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Deep Breathing 
I wanted to make a comment on deep breathing. Recently I have been searching the web about persistent high blood pressure, despite taking drugs and following …

Website and Newsletter Thanks 
I would like to thank Tony for the tips that I got from the aikido health centre website and harmony newsletter. I feel more relaxed and have started …

Thoughts About Harmony Ezine 
Well, there are a lot of things to talk about. First of all, I was amazed at finding this site, so complex but well structured. It was a time when …

Feedback on Deep Breathing Not rated yet
Dear Sir Reading your article on deep breathing and stopping breath is excellent. I do deep breathing along with meditation. Drinking water a lot really …

New Student In Aikido  Not rated yet
I am new to aikido, have just registered, and seen this great site, that I recommend to anybody, of any age, to join and save your body and life - Thanks. …

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