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This month starts a NEW series entitled THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR SERIES where we will look at 5 paths to inner power and a profound awakening. We are all spiritual beings on a journey of self-discovery and we can learn to attune our awareness of the higher path for our enlightenment.

Are you looking for BACK ISSUES of harmony of mind/body/spirit ? 'The Secret 5 Series' : 5 Essentials for Life, 5 Paths to Health, 5 Levels of Being, 5 Passions to Discipline, 5 Natural Powers, Summary of the Secret 5 Series - please see the link at the end of this Ezine.

Look out for next month's Ezine titled THE WARRIOR SHAMAN - focusing on the work of Carlos Castaneda and the Toltec tradition. Filled with easy-to-apply principles for You to gain new levels of vitality, knowledge, wisdom, and freedom in your life !

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harmony of mind/body/spirit


The 2nd series from's harmony of mind/body/spirit is titled 'THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR SERIES' - the road to mastery takes us on a journey of discovery, and looks at ancient methods of achieving inner power, longevity, healing and martial excellence. YOU will learn HOW to truly balance your energy centres (chakras) and boost your vital life force with healing sound vibrations .......

In this series we will be examining 5 paths to Warriorship :

THE ZEN WARRIOR - The Secrets of the Samurai.

THE WARRIOR SHAMAN - Carlos Castaneda and the Toltec Tradition.

THE INVINCIBLE WARRIOR - Morihei Ueshiba the founder of Aikido.




Back Issues link can be found at the end of this Ezine. Take a look at the 1st series 'THE SECRET 5 SERIES' - 5 Essentials for life, 5 Paths to health, 5 Levels of being, 5 Passions to discipline and 5 Natural powers, and summary of the Secret 5 Series - see the link at the end of the Ezine !

The 3rd Series of harmony of mind/body/spirit is titled THE DIVINE SPIRIT SERIES which feature's an examinination of the spiritual principles that are found in many great religious, cultural and spiritual traditions stay tuned !

harmony of mind/body/spirit


From the works of Lao-tzu - Tao Te-Ching.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

The stiff and unbending is the disciple of death.
The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.

From Paul Reps - Zen Flesh Zen Bones.

The great path has no gates, thousands of roads enter it.
When one passes through this gateless gate,
He walks freely between heaven and earth.

From Daisetsu Suzuki

Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend
techniques so that the art becomes an artless art,
growing out of the unconscious.

A Zen Buddhist saying.

The wise and thoughtful man attacks his faults

If our minds are upset, the natural functions of our bodies also become disturbed. When the mind is calm, the body is relaxed and spontaneous, free and easy. A PURE MIND controls the body and a mastery of the body leads to a pure mind.

Do YOU have trouble relaxing and letting go of the stress and tension in your life ? You can learn easy-to-apply techniques to put you back in control and truly Conquer Anxiety

harmony of mind/body/spirit


The life and practise of a peaceful warrior is action ... being useful to others. From the perspective of spirit little things matter and what we give we shall receive. We are all spiritual beings on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment and are in training, learning from our mistakes and should be guided by our higher selves in deciding our life-path. We can make that journey when we have developed the courage and heart for it !

Every being is an individual that experiences the environment in different ways, through our physiological and psychological illusions. Life's problems are different for each of us and we need individual methods to solve them and try to avoid imitation. In modern times people generally want to save energy, but we must learn to penetrate life and direct our mind to right-action, to become more detached, attentive to the here and now ... for wisdom, freedom and power.

One of the aims of zen buddhists is to fully live in the present moment, experiencing everything completely, and seeing things as they really are. Zen is a form of mental stillness and calm, not a religion but a system of living, a method for attaining complete release from the controls of the physical and material world. Zen seeks to expand our consciousness to reach other dimensions and is one answer to the problems of modern civilisation.

Sitting still in zen meditation is a practise which allows the mind to become quiet and relaxed. While sitting in zen you gradually become aware of all that surrounds you in your environment. Success is achieved when reasoning is stopped ..... until the mind becomes empty, this is where the experience and development of intuition may become your true reality. The essence of zen is the dimension of thought without individual consciousness ! The most important principles are correct : posture, breathing, relaxation and attitude of mind.

Have you got the perseverance and discipline required for Zen meditation ? Would you be interested in AMAZING information that will vastly increase YOUR chance of success - You can really learn how to develop your natural powers, tune into the vibrations of the universe, tap into an
INNER POWER, and Meditate like a Zen Monk

harmony of mind/body/spirit


The spirit of Zen, carried from India by Boddhi-Dharma (Daruma) a Yoga adept, who brought Mahayana Buddhism to China, where it merged with Chinese thought to become the True Way. He stated 'War and killing are wrong, but it is also wrong not to be prepared to defend oneself'. He taught a system of defence that required students to detach themselves from any emotion towards an opponent. It was in essence an application of mental concentration, Zen meditation and Yoga to a scientific study of self-defence. The breath control of of a Yoga adept was taken over into the Martial Arts as KI-AI (spirit breath), which allows the body to draw upon the focused power of what the Japanese call KI (universal breath), and be in harmony with this energy.

Master Morihei Ueshiba, lived from 1883-1969 was a Shinto Mystic and the founder of Aiki-do who stated 'In learning Aiki you must make yourself pure'. The Aiki master harmonises his physical, mental and spiritual energy to a degree that seems mystical. The Aiki-do techniques teach how to project Ki (life force energy) to all parts of the body, which develops the ability to form a circle of energy ... a protective aura. All motion moves in circles and Aiki uses this to send the energy back to an opponent to relax any aggression.

