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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit. Issue 36. February 2006.

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Your Unique Journey continues with 'The Secrets of Success' where we focus on the essential ingredients required to finally achieve our life goals.

The feature article is titled 'Summary of the Secrets of Success Series' How to control thoughts and emotions, apply the laws of success, goal plan and strategy, action is the key to success - see below...

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Next month's New Series and feature is titled 'Magic & Power in the Martial & Healing Arts'... We turn the spotlight on the magical and mystical powers surrounding Aikido and Health... stay tuned.

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PS Have You Built Your foundation of knowledge, developed YOUR PLAN and taken Massive ACTION towards your life goals ? A simple plan takes us from where we are to where we want to be. Acting on this plan DAILY
re-inforces our intention and focus to succeed.

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre


'Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit' is a KEY to your success. Learn how to tap into your INNER POWERS, balance your life energy and experience Incredible levels of Energy and Inner Peace. Knowledge is Power and we aim to give you the essential ingredients for abundant Health and vibrant Energy. Visitors can Subscribe FREE here... Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit


An excellent way to 'experience' harmony and balance in our lives is to practise the martial art of Aikido. This is an art of Peace that develops in us an acute awareness of our surrounding environment, the ability to be calm, focused, relaxed and centred.

Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), who gained the skill to control many attackers at will. He was also a very spiritual person and spent much of his later years in study, prayer and contemplation.

Morihei was unique in his ability to express his understanding of universal principles in practical demonstrations that defied normal definitions of reality. Millions of practitioners around the World experience the positive benefits of regular training in Aikido The Way of Harmony

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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre


"Foster and polish the warrior spirit while serving in the world;
illuminate the path in accordance with the divine will.
Morihei Ueshiba

"You can render to god and humanity no greater service
than to make the most of yourself.
Wallace D. Wattles

"It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about."
Dale Carnegie

"Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it,
for that determines our success or failure.
Norman Vincent Peale

"Sincerity! Cultivate this virtue and realize the profound truth
that the manifest and hidden are one.
Morihei Ueshiba


Here we feature a series of Local and World Community News
that may be of interest to our subscribers...

Creating a New Civilisation By Jane Taylor.
Dec 21, 2005 Positive News Issue 46

Forum 2005 Tokyo

"Nothing less than the future of humanity is the topic. The next evolution of humanity will depend on a new convergence between science and spirituality." Dr Ervin Laszlo, World Wisdom Council

"We need new thinking for a new century, including a new vision for politics, business and civil society," the former Soviet President, Mikhail Gorbachev, told Forum 2005, Creating a New Civilisation, in Tokyo.

"This year saw the 20th anniversary of Perestroika, the restructuring that dissolved the Soviet system and effectively ended the Cold War. When systems need change, half measures are not sufficient," said Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Goi Peace Foundation, organisers of The Forum, put forward the idea that the new systems supporting the evolving, collective vision of the New Civilisation should be based on these four pillars: Sustainability, Systems, Science and Spirituality the Goi Peace Foundation’s ‘4-S Concept’.

"We have an unprecedented opportunity for a major leap in human evolution," said the Goi Foundation’s President, Mr Hiroo Saionji, opening to the 4,000-strong audience, including Ambassadors and representatives from the embassies of 46 different countries.

Introducing the Tokyo Declaration which was drawn up by the World Wisdom Council, Dr Ervin Laszlo and Professor Ashok Gangadean explained: "that the diverse crises we now face are, at core, a crisis of consciousness."

The Declaration asks us to facilitate and accelerate the blossoming of a higher form of civilisation that will embody the global wisdom of human-kind, in order the entire human family may flourish in harmony with all of nature on this precious planet.

But the crucial question is, do we possess the wisdom to choose the right path at civilisation’s crossroads?

"We can transcend the dualistic model and balance the economy and environment, so that one strengthens the other," Mr Masayasu Kitagawa, of the Okuma School of Public Management said.

