Pressure Point Self Defence Seminar
Sunday 6:15-9:15pm - 2nd April 2017

Learn verbal skills, protect your space, trigger points - when to take action, what action to take, easy-to-apply simple moves, develop massive power, very effective pressure points. Proven tips... That Work. Only 15 9 places left, so Book and Confirm Your Place Now to avoid disappointment.

Aikido Clipart

Are you looking for a great selection of Aikido Clipart?

You have found it!

Artistic images are used in a variety of different ways. Sometimes they can be used with or instead of photographs to portray a different feel to your website or promotional material.

In my travels, I came across a cd-rom software that had over 10,000 clipart images. Also included were dozens of excellent Aikido images.

I have used some of them on my Aikido Health Centre site. Here are a few great examples, which we hope you enjoy.

We always welcome your comments and any Feedback

Aikido Clipart

Aikido Rei

Aikido Ready Stance

Aikido Breakfall Over Person

Aikido Double wrist Grab

Aikido Chest Grab

Aikido Grab Atemi Strike

Aikido Pin

Aikido shihonage

We hope you enjoyed our small selection of clipart. We always welcome your valuable and important comments and Feedback

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