Takuen, a Zen Monk lived from 1573-1645 who greatly advanced Kendo - The Way of the Sword, instructed his students to 'Arouse the mind without fixing it anywhere'.

Daisetsu Suzuki, a noted writer on Zen, stated ' Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend technique so that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious'.

Since the beginning of time, people have asked - is there an INNER POWER that allows us to heal ill-ness and dis-ease, increase longevity, awaken inner peace and unlock the door to wisdom, power and freedom ? You can develop YOUR vital energy with the help of an international Guru of health and well-being, by visiting the Deepak Chopra Healing Center

harmony of mind/body/spirit


Since the dawn of time human beings have tried to extend the limits of their strength and wisdom. Literature, philosophy, poetry and culture in general have a feminine side. Budo - martial arts generally has a masculine side and there must always be harmony between the two.

The many ceremonial arts and skills associated with Zen are technical ways to sharpen and develop intuition which is the ancient samurai warrior's key to body and mind control. The secret of Zen and Budo is that intuition and action must happen together ... without conscious thought. As we train there is shift of emphasis from strength and technique to intuition and a realisation of spirit ... true harmony.

In zen, as in budo, the first level of training is where willpower and conscious effort is used to learn and act on the principles involved. This period is expected to last between 5 - 10 years. The second level of zen training is concentration without consciousness, where the student is at peace. This is when the student receives knowledge and becomes an assistant to the master. The third level is where the spirit achieves freedom and the student is in a position to become a master in his own right. These 3 stages are identical in zen and budo and take much discipline and patience.

We can explore the relationship between meditation and action, using the daily practise of Zazen (sitting meditation). It is possible - through correct posture, to bring mind and breathing into balance. Zazen is beyond thought, it is PURE THOUGHT without any personal consciousness and in harmony with the universe. We can still the restless mind and achieve one-ness of intuition. In the spirit of zen, everyday life is training in the awareness of every moment ... arising, working, eating, retiring is THE place for self-mastery.

The key to your life lies within you and you have the power to unlock the door to an exciting new adventure. If you liberate your natural talents and go with the flow, you will have unlimited energy. When you are calm and relaxed, it becomes easier to focus, concentrate and burn through any obstacles to your goals.

YOU can experience success and REACH your dreams, desires and life goals with a unique, innovative program called 'Setting and Achieving your Goals'. Remember that the PAST is history, the FUTURE is a mystery, and the PRESENT moment is a gift ... enjoy the MAGIC of the present moment and Think Right Now

harmony of mind/body/spirit


In Zazen we must let our thoughts and illusions go by like clouds in the sky, then the substance of our minds become motionless where we return to our original nature ... the Zen mind ! Zazen is beyond thought ... it is pure thought, without individual consciousness and in harmony with the consciousness of the universe. This means that we return to the normal and pure human condition. This is not reserved for saints and great masters and within everyone's reach.

Conscious thinking is important in everyday life, but sometimes it is possible to act without consciousness or ego. The action takes place by itself before any conscious thought - it is PURE ACTION - the essence of zazen. Seiza (kneeling posture), with zen aims at the perfection of the human being. The achievement of health and longevity are secondary factors. The basic method involved are ....... follow the
universal laws of spirit and nature.

1 Sit still, spine straight, chin pulled in, relax down.
2 Breathe gently and deeply ..... exhale longer.
3 Relax and let go ..... dropping energy down.
4 Keep mind on the hara ..... the centre of gravity.
5 focused eyes ..... limited blinking.

What is the essence of Zazen ? - Posture - Breathing - Attitude of Mind - relaxation - self-discipline - patience !

You can TRULY balance your energy centres (chakras), develop natural powers, re-vitalise and energise your whole being by practising a SIMPLE Yoga exercise routine that takes only 15 minutes to complete. It is a system practised for thousands of years by Tibetan Monks and has stood the test of time. Now - YOU have the chance to benefit from this system and fill yourself with vibrant healing energy. YOU CAN change your life with the ancient knowledge and energy found in Tibetan Yoga

harmony of mind/body/spirit


Concentration is our ability to bring all of our energies together and focus it into every single act we perform, while being aware of our surroundings and environment. It is an all-out total release of energy that is replaced with 'fresh energy'. If we focus on the outbreath being as long and calm as possible, we will not be so tired and emotional. Breath powerfully down to your Hara (belly - the centre of your gravity) to fill you with energy.

Breathing in takes in supplies of vital energy and breathing out distributes it around the body. Through correct breathing we can heal our ailments and renew our lifeforce energy. In sleep, while our body and brain are less active, our cells are recharging with vital energy. Natural sleep should co-incide with sunrise and sunset.

You can BALANCE Your life energy and build up physical, mental and spiritual stamina ! This vital life force can heal ill-ness and disease and give you a new ZEST FOR LIFE to help you reach your individual goals. For the best, up-to-date information on HOW to build up longevity and live a full long life, visit the Life Extension Foundation

harmony of mind/body/spirit


Do you want to take control of your life right NOW ? Do you have time for YOU Maybe one of the following Quality links will be of benefit to you ....... <> on your individual path to wisdom, personal power and freedom ....... enjoy !

We aim to put you in touch with people who are masters at what they do. With their excellent products, advice, motivation, strategies and techniques, you cannot fail to succeed !
If you fail to prepare ....... you prepare to fail !

Even if you are new to the web as I was, you can learn everything you need to know to use the element of fire, focus like a laser beam and burn through all obstacles between you and your goals. Take care of Your future. Its in your hands, REACH for your goals.

Aquasana Pure Water

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Biosonics - Sound Healing

harmony of mind/body/spirit


Don't Forget to look out for next month's feature article titled
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harmony of mind/body/spirit


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