Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit - Issue 11 - January 2004

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This months feature article looks at part 5 of the The Peaceful Warrior Series - The Daily Life of a Peaceful Warrior - Filled with simple and easy-to-apply principles to develop Inner Wisdom, Power and freedom !

Back Issues of harmony of mind/body/spirit - 'The Secret 5 Series' and 'The Peaceful Warrior Series' can be found at the end of this Ezine.

Next month's feature - Summary of The Peaceful Warrior Series - Practical hands-on tips for adventurous people on a journey of Self-Discovery. We can learn to tune our awareness to the higher paths to develop extra vitality and energy in our lives.

Stay Tuned for The 3rd Series of harmony of mind/body/spirit
The Divine Spirit Series which feature's an examination of the spiritual principles found in many great religious, cultural and spiritual traditions. Simple practical, natural, universal principles !

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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit

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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR SERIES - the road to mastery takes us on a Journey of Discovery, and looks at ancient methods of achieving inner power, longevity, healing and martial excellence. In this series we will be examining 5 paths to Warriorship :

THE ZEN WARRIOR - The Secrets of the Samurai.

THE WARRIOR SHAMAN - Carlos Castaneda and the Toltec Tradition.

THE INVINCIBLE WARRIOR - Morihei Ueshiba the founder of Aikido.

THE WARRIOR TRAVELLERS - The Key to the Secret Worlds of Spirit.



Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


You create Harmony by making choices that feel right to both mind
and heart. Consider one choice you need to make today and make
it in harmony.

Today is for observation. Where does your mind wander naturally ...
into fear or fantasy, humor or stress ? Follow your mind to observe where it goes to feed itself. Do You like what you see ?

Embrace the changes in your life. Release what you no longer need, and welcome the seeds of new experiences.

Spiritual Masters tell us to make every decision and choice as if our
whole life depended on it. Today be mindful of who you are in each and every action.

Your Soul thrives on silence. From deep within you receive guidance on your path. In silence you are without distractions. This is why we fear the power of silence. Enjoy quiet meditation today.


If our minds are upset, the natural functions of our bodies also become disturbed. When the mind is calm, the body is relaxed and spontaneous, free and easy. A PURE MIND controls the body and a mastery of the body leads to a pure mind. We all need relaxation of mind and body.

Do YOU have trouble letting go of the stress and tension in your life ? Learn Easy-To-Apply techniques to put you back in Control and truly achieve Harmony and Peace in your Life and Disolve Panic and Anxiety

Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit



Information, and knowledge prepare us for our journey to the higher realms and Wisdom. We can be inspired, expand our perspectives to remind us of the truth that is within us. Real transformation entails a whole life of practise and the life of a Peaceful Warrior is Action...being useful to others. In the eyes of the divine everything matters and what we give we receive. We are all in training and must learn by our mistakes ... life can be difficult, but can be a positive opportunity.

This Ezine will focus on some of the daily practises of Master Morihei Ueshiba - a Peaceful Warrior and the Founder of Aikido. The Martial Art of Aikido (The Way of Spiritual Harmony) teaches a path to enlightenment using a method of evasion and self defence techniques. The founder developed himself in all aspects of his being ... physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. He devised Aikido as a method of training that disciplines the body, mind and spirit to prepare our approach to the Divine Essence.

It is important to make essential decisions on what we MUST include in our daily training to benefit us in a positive way. we must free up our valuable time and decide to release negative thoughts and actions that hinder our progress on our individual path. There are many excellent methods to train body, mind and spirit in a positive way to develop our vital life energy and bring us back to the path of harmony.

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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


We recognise that Science, for all of its achievements, has done little to help us understand ourselves or to reach our potential. With the advance of civilisation the structure of our World grows more complex and diverse. This causes large numbers of people anxiety and stress that leads to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual exhaustion. There is a large movement of World consciousness towards taking the power away from the few and passing it back to the many. People are ready to take responsibility for their actions and are on a quest for answers to their many questions on life and beyond.

Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) was a visionary whose quest for the true meaning of Warriorship led to the creation of the Martial Art - Aikido - The Way of Harmony. He is considered to be one of the greatest Martial Artists in History with his ability to disarm and down many attackers.

In 1942 Morihei Ueshiba left his Son Kisshomaru in Tokyo and he and his wife Hatsu moved to Iwama to live in a little hut. Here Morihei vowed to devote his life to his new art of Aikido, the Way of harmony. He spent much of his time creating an Aiki Shrine dedicated to the Guardian Deities of the Universe ... energy, light, sound, water, fire, love etc. Morihei worshipped every morning at the Aiki Shrine that embodies the ideals of Aikido and has become a Power Centre for millions of Aikido practitioners Worldwide.

We Know one Universal Law ... Mind Controls Body ! In Aikido, when we are going to throw our opponent, we first lead his mind to an unbalanced position, and send his body to the same place, which causes him to fall. Using Principles of Nature and Universal Laws we can easily handle the many things that attack us in our daily lives.

Once We have gathered all of the required information for our studies and are able to make a final decision on our way to health and harmony of mind, body and spirit ... then We are able to choose the Best Path for us. We Must choose a path and Live It, allowing all other complexities to fall away from us.

