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This months feature article looks at part 3 of the The Peaceful Warrior Series where we are studying 5 paths to inner power and a profound awakening. THE INVINCIBLE WARRIOR shows that we are all spiritual beings on a journey of self-discovery and we can learn to tune our awareness to the higher paths to develop extra vitality and energy for practical use.

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Look out for next month's feature titled THE WARRIOR TRAVELLERS focusing on the inner journey to self and God realisation. Filled with easy-to-apply principles for you to develop new levels of vitality, energy, knowledge, wisdom, and freedom in your life !

Stay Tuned for The 3rd Series of harmony of mind/body/spirit entitled
THE DIVINE SPIRIT SERIES which feature's an examination of the spiritual principles that are found in many great religious, cultural and spiritual traditions. Simple practical, natural, universal principles !

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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR SERIES - the road to mastery takes us on a journey of discovery, and looks at ancient methods of achieving inner power, longevity, healing and martial excellence.

You will learn HOW to truly balance your energy centres (chakras) and boost your vital life force with healing sound vibrations .......

In this series we will be examining 5 paths to Warriorship :

THE ZEN WARRIOR - The Secrets of the Samurai.

THE WARRIOR SHAMAN - Carlos Castaneda and the Toltec Tradition.

THE INVINCIBLE WARRIOR - Morihei Ueshiba the founder of Aikido.

THE WARRIOR TRAVELLERS - The Key to the Secret Worlds of Spirit.



Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


From the works of Master Morihei Ueshiba - Founder of Aikido

'One does not need buildings, money, power or status to practise
the art of peace. Heaven is right where you are standing,
and that is the place to train'.

'The secret of Aikido is not in how you move your feet,
it is how you move your mind. I'm not teaching you martial techniques, I'm teaching you non-violence'.

'Aiki is the power of harmony, of all beings, all things working together. Relentlessly train yourself - followers of the way'

'Standing amidst heaven and earth, connected to all things with Ki,
My mind is set, on the path of echoing all things'.

'With your right hand showing yang and your left hand showing yin,
lead your opponent'.


If our minds are upset, the natural functions of our bodies also become disturbed. When the mind is calm, the body is relaxed and spontaneous, free and easy. A PURE MIND controls the body and a mastery of the body leads to a pure mind. We all need relaxation of mind and body.

Do YOU have trouble relaxing and letting go of the stress and tension in your life ? You can learn easy-to-apply techniques that put you back in control and truly achieve deep relaxation, contemplation and Meditation

Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit



The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, was born on December 14, 1883 in Tanabe, Japan. From his father Yoroku, he inherited a samurai’s determination and interest in public affairs, and from his mother an intense interest in religion, poetry and art. At the age of six he was sent to a Buddhist temple school where he studied elaborate rituals, mystical chants, visualisation exercises and meditation techniques of esoteric Shingon Buddhism. He also devoured hundreds of books on mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Morihei grew tremendously muscular from his martial training and developed his leg power by carrying ill or aged pilgrims on his back to the Kumano shrine, a distance of some fifty miles. Throughout his life he continued his daily practise of chanting Shingon mantras and ritual purification in the ocean and under waterfalls, to the point that the power he possessed became almost legendary. His reputation caused him to receive many challenges and he was able to disarm any attacker with ease ... he became unbeatable ... the Invincible Warrior.

Morihei realised that the meaning of Budo and Martial Arts was love that cherishes and nourishes all beings, and that his purpose on earth was
"to teach the real meaning of Budo: an end to all fighting and contention." He forged a path to true warriorship which led to the creation of Aikido - The way of Harmony, love and Peace.

In 1942, because of a divine command, he moved to the Ibaraki Prefecture and the village of Iwama. Here he built an outdoor dojo and the now famous Aiki Shrine. Iwama is considered by many to be the birthplace of modern-day Aikido, ‘the Way of Harmony’. Prior to this move, his system had been called Aikijutsu, then Aiki-Budo, still primarily a martial art rather than a spiritual path. From 1942 (when the name Aikido was first formally used) to 1952, Ueshiba consolidated the techniques and perfected the religious philosophy of Aikido.

