Unique Ebooks on How to Experience Glowing Health & Fast-Track Your Aikido Skills!

Do you want to learn how to Fast-Track your Aikido Skills?

Or get unique Health Secrets to Boost Your Energy levels?

Maybe you would appreciate Very Effective pressure point Self Defence Tips?

They offer you a wealth of valuable info... right at your fingertips! But I don't know how long I'll be able to keep these prices so low! All ebooks are available in pdf format.

Also some exe software (windows only), designed by 'The Wizard' (ex-Nasa engineer). These amazing software products give you... audio, music, pictures, video, change font size/style, control page speed to improve your viewing and listening pleasure!


A pdf ebook of my very popular Top Aikido Tips 28 message email course. It gives you practical ways to develop and improve your Aikido skills! Download it for just $7


A pdf ebook of my popular Top Health Tips 25 message email course. It gives you unique ways to boost your energy & experience glowing health! Download it for just $7



A massive 130 page pdf ebook of Aikido Health Centre web pages. It gives you tons of unique and original articles on Aikido and Health. Download it for just $7


It is clearly written, simple, step-by-step, tips on how to improve your Aikido skills. Avoid training pitfalls on the path, and save weeks, or months of unnecessary training patterns.

Become an Aikido expert, by training hard and smart, and the Aikido Success Blueprint shows you how to train smart!

Aikido Success Blueprint Exe Software $14

Aikido Success Blueprint Pdf $9


Easy-to-apply, practical tips to help you avoid injury. Plus how to speed up the healing process, and reduce recovery time.

Aikido First Aid Kit is an excellent companion to the Aikido Success Blueprint, and offers you a gold-mine of wisdom.

Aikido First Aid Kit exe Software Ebook $14

Aikido First Aid Kit pdf Ebook $9


These rare health secrets will help you enjoy a much healthier, more energetic and successful life. It is clearly written, easy to understand, and offers key action steps for your success.

Prevent health problems, reverse everyday illness the natural way, and power-up your energy reserves. Leave illness, dis-ease, and fear behind & experience peace of mind!

Optimum Health Secrets exe Software Ebook $14

Optimum Health Secrets pdf Ebook $9



Secret Five Series... articles on 5 essentials for life, 5 paths to health, 5 passions to discipline, 5 levels of being, 5 natural powers, summary, and wisdom quotes from masters.

Peaceful Warrior Series... articles on zen warrior, warrior shaman, invincible warrior, spiritual travellers, daily life of a peaceful warrior, summary, and quotes.

Divine Spirit Series... articles on world religions, spiritual leaders, spiritual healing, easy way, universal energy, summary, and master quotes.

Harmony exe Software Ebook One $14

Harmony pdf Ebook One $9



Natural Environment Series... articles on nature/environment, natural wonders/elements, value of existence, power of world communities, future of humanity, summary, and words of wisdom.

Health & Harmony Series... articles on developing vitality, relax your mind, way of harmony, pure air and water, organic food, summary, and famous quotes.

Secrets Of Success Series... articles on control thoughts and emotions, apply laws of success, goal plan & strategy, action is the key to success, summary, and famous quotes.

Harmony exe Software Ebook Two $14

Harmony pdf Ebook Two $9



Magic & Power Series... healing arts, magic/power in the martial arts, way of aikido, power of ki in the aiki arts, way of the peaceful warrior, summary, and wisdom quotes.

Optimum Nutrition Series... nutrition, powerful superfoods, efficiently absorb nutrients, why minerals are important, spiritual properties of food, summary, wisdom quotes.

Power Of Sound Series... kotodama - chanting, words of power, chants & mantras, sound vibrations for healing, words of wisdom, wisdom quotes.

Harmony exe Software Ebook Three $14

Harmony pdf Ebook Three $9



Key Pressure Points Series... acupressure for health, pressure points self defense, aikido self defense, massage points for health, powerful points to reduce stress, summary & quotes.

Giving and Receiving Series... articles on aikido ukemi, giving & receiving, removing ego from aikido, ukemi lessons for daily life, aikido harmony & balance, summary, and words of wisdom.

Aikido Success Blueprint Series... articles on aikido success, choose your instructor, focus mind power, fast learning, analyzing posture, aikido principles, summary, and quotes.

Harmony exe Software Ebook Four $14

Harmony pdf Ebook Four $9


Self Defence Secrets - develop devastating power, gives you a massive advantage, put fear into your attacker, protect your space, traffic light system to know when to take action, exactly what action to take for best effect, principles to drop an attacker fast, etc.

Plus Amazing Free Bonuses... 4 ebooks and 1 hour of unique self defence principles video...  Click Here for Full Details!

Ebooks Coming Soon...

Powerful Aiki Principles

The Key to efficient and effective Aikido techniques. I am planning to include video footage, where I will personally demonstrate each of the Aiki principles... this will be truly unique, one of a kind, so stay in touch. Interested? Visit... Contact Form

Effective Aikido Pressure Points

In planning stage is my Aikido Pressure Points software ebook. It will include text, audio, and video footage of exactly how to locate the points to power up your skills... this will be completely original, so... stay tuned. Interested? Visit... Contact Form

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