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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit. Issue 41. July 2006.

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We hope You are enjoying good health. Here is Your issue 41 of 'Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit' from the Aikido Health Centre.

Your Unique Journey continues with 'Magic & Power in the Martial & Healing Arts'. This series began in March 2006 and taps into the incredible mysterious power at the heart of the martial and healing arts.

The feature article is titled 'The Way of the Peaceful Warrior'. The martial arts are practised, not as a means to maim or kill our oponents, but as a path to peace. Self realisation and self mastery is the main focus of training to improve our own health and well-being - see below...

Read on... for our Words of Wisdom, World Community News, and Feature Article. The back issues & unsubscribe links are at the end of the Ezine.

Next month's feature is titled 'Summary of Magic & Power in the Martial & Healing Arts'. The healing arts, magic & power in the martial arts, the way of harmony with aikido, the power of ki in the aiki arts, the way of the peaceful warrior... stay tuned.

Peace and Harmony


PS Develop and take Massive ACTION towards your GOALS. A simple plan takes us from where we are to where we want to be. Acting on this plan DAILY re-inforces our intention and ability to succeed.


'Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit' is a KEY to your success. Learn how to tap into your INNER POWERS, balance your life energy and experience Incredible levels of Energy and Inner Peace. Knowledge is Power and we aim to give you the essential ingredients for abundant Health and vibrant Energy. Visitors can Subscribe FREE here... Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit


"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
World Health Organization, 1948

"Physical ills are the taxes laid upon this wretched life; some are taxed higher, and some lower, but all pay something."
Lord Chesterfield

"Sickness is poor-spirited, and cannot serve anyone; it must husband its resources to live. But health or fullness answers its own ends, and has to spare, runs over, and inundates the neighborhoods and creeks of other men's necessities."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"When Mozart was composing at the end of the eighteenth century, the city of Vienna was so quiet that fire alarms could be given verbally, by a shouting watchman mounted on top of St. Stefan's Cathedral. In twentieth-century society, the noise level is such that it keeps knocking our bodies out of tune and out of their natural rhythms. This ever-increasing assault of sound upon our ears, minds, and bodies adds to the stress load of civilized beings trying to live in a highly complex environment."
Steven Halpern

"One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important."
Bertrand Russell

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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre


Here we feature a series of Local and World Community News
that may be of interest to our subscribers...

Direct Trading

Just Change is helping producers to deal directly with buyers and retailers, by cutting out the middle-man at the centre of the global economy.

The organisation began by working with the Adivasis, the indigenous people of India, helping them trade their tea for saris. Now it works with an expanding network of people, both in India and the UK.

Every organisation that joins the Just Change network becomes a share holder, putting money into a common pot and drawing out whatever they need to participate in the network, be it as producers, value-adders or retailers. The profits made by the goods sold are divided between all the shareholders.

By using a system in which every member is seen as an investor, Just Change is able to break the monopoly that investors often hold, where they gain all the profit, despite the fact that growers and consumers have also contributed to creating it.

Just Change gives people back the control over their product but still allows them to sell it internally in a global market. Its work strengthens local economies, local both in the sense of being within a region geographically and also local in terms of having similar values and ideas.

Writing about the ethos behind the Trust, the founder Stan Thekaekara says: Thinking globally and acting locally has led us to think locally and act globally as well. Just Change seeks to link people in a cooperative chain where they can work for the mutual benefit of all within the chain, irrespective of where they reside.

Contact: review2/thekaekara2.htm


Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), who gained the skill to control many attackers at will. He was unique in his ability to express his understanding of universal principles and laws of nature. He was also a very spiritual person who spent years in study, prayer and contemplation.

An excellent way to 'experience' harmony and balance in our lives is to practise the martial art of Aikido. This is an art of Peace that develops in us an acute awareness of our surrounding environment, the ability to be calm, focused, relaxed and centred. Millions of practitioners around the World experience the positive benefits of Aikido - The Way of Harmony

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre



Training in the way of peace develops physical, mental and emotional skills to be used on a daily basis as part of our lives. With the correct type of training we can reduce stress, increase energy and avoid injuries. Relaxation is a key to developing real strength and power. We can learn how to expand our whole body training into mastery of daily living.

An infant's gift for learning is undeniable and sensitive observation of children can reveal the key to their natural aptitude. We can see that the body is relaxed, the mind is concept free, receptive and intutive, uninhibited emotions supply great motivational energy. A young child learns complex patterns of speech and movement with ease and speed.

We were all able to develop at this fantastic level, and then something happened. The socialisation process began, which gives us 'essential information', but also inflicts us with fears, associations, beliefs, attitudes, and concepts that moved us out of the natural patterns of behaviour.

