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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit. Issue 31. September 2005.

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We hope You are well and having a successful day. Here is issue 31 of 'Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit' from

Our journey continues with a NEW series titled 'The Secrets of Success' where we turn the spotlight on the essential ingredients required to finally achieve our life goals.

The feature article is titled 'Control Your Thoughts' There are immense benefits of controlling our 'way of thinking' which is possible with a little practise - see below...

Read on... for Words of Wisdom from the Masters and Philosophers and the back issues & unsubscribe links are at the end of the Ezine.

Next month's feature is titled 'Control Your Emotions'. How we feel about people and events in our lives have a great effect on our levels of success and failure... stay tuned.

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Have You Built Your foundation of knowledge, developed YOUR PLAN and taken Massive ACTION towards your dreams, desires and life goals ?

A simple plan takes us from where we are to where we Want to Be. Acting on this plan DAILY re-inforces our intention and focus to reach our goals.

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'Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit' is a KEY to Your Success. Ancient Wisdom and 21st Century Master Strategies can guide You to experience Incredible levels of Energy and Inner Peace.

Learn how to tap into your INNER POWERS, balance your life energy and unlock your Full Potential. Knowledge is Power and we aim to give you the essential ingredients for abundant Health and vibrant Energy. Visitors can Subscribe FREE at

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"Learn to be silent. Let your quiet mind listen and observe."

"All man's miseries derive from not being able to
sit quietly in a room alone.
Blaise Pascal

"Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."
Jesus of Nazareth

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured and far away."
Henry David Thoreau

"Someday after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tide and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."
Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

If your mind is upset, the natural functions of your body also become disturbed. When the mind is calm, the body is relaxed, spontaneous, free and easy. A Pure Mind controls the body and a Mastery of the body leads to a pure mind.

Use Simple and Efficient tools to help create a Positive Mental Attitude. This breakthrough program works in the background to make lasting, Positive Changes in Your life... Think Right Now


Here we feature a series of Local and World Community News that may be of interest to our subscribers...

Cycling by Dr Trisha Macnair

In 1949, 34 per cent of miles travelled using a mechanical mode were by bicycle. Today that figure is down to just one to two per cent. Yet most us own bikes - there are an estimated 27 million across the UK - we just don't use them.

A staggering 70 per cent of all car trips are less than five miles; the ideal distance for a quick spin on the bike. Perhaps we could hope to match the example of some towns in Holland and Denmark, where nearly half of all journeys are made by bicycle. A word of praise here, too, for the people of York and Cambridge, who wheel out their bicycles for as many as 20 per cent of all journeys.

The health benefits of regular exercise are becoming something of a modern mantra and you may be tired of hearing them - probably because you know instinctively that exercise is the right thing to do - but we're going to remind you anyway.

Regular exercise is good for: Healthy hearts, Posture and poise, Digestion, Weight control, Healthy minds.

Reduces several cardiovascular risks, including high blood pressure. A major study of more than 10,000 people found that those who cycle at least 20 miles a week are half as likely to have heart problems as those who don't cycle at all.

Research suggests we should be burning up at least 2,000 calories a week through exercise (far more than can be burned in the recommended 30 minutes of moderately intensive exercise at least 5 times a week); others suggest 66 minutes of exercise a day. This is a large demand on time, but is easily achieved if you turn the business of getting to work or school into your weekly exercise routine. Cycling burns 300 calories an hour, so if you do it twice a day, the numbers soon add up.

There's no doubt that regular exercise reduces the risk of problems such as depression, stress and anxiety. There's truth in the saying "Run [or cycle!] your cares away."

G-Wiz! Its Electric The Little Car That’s Big in Sustainability.

Described by The Energy Saving Trust as the most energy efficient car available, the ‘G-Wiz’ electric car is causing quite a stir in sustainable transport. Developed by the Reva Electric Company, the G-Wiz emits no harmful gases or pollutants and if charged with a renewable energy source, the car is a completely sustainable vehicle. This is good news, especially as transport related emissions are growing rapidly: increasing by 50% between 1990 and 2002. This swift increase is due to huge growth in air travel and the car buying market- particularly in 4x4’s, some of which run at as little as four miles per gallon when driven in cities.

