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Harmony 220, Prepare For Violence!
July 10, 2021

Knowledge is Power, but...
Action is the Key to YOUR Success!

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit #220. July 2021.


It's Tony here from the Aikido & Health Centre with your Harmony Ezine packed with unique tips and insights on aikido, health and well-being.

In this issue you'll learn how to Prepare For Violence in an increasingly dangerous world - full details below. Next month, we spotlight how you can benefit by helping Aikido & Health Centre... stay tuned!

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Prepare For Violence In An
Increasingly Dangerous World

The most compassionate way to resolve aggression is through conflict resolution. By seeing a situation from someone else's point of view, with empathy, you are more able to dissolve a problem.

Conflict is part of nature and the universe, but people tend to react to it with resistance. This we have learned through our upbringing... parents, grandparents, education, our community and the society that we live in.

Problems cannot be solved with anger and aggression, which are often just unconscious habits. Conflict resolution principles help people take a look at their default way of dealing with stress and tension.

Most of us have been trained by our past experiences to see our lives in a competitive or negative way. By observing human beings today, we often see selfish behaviour with a 'look out for number one' attitude.

There appears to be a belief that there is not enough to go round, so people tend to take what they want in life regardless of the effects it has on other people. In actual fact, there is more than enough to go around.

For real change to take place consider these principles...

1 - We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. We must first know the problem in order to know how to change it.

2 - We must accept the problem as it is, and just allow it to be here now.

3 - We can then ask ourselves... Could I let it go? Would I? When?

These simple questions can bring immediate answers, and encourage us to release the feelings and emotions that surround a problem.

Once we have cleared the emotional content, then the problem will either disappear or become much less important.

Aikido and conflict resolution can be experienced every time we step on the mats in a dojo (training hall). When we relax and flow from your centre of gravity, our techniques become more effective.

Conflict resolution is often taught in lecture format, with words and descriptions. But, when you take part in an Aikido class, it can be experienced by your body and mind, which is a powerful lesson.

During training, we are relaxed, open to energy and willing to flow with it. Holding the mind on the 'One Point' in the centre of the lower abdomen, allows you to focus, be more alert, and aware.

In this state you learn faster.

Aikido teaches that we can use these skills in our everyday lives. When conflict arises in us, we just breathe deeply, put the mind on the One Point, relax, and release the tension.

If you really want to influence someone, then you have to convince them that you have their best interests at heart.

A great way to achieve this is to be a good listener. Show interest in what other people have to say. Be agreeable with them and put your points across in the natural openings. In this way they will relax in your presence and the conversation will go much more smoothly.

If you can see life from an attackers point of view with empathy, then you will be able to dissolve many conflict situations.

Okay, I have given you an overview of conflict resolution from an aikido perspective. Do you want to learn more about it from an expert, who has been studying, practising and teaching it for years.

Who Do I Recommend?

One of my favourite authors on this fascinating subject is Judy Ringer. She has been working in the field of conflict resolution since 1980 and has made a vast study of the subject.

I have been following Judy's work for years, and have several of her products, which I can highly recommend...

Unlikely Teachers is about finding the hidden gifts in daily conflict, Judy shares how aikido can help you generate more power, presence, and flow in your relationships. Unlikely Teachers offers you personal stories, reflection, and practical tips to help develop your best self.

Visit Judy Ringer's Website to check out her vast knowledge.


When it comes to self protection, you can either make something work, or you can't, and Master Russell Stutely Can - pure and simple!

How do I know?

Because I have felt it!

In 2010, I was one of 7 people taking intense training on his Pressure Point Instructor Course. We had tough training, and homework which included focused study and 1000's of reps every day for 6 months.

After several weekends of rigorous training, writing a 10,000 word lesson plan, and sending Russell a detailed video, I finally passed and became fully qualified as his first Pressure Point Fighting Instructor.

Master Russell Stutely is one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of working with. He has the rare ability to teach very complex information in an easy to understand, easy to copy, and easy to teach way!

I now pass on these amazing skills in my Unique Self Defence Seminars in West Sussex UK. Although, I highly recommend training with Russell or myself, I am aware of the time, distance, and expense issues.

BUT... I want to make these skills available to as many people as possible, and my Self Defence Secrets gives you a chance to work on these technique enhancers in your own training environment.

A unique pdf ebook blueprint on How to Train Smart and become an expert... FAST! Here's Just Some of What You'll learn...

* How to Develop Devastating Power in Just 3 Hours

* Put Fear in an Attacker - Body Alarm Reaction!

* Protect Your Space With the Fence

* Trigger Points... Know When to Take Action!

* Drive Your Body Weight Through the Target With Intent!

* Dozens of Self Defence Principles to Drop Any Attacker

* Key Action Steps to Fast-Track Your Skills!

* Read, Watch, and Listen on Any Device

* Free Bonuses: 5 Ebooks and 1 Hour of Unique Video

* And So Much More!

Imagine the shock on the face of your attacker when they experience the massive power of Your Response to their aggression :)

An in-depth ebook on Self Defence Secrets, including THE most important defence tip available anywhere. Plus Key Action Steps for Fast Results!

In our next issue of Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit, you can benefit by helping us at the Aikido & Health Centre... stay tuned!

By the way, my Optimum Health Secrets ebook collection is still THE most efficient and effective way to experience glowing health. What is the Number One secret to health? Answered inside this unique product!

Action Is The
Key To Your Success!

"You Are What You Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do"

Tony Wilden

You can live a healthy and vibrant life, by using the following tips daily...

1 - Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.
2 - Drink Plenty of PURE Water.
3 - Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.
4 - Focus on POSITIVE Thoughts.
5 - Positively EXPRESS Your Feelings.
6 - Gently STRETCH for Flexibility.
7 - List Your Life GOALS.
8 - ACT on Your Plans.

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Recommended Action!

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Peace & Harmony

Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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Tony Wilden is an Aikido Instructor and qualified in several Healing Arts. He has a deep interest in spiritual matters, optimum health, environmental issues, and the creation of harmony between people and nature. Tony is on a path to wisdom, freedom and power and shares his insights on aikido, health, universal principles, ancient knowledge and master strategies.

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