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Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit. Issue 28. June 2005.

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We continue with part Four of our Health & Harmony Series - the Feature Article is titled 'Pure Air & Water'. A deep inner cleansing and rejuvenation for good health and vitality... see below.

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Next month's feature article is titled 'Organic Food and Supplements' that are essential for Real Health... stay tuned.

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Build Your foundation of knowledge, develop YOUR PLAN and take Massive ACTION towards your dreams, desires and life goals. A simple plan takes you from where you are to where You Want to Be. Act on this plan DAILY... and it will re-act on You.


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'Harmony of mind-body-spirit' is a KEY to Your Success. Ancient Wisdom and 21st Century Master Strategies can guide You to experience Incredible levels of Energy and Inner Peace.

Learn how to tap into your INNER POWERS, balance your life energy and unlock your Full Potential. Knowledge is Power and we aim to give you the essential ingredients for abundant Health and vibrant Energy. Visitors can Subscribe FREE at

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"The winds of grace blow all the time. All we need to do is set our sails."

"Our life is what our thoughts make of it."
Marcus Aurelius

"My religion is very simple - my religion is kindness."
Dalai Lama

"If the doors of perception were cleansed
everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

"If we stand tall it is because we stand
on the shoulders of many ancestors.
Yoruba proverb

"The greatest human quest is to know what one must do
in order to become a human being.
Immanuel Kant

"We shall never cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
T.S. Eliot

harmony of mind-body-spirit


An excellent way to 'experience' harmony and balance is to practise the Martial Art of Aikido. This is an Art of Peace that develops in us an acute awareness of our surrounding environment, the ability to be calm, focused, relaxed and centred.

Aikido is the way of harmony with universal energy. It was founded by Master MORIHEI UESHIBA, who gained the skill to control many attackers at will. He was also regarded as the most spiritual person in Japan and spent much of his later years in study, prayer and contemplation.

Morihei was unique in his ability to express his understanding of Universal Principles in practical demonstrations, that defy normal definitions of reality. Millions of practitioners around the World experience the Positive Benefits of regular training in Aikido


Here we feature a series of Local and World Community News that may be of interest to our subscribers...

Foundation Scoops Top Humanitarian Prize

One of the world’s top humanitarian prizes has been won by the Fairtrade Foundation and the international umbrella organisation it helped found.

The prestigious King Baudouin International Prize for Development, worth £100,000, was presented to the Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO) and its members in Brussels on May 27 in recognition of their pioneering role in giving disadvantaged producers and workers in the developing world an opportunity to participate directly in international trade at Fairtrade conditions.

This award follows a phenomenal rise in Fairtrade sales in the UK, up by 90 per cent in the past two years with 1.5 million Fairtrade bananas consumed every week and 1.7 million cups of tea, coffee and cocoa drunk every day. According to the latest MORI survey commissioned to mark World Fair Trade Day on May 17, a third of Britons now associate the FAIRTRADE Mark with ‘Guarantees a better deal for Third World producers’.

Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation Harriet Lamb said: "We’re delighted that Fairtrade is receiving this recognition for its unique contribution to tackling poverty. The King Baudouin Prize is one of the world’s leading international development awards. People do look for the reassurance that the producers in developing countries get a better deal and the FAIRTRADE Mark gives them that".

Half of the prize money will be used to stage a meeting for 150 representatives of producer and trader groups in London this September to discuss future FLO policies and how to increase the market.

FLO was set up by the Fairtrade Foundation and the 16 other National Initiatives in 1997 to ensure there was an independent international body to certify and faciliate Fairtrade. FLO now certifies foods sourced from 360 producer groups in 40 countries.

FLO International’s president, Paola Ghillani said: "It is an honour. We have been working for many years in setting up and strengthening our system of certification and support in favour of disadvantaged producers and workers, and by now we have proven that a different way of trade is possible, viable and beneficial for everybody, producers, workers and consumers included."

The King Baudouin prize is awarded every two years in recognition of individuals or organisations that are making a significant contribution to the advancement of developing countries. Past Laureates include Brazil’s Landless Peasants Movement and the Grameen Bank from Bangladesh.

harmony of mind-body-spirit

If our mind's are upset, the natural functions of our body also become disturbed. When the mind is calm, the body is relaxed, spontaneous, free and easy. A PURE MIND controls the body and a Mastery of the body leads to a pure mind.