Consuming just a quarter of the energy of a similar sized petrol vehicle, the G-Wiz is the only car of its size (with four seats), to have received an ‘A’ Eco-label, the cleanest classification possible from the Department of Transport. The car’s exemption from parking meter fees and congestion charges within London, have made it popular with both commuters and businesses. Customers also have the opportunity to advertise their companies or personalities, using specialist paint effects to design an individual image for their car. During London’s Sustainability Weeks, a G-Wiz was driven around the capital and signed by borough Mayors and Councillors who wanted promote the G-Wiz as one solution to urban pollution and traffic problems.

Speaking about the car, Ken Livingston, Mayor of London and one of the signatories said: ‘We need to grow and develop in a way that improves the quality of life for all Londoners, whilst preserving and enhancing our environment. The events during Sustainability Weeks have shown different ways to lead a cleaner, greener, healthier lifestyle and driving an electric car is one way of doing this.’

21st Century Organics

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The idea of taking Control of our own thoughts may appear to be an impossible task, but in reality is of vital importance that proves entirely possible with some persistant practise.

Thoughts lie at the heart of everything and our way of thinking greatly influences our every action in life. Our success, in whatever field we choose, depends directly on our thoughts. If we have previously disregarded the power of positive thinking, then now is the time to control our thoughts rather than have them control us.

As a general rule, it is not a good idea to give way to negative thinking, that sooner or later will bring negative consequences. Each of our thoughts is like a seed that germinates, sprouts, grows, develops and bears fruit. We should not be surprised if planting a negative seed we produce a negative event.

When we think our subconscious mind records the thought and reinforces our belief system. The subconscious then goes about the business of producing the right circumstances to turn our thoughts into reality. It attracts people, events and circumstances to make it happen.

Of course this will not happen with all thoughts... or we would all be in trouble ! The thoughts that are repetitive and fill our minds develop more and more power and the subconscious mind leads us to their realisation.

Therefore some thoughts, when frequently repeated, are a real danger and must be driven from our minds... 'I will never make anything of myself' - 'This could only happen to me' - I never have any luck' etc.

Good thoughts of Peace, Love, Confidence and Success will enable us to achieve positive outcomes for ourselves and those around us.

Positive Energy Attraction Principles

harmony of mind-body-spirit


There is an infinite energy that lies within all living beings that can be tapped into and used to multiply our mind power to create a positive outcome. Knowledge of the laws of the universe and the great cosmic principles make it possible to reduce the unpredictability of life, and learn to control the course of events more successfully.

This infinite power has been used by enlightened masters & Healers throughout the history of time on the planet. We all have this divine power at our disposal, but sadly in most of us it lies dormant and we are unable to use it. Despite all of our efforts, we continue to be crushed by life and remain powerless against the continual blows from fate. We can all observe these negative events, in ourselves, in others and around the world... it is part of the real life experience.

It is vital for us to take some control of the forces available in order to create beneficial results. Optimistic and confident thoughts will create an environment of positive vibrations that will attract to the thinker the happy, longed for events through positive action and attraction.

So, when we change our thoughts, we modify the quantity and quality of the vibrations of energy that can be manifested in reality, on our circumstances in life. This is a sure and effective means of controlling the way life unfolds for us, directing events and achieving success, luck and happiness. Of course if we do not have absolute belief in the desired outcome, there is unlikely to be enough focus in the energy vibrations to make the changes a reality.

The subconscious mind regulates the organs and controls the body's vital processes. It is always active to keep our heart beating, blood circulating and breathing even when we are asleep. The subconscious does not think, it simply records information and orders from the thinking, conscious mind. It is vital for our well-being to imprint the subconscious mind with constructive beliefs to attract fortunate events.

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A new belief can only drive out the old, negative belief through constant repetition. This can be achieved by disconnecting the conscious mind (hypnosis etc.) or by involving the conscious mind by (repetition).

We all know that repetition has power... advertising is part of daily life and its effectiveness is based on the visual or auditory repetition of the message it attempts to get accepted. This is one of many methods we are subjected to that is used to condition our thinking without us being aware.

