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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit. Issue 100. June 2011.

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It's Tony from the Aikido Health Centre here. I'm inviting you to join us in our special celebration of the Harmony ezine... Tell Us What You Think!

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Harmony Ezine 2002-2011 and still going strong... thanks to You!

We are inviting YOU to join us in celebrating the 100th issue of our Harmony Ezine, and would love to hear your important opinion.

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You can live a healthy and vibrant life, by using the following tips daily... "You Are What You Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do" Tony Wilden

1 - Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.
2 - Drink Plenty of PURE Water.
3 - Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.
4 - Focus on POSITIVE Thoughts.
5 - Positively EXPRESS Your Feelings.
6 - Gently STRETCH for Flexibility.
7 - List Your Life GOALS.
8 - ACT on Your Plans.

Remove stress, anxiety, and dis-ease, by completing the 8 holistic key steps. It's all explained here... Optimum Health Secrets


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I'd love to hear your important opinion on Aikido and Health related issues, tell me what you think here...

Peace & Harmony

Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

P.S. Did you grab your 100th celebration gifts?

Tony Wilden is an Aikido Instructor and qualified in several Healing Arts. He has a deep interest in spiritual matters, optimum health, environmental issues, and the creation of harmony between people and nature. Tony is on a path to wisdom, freedom and power and shares his insights on aikido, health, universal principles, ancient knowledge and master strategies.

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The information provided in the Harmony ezine is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any dis-ease. It should not replace the advice of your health advisor or doctor.

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