Our mind's formed an illusion of our self-concept, we learned to criticise ourselves and others, and we began to fear failure. Emotional constrictions and inhibitions resulted in physical tension, and we developed a variety of psycho-physical imbalances and compensations. This is why as adults learning seems very difficult.

By identifying the natural laws, we can discover, once again, how to align ourselves to them. We can train with ease, improve with certainty and achieve our true potential as peaceful warriors.

Purification of mind and Body with Organic Health & Beauty

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre


We tend to develop ourselves in response to demands on our lives. Integration of body, mind and emotions happens through activities that make a simultaneous demand on all three centres. Most of our daily experiences, the jobs we practice and the activities we pursue only make a demand on isolated portions of our total capacity.

Some people are involved with mostly mental or intellectual jobs and interests. Other people pay more attention to emotional and sensitive aspects, while others develop and refine their physical skills. If we learn to balance the development of all three centres equally, we can speed up our learning processes for harmony of mind, body and spirit.

True understanding is reflected in our technique and also in daily life. This is the real battlefield where one's enlightenment is constantly tested. In budo, martial arts and spirituality merge at the highest level of skill. The secrets of the greatest masters of kendo, karate, judo, aikido, and other disciplines are for all people.

Martial ways can help anyone who wants to live life to the full, be more courageous, with a greater sense of personal confidence, self-control and a deeper understanding of others. They all train the body, mind, and emotions in a balanced and harmonious way.

Develop Powerful Ki Energy for Self Defence and Healing

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre


The following information has been extracted from the works of great martial arts masters. It includes information that can be used in our daily lives as we travel the path of the peaceful warrior.

"Three essential elements of budo are:
the timing of heaven,
the utility of earth,
and the harmonization of human beings

The secrets of technique that were passed by Ki-ichi Hogen 1159-1189, were used for centuries by martial arts masters. The founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba 1888-1969 often quoted them to his students as part of their training.

When your opponent comes, greet him once.

If he withdraws, immediately send him on his way.

When there is opposition, harmonize with it on the spot.

Distinguish between truth and falsehood.

Adapt to ceaseless change.

Remain unshaken regardless of the circumstances.

After undergoing a profound experience and enlightenment at the age of 42, Morihei Ueshiba went on to develop Aikido - The way of spiritual harmony. Morihei's astounding martial feats were without equal, past or present. He was also a man of deep religious beliefs, and in his final years Morihei spent most of his training time with his students expounding his philosophy. The following is a small example of his wisdom.

The universe itself is always teaching us Aikido, but we fail to perceive it. Everyone thinks of him or herself and that is why there is so much contention and discord in the world. If we could just keep our hearts pure, everything would be fine. Do not think that the divine exists high above us in heaven. The divine is right here, within and around us. The purpose of Aikido is to remind us that we are in a state of grace.

Aikido is nonviolence. Every human being has been entrusted with a mandate from heaven, and the victory we seek is to overcome all challenges and fight to the finish accomplishing our goals.
In Aikido we never attack.
Let your partner attack, and use his aggression against him.

Rather than being captivated by notions of "winning and losing", seek the true nature of things. Your thoughts should reflect the grandeur of the universe, a realm beyond life and death. If your thoughts are antagonistic toward the cosmos, those thoughts will destroy you and wreak havoc on the environment.

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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre


WHAT can You DO to live a healthy, vibrant and happy life ? The best way to decide on Your path is to ask Yourself... "What am I drawn to ?"... there your Answers will be found. The following 'Secrets', applied daily, will help You to make powerful, lasting Positive changes.

You Are What You Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do.

Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.
Drink Plenty of PURE Water.
Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.
Focus on POSITIVE Thoughts.
Positively EXPRESS Your Feelings.
Gently STRETCH for Flexibilty.
List Your Life GOALS.
ACT on Your Plans.

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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre

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The healing arts, magic & power in the martial arts, the way of harmony with aikido, the power of ki in the aiki arts, the way of the peaceful warrior, summary of magic and power in the martial and healing arts.


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Peace & Harmony

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Tony Wilden is an Aikido Instructor and qualified in several Healing Arts. He has a deep interest in spiritual matters, health and environmental issues, and the creation of harmony between people and nature. Tony is on a path to wisdom, freedom and power and shares his insights on aikido, health, universal principles, ancient knowledge and master strategies.

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit from the Aikido Health Centre

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The information provided in Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any dis-ease. It should not replace the advice of your health advisor or GP. Remember, knowledge puts You in control of Your life and slow positive changes are best for maximum benefit to Your health.

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