Revealed! Aikido Success Blueprint Offers You
 Key Action Steps  to Develop Powerful Skills... FAST!

I'm Tony Wilden and based on 30+ years of experience, my Aikido Success Blueprint shows you how to Train Smart.

In fact, it compliments your dojo training perfectly. You'll speed up your learning curve, and develop powerful skills!

It offers Key Action Steps to achieve excellent results. In just a few minutes you could have access to this handy reference.

Aikido Success Blueprint
Chapter Titles...

  • How to Choose a Good Aikido Instructor
  • How to Focus Your Mind Like a Laser Beam
  • How to Remove Ego From Aikido
  • Good Aikido Ukemi to Prevent Injuries
  • How to Learn Aikido Techniques Much Faster
  • Analyzing Aikido Posture and Form
  • Very Effective Aikido Pressure Points
  • Studying Aiki Principles - Key to Your Success!
  • Aikido Lessons for Daily Life
  • Experience Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Summary and... Key Action Steps!

The Aikido Success Blueprint is a pdf ebook, which can be read on any device... computer, ipad, iphone, android, etc. Take Action Now, because a few small, effective changes could save you 100's of hours of training that doesn't reward your efforts!


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" I've been an Aikido student for 18 months. The Aikido Success Blueprint helped my development in an incredible way. All thanks to Tony's clear action steps "

Samer Al Saady

United Arab Emirates