Use Mantras and Chants
to Connect Spirit & Form!

Powerful mantras and chants have been used to change fear into courage, confusion into wisdom, anxiety into trust, and sorrow into joy.

A mantra is a power word, an ancient proven method for achieving awareness, that's revealed to mystics and visionaries while immersed in deep meditation.

Contemplating with a mantra is a method used by initiates in most mystery schools and paths to experience knowledge.

The chants of the Western Churches, Gregorian chants, AUM mantras used by the Orientals, horns blown by the Yogi's, double flute of the Dervishes, and many others are used to arouse the sleeping senses of human beings.

All sounds connected with religious services are meant to directly and indirectly awaken the inner sound within the listener. This leads people away from the outer world into the world's beyond the physical.

The value of mantras and chants, which are words or phrases repeated again and again, depends upon the content and vibration quality of certain sounds and their effects upon the mind, body, and spirit.

Accumulated energy resides in sacred sound mantras, and repetition develops an inner belief and power of intention to reach your goal.

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The Healing Power
of Mantras and Chants

Chanting mantras offer you healing, inner stillness, enhanced sensitivity, and a profound meditative pathway to Wisdom, Power, and Freedom!

The more the sacred sound is used the more it builds up energy and power where the body vibrates at a higher frequency. This leads to greater awareness, rejuvenation and renewed health.

Chanting is rapidly growing in interest providing the opportunity for spiritual experience. Sacred songs, chants, mantras, psalms, hymns and poems have all been used as a source of solace and inspiration.

An important aspect of Shingon Buddhism is known as...

Mikkyo... the Secret Teaching.

This wisdom is a blend of doctrines, philosophies, rituals, and meditation techniques. Using mantras and chants or Sacred Sound Meditation allows you to develop and control essential life-force energy. 

Many Masters, Saints, Gurus, and Adepts have used their own chants and mantras to tune themselves to the Vibrations of the Universe. This is when their inner nature drives them to express the divine will.

They revitalise energy centres with sound vibrations for health and longevity.

The mystics have worked out a method of transcending the body using ancient techniques of sound. Mainly done via concentration on the spiritual eye, drawing energies of the body together so soul is uplifted on its journey to realisation.

There are many words of power used to attune the energy and develop harmony of mind, body and spirit. Even simple vowel sounds will be most effective as certain vibrations can heal you... a, e, i, o, u. 

Music has the power to influence the pulse rate, respiration, emotions and the flow and balance of energy in your whole being. Sound is the first principle of the universe and holds many answers to your life questions.

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