Maybe you are searching for Powerful Ideas that can change your life for the better ...then try... Setting and Achieving Goals

Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


In his later years Morihei would Pray, meditate, study Relgious texts, farm work and calligraphy when he was not training and he developed a sense of Peace and deep Spirituality. He once said :

From Invincible Warrior by John Stevens.

" By secluding myself in Iwama and reducing my involvement in worldly affairs, I have been able to attain a deeper sense of our oneness with nature. I rise each morning at four, purify myself, and then step
outdoors to greet the rising sun. I link myself to the cosmos through Aiki and commune with all things - I feel as if I am transformed into the Universe itself, breathing in all phenomena. Standing before the altar of Heaven and Earth, I am in perfect harmony with the Divine. Then I bow in the four directions, pray and meditate before the Aiki Shrine for an hour and a half

Master Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei (Great Teacher) practised on a daily basis the "Rites of Spring", a ritual derived by mixing elements of Shingon Buddhism's esoteric practises with elements of Chinese Chi Gung. He would perform it for periods ranging from several minutes to several hours, incorporating it into his Aikido practise. (He and several of his senior students can be seen performing the ritual in old films). According to Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei 10th Dan and a direct student of O'Sensei, it is essential to practise and study the ritual if we are to understand Aikido's spiritual essence.

The following is an overview of the ritual and more detail can be found by making a study of the theory and practise of the Martial Art of Aikido.

SHINKOKYU (Divine Breath) This is a method of breathing in the Earth's energy. Four claps represent the Universal Breath of Heaven, Fire, Water, Earth. A specific chant is used in harmony with the Divine Breath.

TORI FUNE (Divine Movement) This is a method similar to a rowing exercise. Again the four claps represent the Universal Breath and a specific chant is used in harmony. On the outbreath we push away the energy of the Earth and on the inbreath we pull this energy back inside us.

FURU TAMA (Waking the Spirit) This is a method of revitalisation and connection. Chanting the names of the Deities, with hands together and using a small shaking movement to vibrate the body.

OTAKE (Battle Cry) This is ki-ai, a shout of power, used together with specific breathing and hand movements. It is designed to distract our attacker and fill our body with Powerful Yang Energy.

KOKYU (Breathing) is a method of moving the body in time with our breathing. This exercise develops co-ordination of mind and body. With the hands together and performing horizontal and vertical circles to bring us into harmony with the Universal Breath.

This gives us an idea of the depth that the founder of Aikido went to in his Quest for Knowledge and Divine Wisdom. We can use these exercises as a guide to some of the best methods used to approach our own studies. The best path to choose is the one you are attracted to and is dear to your heart. Once a path has been chosen, then it is time for Action that takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Action is the KEY to your success !

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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


In our search for harmony of mind, body and spirit it is essential to focus on and achieve our goals. To reach our destination we should examine our lives and develop good habits that align with our goals and drop bad habits that impede our progress. The most simple and powerful methods are often overlooked as more and more complex methods are created.

There are many Ancient and secret paths to health and harmony and a study of these paths will include the following elements. These are the essential ingredients to work on to have a positive effect and improve our level of health and well-being. We really do have the power to change our lives using the power of Will and discipline.

Air - The first essential for life is air. The moment we cease to breathe, the physical body begins to decay. Breathing Pure air is therefore the basic root of existence, and as such must have prime consideration in any problem of health. Breathe Deeply !

Water - Most of the planet is covered with water and the human body is 75% water, so it is easy to see how vital water is for life. Every living cell requires water, air and nutrients. Water acts as a solvent in the body and the purer it is, free from pollutants and chemicals, the more toxins can be let into it for removal. Drink Pure Water !

Nutrition - What we eat is directly related to how we think, feel and act and the body is a marvelous factory that needs constant maintainance. We are what we eat ... Eat Organic !

Exercise - is a process by which the cells of the body are placed under controlled stress. This stimulates metabolic efficiency as well as to increase vigour, strength and vitality. Stretch Daily !

Sleep and relaxation - Most of us counteract the benefits of sleep and relaxation ... soft mattresses, television, eating before retiring etc. If we are using energy for digestion or processing thoughts, we are not using it to repair and recharge our vital life force. Empty Your Mind !

Mind Power - We must learn to develop positive thoughts and reduce negative thoughts. We can do this by filling our minds and our actions with our life goals. The negative thoughts are not allowed in and their power diminishes as they fall away.

If we follow the advise of the Ancient Masters whose methods have survived the test of time, we would use an exercise routine that includes positive energy development to bring us harmony. Our energy centres (Chakras) are the key to health. Aiki, Yoga, Chi Kung !

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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


Next month's feature is a Summary of The Peaceful Warrior Series - Filled with easy-to-apply practical principles to develop new levels of vitality, energy, knowledge, wisdom, and freedom !

Stay tuned for The 3rd Series of harmony of mind/body/spirit entitled
The Divine Spirit Series which feature's an examination of the spiritual principles found in many great religious, cultural and spiritual traditions. Simple practical, natural, universal principles !

Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit

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