebalance our energy and live life to the full ? The ability to really relax is of utmost importance in our quest for health as when we are calm and relaxed we are free from stress. It then becomes much easier to concentrate, focus and achieve our goals. If we liberate our natural talents and go with the flow, we will have unlimited energy. A simple path to health must be found and the 5 essentials for life will give YOU the tools necessary to completely change your life forever.

Air - Through the air we breathe we gain vital life force, so we must breathe more deeply and put our attention on the QUALITY of the air. One of the most beneficial methods of breathing is deep rhythmical inhalation and exhalation through the nose. 10 - 15 minutes of deep breathing upon arising and before retiring will be most beneficial. Any time throughout the day, practise of this technique will help reduce stress and tension and so aid the healing process.

Action ....... Breathe deeply

Water - Most of the planet is covered with water and the human body is 75% water, so it is easy to see how vital pure water is for life. Its generally accepted by those who have studied the subject that the abundant use of filtered, bottled or distilled water will help keep the body cells free from accumulated waste products. Water is a marvelous blood purifier that preserves health and longevity.

Action ....... Drink Pure Water

Nutrition - What we eat is directly related to how we think, feel and act - We are what we eat ! One of the secrets to boost our energy levels is to gradually introduce raw organic fruit and vegetables to our diet. It is recommended that all intake of food be organically grown. Include quality supplements to achieve real health. Put the pure nutrition in or bear the ....... difficult consequences !

Action ....... Eat Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Exercise - Everyone should take some exercise on a daily basis as part of a healthy lifestyle to increase vigour, strength and vitality. Good forms of exercise are : walking, swimming, aikido, yoga, chi kung, tai chi, martial arts, etc. depending on your particular preference. Stretch and relax ... ....... use it or lose it !

Action ....... Stretch and Relax

Sleep and Relaxation - Most of us counteract the benefits of sleep and relaxation - soft mattresses, television, eating before retiring etc. If we are using energy for digestion or processing thoughts, we are not using it to repair and recharge our vital life force. If you cannot sleep do not worry, breathe deeply, rest and relax. It is likely that during the sleep you do get, your brain fulfills its dreaming requirements.

Action ....... Relax the Mind - Just Let Go

Herbal Remedies for purification

harmony of mind/body/spirit


You can balance your life energy and improve your health easily and simply. If you liberate your natural talents and go with the flow, you will have unlimited energy. When you are calm and relaxed, it becomes easier to focus, concentrate and achieve your goals. Most therapies, the main aim is to encourage relaxation so that healing can take place.

Acupressure - can help restore a sense of perspective by examining a method of self-help rooted in universal principles of balanced and natural health. The nature of vital life force is to flow smoothly and harmoniously throughout the body. An infinite number of situations can occur in which this energy is blocked. The acupressure points when stimulated can help to adjust the vital life force to once again flow freely.

Action ....... Acupressure Point Stimulation

Reflexology - can be found in the healing methods of many ancient cultures. It is a holistic therapy based on the idea that all dis-ease and illness are caused by our thoughts and lifestyle. Massage using reflexology simply stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself. Our feet connect us to the earth and the energies of the universe. An effective method of massage is to walk barefoot over rough terrain which will stimulate the reflexes and improve the circulation throughout the body.

Action ....... Walk Barefoot in Nature

Energy Balancing - Kinesiology and touch for health are a natural path to balanced health and well-being. Through a series of muscle testing techniques, it is possible to find in which organ your energy is blocked. Corrections are made by a variety of stimulation and holding techniques to re-balance the energy flow. Emotional stress release is an excellent method to let go of past worries and move on with your life. A sound, strong, healthy body is necessary for you to do your best work and study. Yoga will balance and boost your energy levels.

Action ....... A Simple Yoga routine

Sound Healing - Healing in the 21st century will make use of light and sound, working with the vibratory rates of elements, cells, organs, organisms and states of consciousness. Music, sound healing, mantras and chants have very ancient origins. Within the mysteries of sound healing is vibrational motion. You can gain and direct this energy for healing, inspiration and path-ways that lead to harmony on all levels.

Action ....... Chant A - O - U

Contact Healing - Running down both sides of the spine are energy centres through which the creative energy flows. We can either choose a lifestyle in which this creative energy flows freely or choose to block it ! Healing will come when the vital life force is balanced and strengthened by vitalising the blood stream and sending positive or negative vibrations directly to the weak part of the body. We can increase our positive energy vibrations by putting more oxygen into the bloodstream. We can increase our negative energy vibrations by putting more nutrients in.

Action ....... Pure Oxygen and Nutrients

Deepak Chopra Healing Center

harmony of mind/body/spirit


As human beings we operate on many different levels of existence at the same time. This is why we can't quite understand our complex lives, it all becomes most confusing and we are what we think about. If we look at each of the main levels it becomes more clear that we must control ourselves or be controlled by forces outside of ourselves.