Simple and Efficient tools to create a Positive Mental Attitude. This breakthrough program works in the background to make lasting, Positive Changes in Your life... Think Now

We can Boost our Energy in many ways and this article is focused mainly on the purification of Air and Water for Inner Cleansing, Vitality and Rejuvenation. Next month we will be looking at the Power of Organic food and Supplements

harmony of mind-body-spirit


Humankind have had a detrimental influence on the planet earth and its natural cycles. In the name of progress, consumerism has spread from the western world across the globe. We now live in a throw away society, despite attempts to recycle our rubbish. With short-term interests comes an ignorance of the signs in front of us and builds the problems for future generations to deal with. It effects our air and water quality right now.

Why does mountain or sea air make us feel good and promote healing ? Why does an air-conditioned atmosphere feel 'dead' ? Why does the weather affect our moods ? One answer lies in the electrical state of the air, its ionization.

In 1910 Albert Einstein and Conrad Harbicht took a Ph.D. thesis on why the mountain air of Davos was renowned for its health giving properties... their conclusion was that it was the 'air electricity'.

Ions are gas molecules that carry an electrical charge by gaining or losing an electron. In nature they are generated by ultra-violet light from the sun, lightning and thunderstorms, the breaking of water by waves, waterfalls, mountain streams... even plants.

In our modern society we have created an environment that almost eliminates negative ions from the atmosphere. Pollution from car exhausts, air conditioning, cigarettes, overcrowding, electrical equipment, fluorescent lighting, man-made fibres in clothes and carpets, all create positive ions that lead to poor health.

Negative ion generators can be used for those not fortunate enough to live near mountains, seas, waterfalls etc. They have been shown to help people generally and with bronchitis, asthma, catarrh, common colds, insomnia, migraine, eczema, headaches, tiredness, depression etc. Also available are combined air filtration systems that also have a negative ion generator, for home, office, car.

For More Info visit Air Purification

harmony of mind-body-spirit


For real health the aim is to get the maximum amount of oxygen into the body via the lungs. This can be achieved by consciously breathing more deeply in an environment that can boost the benefits. Go for a walk and find a place in nature away from the noise... a mountain, by the sea, a river or stream, in a forest or wood.

Practise deep breathing and relaxation of mind and body. When we leave behind the noise of a busy society, we can also leave behind our personal problems, just for while. This can have a rejuvenating effect on our attitude and can positively motivate us. We can add to these powerful health benefits by opening the windows to our homes and circulating fresh air into the living environment.

One of the most beneficial methods of breathing is deep rhythmical inhalation & exhalation through the nose. 10 - 15 minutes of deep breathing upon arising and before retiring will be most beneficial, but any time throughout the day, will help reduce stress and tension and so aid the healing process. For info on health, rejuvenation and longevity visit the Life Extension Foundation

harmony of mind-body-spirit


In many areas around the world water is 'safe' to drink... how safe is it ?

With the introduction of animals and humans to an area also comes a rise in the waste material that finds its way into our water. Purification procedures are required to rid public drinking water of pollutants.

Agriculture uses fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are carried off by the rain to the nearest water supply, or soak into the soil contaminating underground well and reservoir sources.

The most serious water polluter is modern industry, often sited near a large body of water for production needs. This is also convenient to dispose of waste materials from the manufacturing process. Virtually all public and industrial sewage systems are designed to eventually empty into a water supply.

With a long network of pipes from the treatment plant to our taps more toxins are picked up. Iron, copper, brass, lead, cadmium, etc. Some people even consider fluoridation and chlorination of public drinking water a form of contamination. Another hazard is disease caused by bacteria and viruses, microbiological organisms that contaminate water as a result of human, animal and vegetable sewage deposits.

Inorganic substances can be harmful to the body in even small amounts, poisons like arsenic, lead, alluminium, mercury and copper. Calcium, magnesium and iron generally account for the hardness of our water, found in limescale deposits in our kettles, around taps and drains.

The worst pollutants are the organic substances discharged as detergents, pesticides, petroleum or other hydrocarbons... chemical substances that do not disolve in water, but interact to form entirely new chemicals.