Mikhail Gorbachev was not so optimistic, saying: "The consumer model of western society has outlived itself, but there is no adequate vision on the part of politicians. Without a positive push from civil society politics won’t change."

"In creating a new planetary civilisation, we must first fire up a critical mass of organised, global citizens," said Professor Ervin Laszlo.

Social systems can change abruptly, like the disappearance of the Soviet system almost overnight. Within ten years, we can create a viable civilisation because of the rise of a new spirituality. If a critical mass of people achieve this new level of consciousness, the changes will occur through civil society.

"If we hold a global consciousness, then we will achieve a global civilisation, said Mr. Saionji. We can have a bright future for our children and our grandchildren."

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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre



The idea of taking Control of our own thoughts may appear to be an impossible task, but in reality is of vital importance that proves entirely possible with some persistant practise. Thoughts lie at the heart of everything and our way of thinking greatly influences our every action.

Each of our thoughts is like a seed that germinates, sprouts, grows, develops and bears fruit. The thoughts that are repetitive and fill our minds develop more and more power and the subconscious mind leads us to their realisation. Optimistic and confident thoughts will create an environment that will attract to the thinker positive events.

Doubt is one of the most powerful blocks to our success. The process of creation of an idea through to its realisation in material terms must include confidence and total belief on the outcome.

Here are some positive suggestions to repeat during the day and at bedtime, mentally or out loud, whichever feels best. Don't forget that repetitions and perseverence are the most important factors for success.

1. Each of my thoughts has real power in my life.

2. Every day I feel positive, healthy and happy.

3. Every day I help others to live in harmony.

You can add many more positive statements depending on your desired results. Be specific, repeat and develop strong beliefs. Within 3 months changes will be noticeable by those around you.


Our emotions need to flow continuously as we experience them. If the heart is closed or blocked we are unable to express ourselves and life lacks intensity and passion. The 5 basic emotions from which all others originate are... Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy, and Compassion.

FEAR is a useful emotion that puts us on our guard, intensifies our awareness and enables us to identify and deal with threats as they occur. If out of balance, fear can lead to a general paranoia and chronic mistrust of people. Unexpressed fear tends to tense the muscles of the jaw, neck, lower back and raises the shoulders.

ANGER is a reaction that protects our integrity when we feel personal boundaries have been crossed. When we feel 'invaded' anger is a way to say 'NO' to an injustice or violation. Justified anger is immediate, clear and requires no explanation. The physical signs can be seen everywhere... tense jaws, clenched fists, stiff backs, raised voices and blazing eyes.

SADNESS is an emotional relaxation or release that occurs when our expectations are not fullfilled. Outward signs include... long face, hunched back, slumped shoulders, feet dragging on the ground etc. We conclude that to be happy we must avoid sadness, but this not the case, we must accept the inevitable disappointments in life.

JOY is an expansive energy of dynamic well-being that invigorates us, makes the eyes shine and puts a spring in our step. Joy cures, strengthens and restores confidence in what our inner life should be. We no longer avoid the fear of the present by always wanting to be somewhere else, in another situation, in the past or uncertain future.

COMPASSION is being able to feel what another person is feeling while remaining sufficiently detached to understand their needs and to know what to say and do. Gestures that come from deep within the heart are a tonic and natural form of release for the body.

How To Deal With Verbal Aggression

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre



We know that through our thoughts, we can influence the vibrations of energy around us. There are fundamental cosmic principles and natural laws we can use to unleash the creative force of spirit. We can implement these laws to act in line with our hopes and turn them into reality.

CALM AND RELAXATION - Create a comfortable environment, in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. For 15-20 minutes practise deep breathing and relaxation. Just before sleep is the best time to breathe deeply, relax and implant positive thoughts into the mind.

