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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit. Issue 86. April 2010.

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Over the last few months I have been one of seven people taking part in some very intense training in pressure point fighting.

In fact, it is a pressure point instructor programme with master Russell Stutely, who is widely regarded as Europe's No. 1 pressure point expert.

The programme has taught me exactly how to make pressure points work, even in a violent street fight scenario.

We covered a whole variety of subjects including...

Balance Points - Learning the very best ways to easily break the balance of your training partner or opponent. Of course, my extensive training in Aikido had already covered much of this, but there were a few important tips that I have been able to add to my skills with great effect.

BAR (body alarm reaction) - Studying the importance of how fear and a surge of adrenaline effects you in the heat of battle. Why many of your complex training skills are unavailabe to you, and exactly what to do to deal with almost any situation that may come up.

Waveforms - This is a whole body movement, that when practised for just a small amount of time, will double or even treble your power. This has greatly increased my ability to control, punch, and throw with far more power, but using much less effort.

Principles - These involve a complete range of tools that anyone can use. Great for people who have never practised a fighting art, and also for experienced martial artists to vastly improve their skills. For example, principles like... opposites, heavy hand, planes of attack, 45 degree, mind-breath-body, footwork, remove gaps, vibration, time on target, soft block, tension-relaxation, simplicity, and many more.

Pressure Points - Covering the best pressure points on a human body to strike or press to have the greatest effect. Many pressure points are just too dangerous to use and can cause serious problems for an attacker.

We only use the most effective points that cause extreme pain and dizziness for a short period of time. This mean that there is no long lasting effect on our aggressor.

This course has taught me that by putting all of these skills together, I can deliver a devastating effect on an attacker. But, just because I have the ability to knock someone out cold, doesn't mean that I should.

Of course if the situation demanded that I use more power to defend myself then I have the tools and skills to do so.

As part of this programme, I had to write a 10,000 word lesson plan and film a video to show that I have understood all of the material covered. I have now completed all of the requirements of the pressure point instructor course and am in the process of awaiting my results.

Soon, I will be rolling out a completely NEW and exciting strategy that I have been working on for nearly 3 years. Full details will be included in next month's Harmony newsletter, so... stay tuned!

For more info on master Russell Stutely and how he can quickly add power and effectiveness to your self defence skills, visit... Russell Stutely


Over the past 3 years I have been working on how to completely streamline my Aikido and coaching skills. This is in order to offer a much faster, more effective way of learning many principles resulting in maximum benefits from minimum effort!

You see, I believe that many students are only interested in specific subjects in relation to the study of the art of Aikido. Often, the only way of getting information and studying is to join an Aikido club or association.

But, this means you have to study many of the aspects of the art that you may not be particularly interested in. For example...

1 - Self defence

2 - Self improvement

3 - Spiritual experiences

4 - Exercise & fitness

5 - Health & well-being

6 - A sense of community

7 - Aikido history

8 - Japanese culture

9 - (add your interests here, etc)

Nearly all of the Aikido clubs and associations train their students by following a syllabus that gradually builds up the technical skill level. In other words, Aikido is usually taught by studying and learning a number of basic techniques that expand to advanced variations of these basics.

This is all very well, until you realise that the average student trains a couple of times a week. So most of each class is reminding the student of and covering the same techniques over and over.

This leaves no time for an instructor to pass on some of the many Aiki principles involved, that can truly boost the skill levels of students in a much shorter amount of time.

I believe that Aikido dojo training is often very inefficient and can be a very slow path for students to develop real skill. That is why I am about to offer an alternative method of training where the focus is on principles first, and then techniques and form... so stay tuned for more info!

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Well, there are many great ways to speed up your learning curve and fast-track the development of your skills. For example it is known that in order for your body to learn a new muscle memory, then a movement has to be repeated a number of times.

In fact, the number generally ranges somewhere between 3,000-4,000 repetitions. Of course, these must be correct repetitions with full mental and physical control over each one.

If you practise a few times a week for 90 minutes, and your instructor teaches you dozens of different techniques, then you are probably only doing 20 or 30 reps of each movement in a class.

Now, work out how many classes you will need to attend to reach the 3,000 reps required to develop muscle memory. Also bear in mind the mental confusion of jumping from one technique to another.

I have found that if you isolate a body movement and perform 200 perfect reps every day, then you can make it your own in a matter of weeks. Then just repeat the process one by one on a whole variety of body movements. In this way you can achieve the same goal in a few months that would take years to reach in a standard class.

Why is this muscle memory so important to develop?

Well, one of the aims of Aikido and any martial art, is to develop the ability to use your skills under any conditions. If you are attacked in a street situation there will be a certain amount of fear and adrenaline running through your mind and body.

When this occurs your body will instinctively prepare your body for fighting and shut down the body systems that are not necessary. One of the systems that WILL be shut down is your ability to think clearly. This mean that you will only have certain motor funtions available to be used.

If you have spent months or even years learning very complex aikido techniques, they will only be available if they have been trained as a body memory. If you only understand them with your mind in an intellectual way then they will be unavailable to you when you need them most.

You see it's not that difficult remembering techniques in a cosy safe dojo environment. Why? Because you are training with friends whose attacks are fairly weak, and you don't feel threatened.

Why do you think your blocks, parries and techniques nearly always work?

I highly recommend that you practise, work on, and train some very simple movements into your body memory, if you want access to them when confronted by a real, violent street thug.

Of course if you are training for other reasons than self defence then by all means carry on. But, please be aware that you are more likely to freeze on the spot than respond in a heroic way!

This is just one of the many ways to speed up your learning. To find out lots more visit my unique... Aikido Success Blueprint


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You can live a healthy and vibrant life, by using the following tips daily... "You Are What You Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do" Tony Wilden

1 - Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.
2 - Drink Plenty of PURE Water.
3 - Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.
4 - Focus on POSITIVE Thoughts.
5 - Positively EXPRESS Your Feelings.
6 - Gently STRETCH for Flexibility.
7 - List Your Life GOALS.
8 - ACT on Your Plans.

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