Many of us do not stop to think where all the life-destroying chemicals in detergents and cleaning fluids actually end up. Millions of tons of poisonous material per year comes from our own homes and are emptied into rivers and seas. This water and its pollutants find their way into reservoirs and back into tap water and food. This is why it is so important to use biodegradable products that do not damage our environment.

Water treatment works, underground pipes and our domestic pipes all need updating to meet the needs of society, but it is unlikely to happen in the near future. This is why it is important to take responsibility for the safety of our water.

What are the options ?

Drink tap water and hope the government and the united nations will protect us.

Drink bottled water which is available and fairly expensive.

Buy a home water purification system.

Water Softeners - remove the hardness, adding sodium through a process of ion exchange... not for drinking.

Water Filters - remove selected contaminants, usually through an activated charcoal filter, that must be replaced regularly. They do not remove nitrates, inorganic ions or bacteria.

Reverse Osmosis Units - separate water from minerals and chemicals using a semi-permeable membrane. Does not remove micro-biological impurities.

Water Distillers - simulate the natural cycle by boiling water to kill bacteria. As the water is vaporized, chemicals and minerals are left behind. The steam is condensed in a sterile condensation chamber. Considered to be the most effective method of water purification, producing virtually pure water. For more info visit... Water Purification

harmony of mind-body-spirit


WHAT can we personally DO to live a healthy, vibrant and happy life ?

The easy way is to remove from our lives all negative energy and focus on filling our lives with POSITIVE ENERGY.

The following 'Secrets', if applied daily, will help us to make powerful, lasting CHANGES to our health. The BEST way to decide on Your path is to ask Yourself "What am I drawn to" ? there Your answers will be found.

We are what we breathe, drink, eat, think, feel and do !

1) Breathe DEEPLY and Relax.

2) Drink plenty of PURE Water.

3) Eat ORGANIC Food and Supplements.

4) Focus on POSITIVE thoughts.

5) Positively Express YOUR Feelings.

6) Gently STRETCH for flexibilty.

7) Mentally and physically RELAX.

8) List your Life GOALS.

9) ACT on Your Plans.

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Personal Development

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Come back next month and tune-in for simple tools and techniques to achieve total relaxation and a deep inner calm. You can Fine-tune Your awareness to develop Energy and Vitality that leads to Real Health and Well-Being. The Feature Articles are...

'Developing Vitality' to experience an energy boost...

'Relax and Clear Your Mind' to release muscular tension and stress...

'The Way of Harmony' and a Path to World Peace...

'Pure Air & Water' for inner cleansing and rejuvenation...

'Organic Food and Supplements' are essential for Real Health...

'Summary of The Health & Harmony Series' Developing Vitality, Relax and clear Your Mind, The Way of Harmony, Pure Air & Water, Organic Food & Supplements.


Stay Tuned... for simple and efficient ideas and tools to increase your power and potential for success. The Key to your life lies within YOU and unlocks the door to an Amazing Inner World. You can Fine-tune Your awareness, developing Energy and Vitality to focus power on your goals. This allows you to multiply your concentration and ability to succeed.

The Ancient Secret of the "Fountain of Youth"... is the story of a man who challenges the remote and mysterious Himalayas to uncover the 'Secret of the Ages'. He travels to a hidden Monastery deep inside Tibet and shares its secret of rejuvenation & Youth... 5 Ancient Rites, easy to perform, but powerful enough to change your life forever.

I personally use this regularly and it is easy-to-learn, simple-to-perform, balances the energy centres and only takes 15 Minutes a day. Tibetan Monks have used this method for thousands of years to increase their energy, health and longevity. More Info visit Tibetan Yoga

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Tony Wilden - Aikido Instructor/Healer
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Founded Arun Aikido Club 1992

Tony Wilden is an Aikido Instructor and qualified in several Healing Arts. He has a deep interest in spiritual matters, health and environmental issues, and the creation of harmony between people and nature. Tony is on a path to wisdom, freedom and power and shares his insights on aikido, health, ancient knowledge and master strategies.

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The information provided in Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit is for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any dis-ease. It should not replace the advice of your health advisor or GP. Remember, knowledge puts you in control of your life and slow positive changes are best for maximum benefit to your health.

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