We must therefore create our own conditioning by choice, rather than allow multi-national and international companies influence our lives. This type of conditioning is all around us... in our minds, our family and friends, our schools, our work etc. All attempting to influence and control our thinking and what we do. If we continue to allow this influence then we are controlled by our fate.

How can we stop this and start thinking in a positive creative way that brings love and peace into our lives ?

Through conscious repetition that enables us to influence the subconscious mind in a favourable way. The best times to use this method is when very relaxed and just before sleep. Keep repeating the positive phrase every night until the belief becomes a reality. The phrase should be short so you can repeat it without thinking. This way you can visualise or imagine your success. The continual, automatic repetion will eventually escape the interest of the conscious mind and let the message through.

Here are some positive suggestions to repeat throughout the day and at bedtime... mentally or out loud, whichever feels best for you. Don't forget that perseverence is one of the most important factors for your success. The more repetitions the better, backed by a solid belief of a successful outcome.

1. Each of my thoughts has real power in my life.

2. Every day I feel positive, healthy and happy.

3. Every day I help others to live in harmony.

You can add many more positive statements depending on your desired results. Be specific, repeat and develop strong beliefs. Within 3 months changes will be noticeable by those around you.

500 Years of Natural Health Secrets

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WHAT can we personally DO to live a healthy, vibrant and happy life ?

The BEST way to decide on our path is to ask ourselves "What am I drawn to" ? there our answers will be found. We can remove from our lives all negative energy and focus on POSITIVE ENERGY.

The following 'Secrets', if applied daily, will help us to make powerful, lasting CHANGES to our health.

We are what we breathe, drink, eat, think, feel and do !

1) Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.

2) Drink plenty of PURE Water.

3) Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.

4) Focus on POSITIVE thoughts.

5) Positively Express YOUR Feelings.

6) Gently STRETCH for flexibilty.

7) Mentally and physically RELAX.

8) List your Life GOALS.

9) ACT on Your Plans.

Organic Health & Beauty

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An excellent way to 'experience' harmony and balance in our lives is to practise the Martial Art of Aikido. This is an Art of Peace that develops in us an acute awareness of our surrounding environment, the ability to be calm, focused, relaxed and centred.

Aikido is the way of harmony with universal energy. It was founded by Master MORIHEI UESHIBA, who gained the skill to control many attackers at will. He was also regarded as the most spiritual person in Japan and spent much of his later years in study, prayer and contemplation.

Morihei was unique in his ability to express his understanding of Universal Principles in practical demonstrations that defy normal definitions of reality. Millions of practitioners around the World experience the Positive Benefits of regular training in Aikido

harmony of mind-body-spirit

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For simple and efficient ideas and tools to increase your power and potential for success. The Key to your life lies within YOU and unlocks the door to an Amazing Inner World. You can Fine-tune Your awareness, developing Energy and Vitality to focus power on your goals... stay tuned !

CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS How we feel about people and events in our lives have a great effect on our levels of success and failure.

APPLY THE LAWS OF SUCCESS If we follow the universal principles and laws of nature we can boost our creative energy, concentration and ability to succeed.

GOAL PLAN AND STRATEGY We can move forward and reach our dreams, desires and life goals by making a definite plan. This gives us motivation and focused energy.

ACTION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS Once we have motivated ourselves with positive thinking, cleared our emotions, and have decided on our plan then it is time for Action.

SUMMARY OF THE SECRETS OF SUCCESS SERIES A summary of the Secrets Of Success Series : how to control our thoughts, how to control our emotions, apply the laws of success, goal plan and strategy, action is the key to success.

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Tony Wilden is an Aikido Instructor and qualified in several Healing Arts. He has a deep interest in spiritual matters, health and environmental issues, and the creation of harmony between people and nature. Tony is on a path to wisdom, freedom and power and shares his insights on aikido, health, ancient knowledge and master strategies.

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The information provided in Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any dis-ease. It should not replace the advice of your health advisor or GP. Remember, knowledge puts us in control of our lives and slow positive changes are best for maximum benefit to your health.

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