Physical - The 5 physical senses are our connection to the physical world, and the nervous system spreads throughout every part of the body. Impulses are carried from the sense organs to the brain and other nerve centres. If we are to make the most of our lives, we need to keep ourselves healthy and fit in order to experience a life of harmony and balance. The best method is to develop good habits ... eat a balanced diet, take regular exercise and manage stress. Deep breathing in an outdoor environment for extra positive energy ; Drinking plenty of pure water and eating organic foods (backed up by supplements) for extra negative energy. It is important to balance the power of these opposing vibrations to experience health and harmony.

Action ....... Pure Air, Water, Food, Exercise, Sleep

Emotional - feelings are the sensations of the subconscious mind and the urges of the instincts set them into action. Emotion is the spark to action, an automatic response to certain situations, causing biological reactions in the body. It can sometimes spring up from no-where, we can love, be happy, sad, fearful, angry etc. Under stress the blood flow to the left and right hemisphere's of the brain can become unbalanced and lose harmony. Laughter can solve many problems and even help cure ill-ness and dis-ease. When you take control of your emotions you will begin to experience more energy. When emotion strikes, breathe deeply, relax and let it go.

Action ....... relax, Laugh and Let Go

Causal - body of human beings, known as the seed body is a place where memories of past lives and karmic patterns are stored. A reader of past lives looks here by reading the Akashic records on the causal plane of the path to God. This will explain some of our current personality and character traits. It is possible to travel to higher states of consciousness and become more aware of our true path. If we are intending to look inwards for the answers to life's problems then it is essential that we have support. Search for the right inner path for you, and with discipline, perseverance and the guidance of a master, a whole new fascinating world will open up as you approach wisdom, power, freedom.

Action ....... Look Inwards for Answers

Mental - habits become so grooved after a few repetitions that they become the major ruling part of life. The lower mind is interested in making money, eating, drinking and self-indulgence in the 5 passions. The higher mind is engaged in thought activity like philosophy, ethics, morals, creative arts, literature, music and painting. A bright, cheerful and happy attitude will reflect itself in your state of health. While depressed mental states, gloom, worry, fear, hate, jealousy and anger all react upon the body and produce physical tension which leads to illness and dis-ease. A mental attitude of calmness, peace, strength and absolute fearlessness will aid your development and make the changes you want in your life.

Action ....... Control the Mind with Discipline

Spiritual - energy and Soul uses the mind as a tool, but should not be guided by it as the mind cannot understand the nature of divine essence which can only be experienced. Learning to recognise, understand and work with the light and sound of God is one of the most unique and exciting paths to enlightenment. The divine essence - God, exists at the heart of the spiritual worlds beyond matter, energy, space and time. The word vibration flows from the centre, through all planes of existence to the physical plane and we must separate illusion from truth to recognise ourselves as a channel for God's vibrational energy. The answers can only be found if we enquire within !

Action ....... Find Your True Path and Live It

Think Right Now - I am Healed

harmony of mind/body/spirit


Discipline is allowing spirit to control the mind and disregard the 5 deadly passions : Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Vanity, and by careful observation we can see how these destructive mental activities work in human beings. Emotions are automatic responses to situations we are in, and they cause biological reactions in the body. Either we must consciously form good habits, or we unconsciously form bad ones. Common habits are fear, self-pity, defeat, anxiety, despair, resignation etc. We first form habits, and then habits form us !

Lust - is any normal function that has been allowed to grow into an abnormal demand, which makes it destructive and degrading. Abnormal sexual desires, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, foods etc. Lust pulls us down to common animal appetite's and holds us there, this is degrading. This passion is never satisfied and the more we feed it the more it want's, until it has full control of us. We grow to become that upon which we contemplate, so whatever mind concentrates upon ... it becomes. We can spend our time productively, and ... change for the better.

Action ....... Focus on Positive Virtues

Anger - is a reaction designed to protect our integrity when we feel our personal boundaries have been crossed, when we feel invaded. The physical signs of repressed anger can be seen everywhere : clenched fists, tense jaws, stiff backs, raised voices, staring eyes ... people tend to be on the edge. Anger destroys peace, neutralizes love, engenders hatred and turns friends into enemies. On the path to truth, it is important to express our anger and not leave it buried within us. When we express our anger positively we will feel a release and feel compassion, as we can now understand what drove the individual to cross our boundaries.

Action ..... Breathe Deeply, Relax and Let it Go

Greed - enslaves us to the material things in life, and clouds the mind from the higher goals of spirit. It makes us worship money, gold, diamonds, gemstones and other valuables. Greed clouds our minds to seek wealth instead of spirituality, resulting in slavery. It hardens the consciousness, makes us thick skinned, selfish and becomes the most relentless slave driver. We must become more detached and ask ourselves 'what is the difference between What do I really wan't and What do I really need' ... there the answer may be found !