NOBLE AND RESPECTABLE DESIRES - The goals we set for ourselves are more likely to come into fruition if they are not harmful to people around us. If what we wish has a bad effect on someone else, we are likely to come up against strong opposing forces.

POWERFUL DESIRE - Our mental focus to see the goal come true, must be intense and enthusiastic. The object of our desire must become a certainty, and we should feel as though our desire has already been met.

HAVE A CLEAR IDEA OF YOUR GOAL - We must visualize and calmly maintain the image of our goal coming true. We should not allow the mind to wander aimlessly, our thoughts must be clear, precise and powerful.

A SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE PHRASE - For example, if you wish for protection... 'I am confident, the cosmic force is protecting me and every day my life is becoming more peaceful'

TAKE COMMAND OF YOUR LIFE - We cannot hope to succeed if we make a timid half-hearted attempt. It is necessary to make the request enthusiastically and authoritatively with a feeling of joy and pleasure.

THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND - Work on building the image and repeating a positive phrase when in a relaxed and harmonious state of mind. It is better to form a dozen wishes in a positive state of mind than to make a hundred, without conviction, while the mind wanders.

GIVE THANKS TO THE UNIVERSE - By thanking the cosmic forces before we have received our wish demonstrates certainty and faith in its fulfillment. In this way we are stimulating our belief and connecting with powerful positive vibrational forces.

TO RECEIVE WE MUST GIVE - By exchanging with others through giving we make a connection in the universal current and we are rewarded by gifts from others in return. If we have nothing of monetary value to give, then we can freely give encouragement, kindness, help, advice, comfort, smiles, love and support to others, that will return to us in time.

We must give everyone a use value in excess of the cash value received, so that each transaction increases and grows life. This way we can outgrow our present position and move on to greater success.

The success we receive from using the above formula will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of our vision, the fixity of our purpose, the steadiness of our faith, and the depth of our gratitude.

Jesus - The Man and His Work by Wallace Wattles

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre



Today's dreams are surely tomorrow's realities. We need to dream, but this is not enough as dreams are too large to realise in one hit. Our minds are finite, and so all large projects must be broken down into bite-sized chunks otherwise we become discouraged by the scale of the endeavour.

92% of worries are unnecessary... 40% never happen, 30% have already happened and cannot be changed, 12% are needless about health,
10% are petty miscellaneous, 8% genuine.

We are where we are and what we are because of the thoughts that dominate our mind's. We become what we think about and we get what we expect. Therefore we should act as the person we wish to become and expect the best.

Our lives are in our own hands, we can take control and start towards our goals now. Each day we have the opportunity to write another page in the story of our lives... happiness is an inside job.

This checklist will help You to prepare Your list of goals for 2006...

1. Make a list of Your desired Goals in order of importance.

2. Imagine them complete and list the necessary steps to get there.

3. Start with your first goal and focus your mind on its realisation.

4. Work through the steps, one-by-one until successful.

5. Take massive Action towards your goals.

6. Change your approach until successful.

7. It must change... You can and must change it.

8. Imagination... massive action... persistence.

9. Action is the Key to your success.


WHAT can You personally DO to live a healthy, vibrant and happy life ? The BEST way to decide on Your path is to ask Yourself...

"What am I drawn to ?"...
...there your Answers will be found.

The following 'Secrets', if applied daily, will help You to make powerful, lasting CHANGES to Your health and well-being.

You Are What You Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do.

Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.

Drink Plenty of PURE Water.

Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.

Focus on POSITIVE Thoughts.

Positively EXPRESS Your Feelings.

Gently STRETCH for Flexibilty.

List Your Life GOALS.

ACT on Your Plans.

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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre

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Spotlighting, analysing and focusing on the Magic and Mystery behind the... Aiki arts, martial arts, healing arts, and the power of ki, chi, prana, magnetism, vital life force energy. The Key to your life lies within YOU and unlocks the door to an Amazing and Powerful Inner World. .. stay tuned !

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre


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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre

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