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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit. Issue 90. August 2010.

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I hope you are well... here's your latest copy of the Harmony newsletter from Tony at the Aikido Health Centre... we welcome YOUR comments!

Your Path to Mastery continues with Arun Aikido Club updates and valuable tips on the very best nutritional supplements - See below...

Next month, We will discuss the International Aiki Peace Week, and why it's so important to Aikido students all over the world... Stay Tuned!

Peace and Harmony


Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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Over the coming months we'll discuss some of the most important tips to fast-track your Aikido & Health development. But more importantly, exactly how YOU can put this information into action.

There's no point in learning new ideas, if you can't use them... right? So, over the next few months, I'll share with you some of the Key Principles that have made all the difference in my own personal training.

Stay tuned and hold on tight... it's going to be an exciting ride :)

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The Arun Aikido Club has been active again for a few weeks now, with great success. We have many new junior and adult students who are excited and committed to their training with us.

We are based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK and have been offering unique training in the art of Aikido since 1992.

We have a full range of lessons designed to teach you how to maximise your Aikido and self defence skills in the fastest possible time. Here's an overview of the lessons available...

All of the theory, principles, and techniques of Aikido Yoshinkan up to 1st Dan black belt. You'll take gradings, achieve belt ranks, receive grading certificates, and reach high levels of skill in the art of Aikido... fast!

Learn some of the best methods available to protect yourself, your family, and the general public from aggressive people. 3 simple moves to use whatever the attack, effective pressure points & powerful atemi strikes!

You'll quickly learn the key Aiki principles that can be used to make your Aikido techniques far more effective. Also for health, increased energy, self improvement, creating harmony with other people, and self protection!

If you are studying a martial art and want your skills to be even more effective, then this is for you. You'll learn the most effective pressure points, how to hit them for best results and how to double your power.

An opportunity for you to gain valuable experience at a secluded outdoor location. They are held once a month in three different locations that are rotated... Seafront, Woodland and by a Lake... a unique experience!

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By developing a truly holistic and balanced lifestyle, any health symptoms you may be experiencing are likely to simply fade away.

There are six main principles involved in experiencing real health, and they can be summed up with the following quote...

" You are what you breathe, drink, eat, think, feel, and do "

Tony Wilden

These 6 principles run through all successful methods of health, healing and well-being. For full details visit... Optimum Health Secrets


Most experts agree that our diets are lacking in a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. You can either get those nutrients from a multi-vitamin or from green food formulas. Unlike synthetic nutrients like those found in multivitamins, whole foods haven't been through a chemical process.

Whole foods contain nutrients that can be 100% absorbed and are not toxic or harmful to your body. Super foods are nature's most complete foods, and are extremely rich in health promoting plant compounds like phytonutrients, cofactors, antioxidants, enzymes and much more.

Vitaforce contains these valuable and highly sought after super foods in the perfect ratio for maximum absorption!


When developing Vitaforce, tens of thousands of studies were analyzed to ensure that it provided ideal quantities and ratios of each nutrient. It doesn't contain any unhealthy doses of any nutrients, and naturally provides all the co-factors necessary for health.

For instance, Vitaforce is loaded with mixed carotenoids naturally found in food, and provides its iron from natural sources such as Organic spirulina and Organic chlorella. It was also created to be a perfect supplement to your diet. It provides more of the nutrients that are commonly lacking, and less of the ones already found in plentiful quantities.

It's the only green food powder that completely replaces and improves on your Multivitamin/Multimineral pills. It has 24 Certified Organic Wildcrafted Ingredients, and includes 2 Billion live probiotic cells per serving.

It is the world's most nutrient dense, super-food including... Organic Spirulina and Broken Cell Wall Chlorella, Organic Wheat Grass Juice, Wildcrafted Calcified Red Algae and Organic Icelandic Kelp.

It has high antioxidant super-fruits such as... Acerola Cherry Extract, Organic Mango, Organic Acai, Organic Wild Billberry, Organic Wild Lingonberry, Organic Black Currant (berry and juice), Organic Aronia Juice, Organic Pomegranate Juice, Organic Wild Blueberry, Organic Concord Grape Juice, Organic Sour Cherry Juice, Organic Wild Elderberry Juice, Organic Wild Cranberry Juice, Organic Red Raspberry, Organic Black Raspberry.

It has an assortment of the healthiest certified vegetables on the planet... Organic Kale, Organic Collard Greens, Organic Parsley, Organic Beet Juice, Organic Broccoli Sprouts and Organic Spinach.

And it tastes great in water, juice or as a fruit smoothie, it just doesn't get any better than that... right? Order Here Now -> Vitaforce


For more great Aikido and Health tips, take the time to have a good look round my Aikido Health Centre website at I am constantly adding NEW and FREE information for you.

I suggest you also bookmark my Aikido Health Blog page because every new page I put up is announced on there. Also, I add my own personal comments regularly on a variety of interesting topics.

You can check out my regular comments on social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter. Just visit... and... - become a friend and sign up!

I'd love to hear your important opinion on Aikido and Health related issues, so drop me a line and tell me what you think here... Contact Form


You can live a healthy and vibrant life, by using the following tips daily... "You Are What You Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do" Tony Wilden

1 - Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.
2 - Drink Plenty of PURE Water.
3 - Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.
4 - Focus on POSITIVE Thoughts.
5 - Positively EXPRESS Your Feelings.
6 - Gently STRETCH for Flexibility.
7 - List Your Life GOALS.
8 - ACT on Your Plans.

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Peace & Harmony

Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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Tony Wilden is an Aikido Instructor and qualified in several Healing Arts. He has a deep interest in spiritual matters, optimum health, environmental issues, and the creation of harmony between people and nature. Tony is on a path to wisdom, freedom and power and shares his insights on aikido, health, universal principles, ancient knowledge and master strategies.

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