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Aikido Health Centre offers you a massive resource of cutting-edge info, ancient secrets, and master strategies... the best available on Your Path to Mastery.

YOU now have access to Rare Wisdom on aikido, aiki principles, self defence, health, alternative health, well being, and spirituality. Plus free Harmony ezine, courses, forum, unique ebooks, audio/video products and so much more!

It is also the home of the Arun Aikido Club (est. 1992) based in Bognor Regis UK. We offer junior/adult aikido classes, self defence seminars, and private lessons.

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We hope YOU enjoy your visit, and come back often. We welcome Comments 10% of profits are donated to Aiki Extensions, Greenpeace, and worthy causes!

We supply information to help you take control of your health. Use this with the advice of your health care advisor for total peace of mind. Knowledge is Power!

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