Action ....... Give Time to Others

Attachment - holds us down, while we wait for our lives to improve, waiting for something to happen to release us from the burdens of life and is part of our mental baggage, it aims to enslave us and set a false value on our surroundings, associations and relationships. After we become absorbed in attachment, we have no time for anything else. When we take responsibility, we see that we had almost given up on our dreams, desires and life goals. We can look closely at how we live and become more detached, in a compassionate way. If life doesn't go exactly how we wan't it to, then, ... because we are more detached, it won't crush us.

Action ....... Meditate on Truth

Vanity - blocks us from taking the path of truth, as it deceives us and makes us self-satisfied. Vanity builds organisations, establishes creeds and dogmas and then assumes itself as the only way. It lives upon its own exagerations and has thousands of ways to tell the mind to hold itself in high esteem. The vain human being is arrogant and puffed up with the vanity of his own imagination. Vanity is extremely sensitive, but sees no weakness within itself, a paradox. We can be free of vanity if we are prepared to make a careful study of our own motives and actions, drop the negative and use the positive.

Action ....... Drop Negative Illusions

You can Conquer Anxiety

harmony of mind/body/spirit


The elements of Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water and Air are the building blocks of our planet, we could not exist without them. For thousands of years people lived much closer to nature than we do, and they believed that the elements were the key to the universe and all of its mysteries.

Heaven - Humankind has a soul which is the real self and the body is the earthly temple. We are here for the purpose of gaining knowledge and experience, developing virtues which we lack and advancing towards the perfection of our nature. To truly live at the peak of existence, we must raise our positive energy vibrations to bring harmony and balance in our lives. Universal law is pure energy. It accepts whatever thoughts, feelings and actions we project and reflects them back at us, in the form of events experienced day to day. Spiritual power is nourished in the hara (centre of gravity) and seen as light in the third eye.

Action ....... Relax with Mind on Hara

Earth - Everything that happens on and around the earth is controlled by the forces of nature, the seasons, night and day, birth, growth and death effect all living things - plants, animals and humans. Physical energy is powerful and vibrant and the source of this power is the living earth and the natural laws. The best method of experiencing this power is to walk barefoot on the planet. This will give you many of the essentials for achieving harmony and good health : deep breathing, exercise, peace and calm, time to unwind from your stress. Add ; pure water and top nutrition, then you are on the road to success !

Action ....... Walk Barefoot in Nature

Fire - The flame of a candle is said to symbolise our soul and fire plays an important part in our rituals of life and death. It is often used to purify people as many prefer to be cremated when they die. Fire gives us energy, as heat and light and is said to ward off evil, but can be very dangerous if it gets out of control. We all have access to powerful energy vibrations from the sun which is the source of heat and light on the planet, but please remember balance and harmony - too much of anything is bad for your well-being. The physical attribute symbolised by fire is bravery with a strong heart and circulation.

Action ....... Contemplate a Candle Flame

Water - Nothing in the world can be compared to water for its weak and yielding nature that is, cleansing, purifying, and healing, but has great power and can do harm. Water is essential for life, it transports nutrients and oxygen around our body and we need it to build tissue and turn food into energy. Water refreshes the body, revitalises our vital organs and raises energy levels. It is essential to drink plenty of pure water each day. Consider the ebb and flow of the tide, as the waves strike the shore creating sound. We can time our breathing with this rhythm, absorbing the entire universe in our belly with each inhalation. This practise will energise and vitalise our whole being.

Action ....... Drink, Swim, Listen to Water

Air - is vital to our existence. The moment we cease to breathe, the physical body begins to decay. Breathing is the basic root of existence, and as such must have prime consideration in any problem of health. We are generally aware that mountain or sea air makes us feel good and can even promote healing. It is surprising that we do not give more attention to the quality of the air we breathe. Air carries with it an energy that is in and around our bodies and we have the ability to TAP into this energy source. We can consciously use air to give us vital life force to benefit our health and well-being.

Action ....... Contemplate Your Breathing

You can Meditate like a Zen Monk

harmony of mind/body/spirit


Do you want to take control of your life right NOW ? Do you have time for YOU Maybe one of the following Quality links will be of benefit to you ....... <> on your individual path to wisdom, personal power and freedom ....... enjoy !

We aim to put you in touch with people who are masters at what they do. With their excellent products, advice, motivation, strategies and techniques, you cannot fail to succeed ! If you fail to prepare ...
....... you prepare to fail !

Even if you are new to the web as I was, you can learn everything you need to know to use the element of fire, focus like a laser beam and burn through all obstacles between you and your goals. Take care of Your future. Its in your hands, REACH for your goals.

Setting and Achieving Your Goals ...

Aquasana for Pure Water

Qi Gong for Natural Exercise

harmony of mind/body/spirit


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"harmony of mind/body/spirit"

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harmony of mind/body/spirit


The information provided in this Ezine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any dis-ease - and should not replace the advice of your health advisor or GP. The " harmony of mind/body/spirit " is for educational purposes only and remember --- knowledge puts you in control of your life. Slow positive changes are best for maximum lasting benefit.

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