After the war, Aikido grew rapidly at the Kobukan in Tokyo (now called Hombu Dojo) under the direction of Kisshomaru Ueshiba. Morihei Ueshiba had become famous as ‘O Sensei’ or ‘The Grand Teacher’. He had also received many decorations from the Japanese government. Right up to the end of his life, O Sensei refined and improved his ‘Way’, never losing his dedication for hard training.

More information on Aikido and the life and times of Morihei Ueshiba 'O'Sensei' can be found at

Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


Master Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei) founder of aikido, was one of the world's greatest martial arts masters. Although invincible as a warrior, Morihei was above all a man of peace who detested violence. After mastering judo, kendo and jujutsu, along with his profound spiritual insight into the nature of the universe, he created aikido an entirely original martial art based on the universal aiki principles.

Master Ueshiba taught the art of peace as a mind-body discipline, as self-defence - a practical means of handling aggression and as a way of life that develops fearlessness, wisdom, love and friendship. He believed that aikido principles of reconciliation, harmony, co-operation and empathy could be applied bravely to all challenges we face in life, in personal relationships, as we interact with society, at work and in business and when dealing with nature. Everyone can be a warrior for peace using the principles of aikido.

Although aikido originated with Morihei Ueshiba in Japan, it was intended to be a gift for all humankind. O'Sensei was often described as being the most religious person in Japan. In his later years, he would spend much of his time in study, prayer and meditation creating spiritual poems.

O'Sensei often said that the two secrets of aikido are .....

Misogi ..... Purification of mind and body.

Kototama ..... Chanting the sound spirit.

The best methods of purification of mind and body are the 5 essentials for life which are : Pure air, Clean water, organic nutrition, beneficial exercise, good sleep and relaxation. More information on purification can be found at

The Kototama U, which is the origin of spirit and substance, divides into two. Kototama A, which is yang/fire energy goes up to heaven. Kototama O, which is yin/water energy goes down to earth. The opposing force that holds the two together between heaven and earth is called : Ki, Chi, Prana, vital life force etc.

Vibrations of sound have the power to connect spirit and form for real health. For more information on sound healing vibrations - visit

Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


Aikido combines practical self-defence movements with an emphasis on centralisation of thought and action, extension of mental energy ... ki. The central philosophy of aikido teaches that you must take responsibility for not inflicting unnecessary damage to your attacker. At the core of aikido is ki and hara. Ki is the inner energy that we possess but rarely develop. This energy is stored in the hara our centre of gravity. The aim is to ..... focus our mind and body at this central point and relax.

Aikido is an original martial art which is non-competitive and non-violent. By means of circular movement an attackers energy is returned to them. Aikido techniques do not call for physical strength or aggressive spirit and can be practised by people of all ages.

Benefits of aikido include : harmony of mind/body/spirit, discipline, breath control, relaxation, flexibility, self-defence ..... and in time an inner balance that can be carried into our daily lives. It offers a key to the art of living naturally and unselfishly in a complicated world.

The teachings of aikido tell us that the one point in the lower abdomen is the centre of our universe wherever we go. Keeping the mind concentrated on the hara will calm brain waves causing relaxation, where everything is clearly reflected. Correct judgement follows naturally, along with the ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

You can FOCUS your life force energy and gain vitality and power. Revitalise your body, mind and soul with Energy Healing

Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


Don't forget to look out for next month's feature titled THE WARRIOR TRAVELLERS focusing on the inner journey to self and God realisation. Filled with easy-to-apply principles for you to develop new levels of vitality, energy, knowledge, wisdom, and freedom in your life !

Stay in touch for The 3rd Series of harmony of mind/body/spirit entitled THE DIVINE SPIRIT SERIES which feature's an examination of the spiritual principles that are found in many great religious, cultural and spiritual traditions. Simple practical, natural, universal principles !

Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


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Harmony of Mind/Body/Spirit


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