Air, Oxygen, and Correct Breathing for Purification
and... Inner Cleansing!

The first essential for life is air, because the moment we cease to breathe, the physical body begins to decay. Breathing is the basic root of existence, and must have prime consideration in all health problems.

We are generally aware that mountain or sea air makes us feel good and promotes healing, so its surprising that we don't give it more attention.

There is a vital life force flowing through you, wanting to balance, heal and give life. You must make its channels clear to allow it to do its work.

Through correct breathing you can develop this vital life force, which is also known as ki, chi, prana, energy, magnetism etc.

Whether you are studying the art of aikido, martial or healing arts, natural or alternative Health, or any spiritual path, there is...

ONE underlying core principle...

attention on correct breathing gives you oxygen to purify and cleanse.

Yes Now... take a moment to breathe deeply and relax,

YOU deserve it!

The time to relax is when you don't have time to.

Optimum Health Secrets  offers unique wisdom on purification. Plus a very special breathing technique that you wont find elsewhere, it was taught in my 6th year of study in an ancient secret teaching... that I won't reveal here ;)

Air Purification
The Reality

In traditional Japanese arts, proper breathing is taught as an essential and fundamental factor of concentration. Oxygen contains this very important and unique life force energy from the universe, which your lungs receive.

The vibrant energy contained in oxygen is transformed into human energy. Breathing in takes in supplies of vital life force and breathing out spreads this energy throughout your body. You can learn to breathe more slowly...

5 or 6 deep, calm breaths per minute which, with regular practise, can become a good habit, particularly while you sleep.

Deep breathing will purify your blood.

One of the most beneficial methods of breathing is deep rhythmical inhalation & exhalation through the nose. 10-15 minutes of deep breathing upon arising and before retiring will be most beneficial, but any time throughout the day...

will help YOU reduce stress & tension.

I include several excellent breathing and meditation techniques in my unique ebook collection Optimum Health Secrets - Key Action Steps for great results!

Natural Ionisation
Helps Your Breathing

During this period of the earth's history, humankind have caused an imbalance in nature which is harmful to the planet's eco-system. This live-now and suffer-later attitude is certainly creating a lot of problems for future generations.

How short-sighted and selfish of us!

We all regularly need to go out for a 'Breath of fresh Air', which relieves us from the stuffiness of an overheated or overcrowded room.

Why does being near a mountain or the sea make us feel good and promote healing? Why does the weather affect our mood? The answers lie in its electrical state and its positive and negative ionisation.

You See...

In our "modern lifestyle", we have created an environment that virtually eliminates negative ions from our atmosphere. Pollution such as: car exhausts, air-conditioning, smoking, fluorescent lighting, electrical equipment,  and tons of chemicals pumped out by industry.

Negative ions are one of natures natural cleansers which aid in the destruction of airbourne bacteria, and clears dust, pollen, allergens, smoke and other particles floating about in the atmosphere.

Negative ions increase our capacity to take up oxygen and can improve our ability to deal with asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, and the common cold, insomnia, migraine, eczema, headaches, tiredness, depression etc.

Protect yourself from pollutants with organic foods and environmentally conscious products. Personally, I use Organic Pure Vitaforce Superfood Powder It is the Best Nutrition Product I have found in over 30 years of research.

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