About Tony Wilden
Aikido Instructor & Healer

tony wilde

Sensei Tony J. Wilden Aikido Instructor/Healer,

receives an award for 20 years of teaching.

  • Founder & Chief Instructor of Arun Aikido Club (1992)
  • Aikido 5th Dan Senior Instructor (Nakmas NGB)

  • Pressure Point Self Defence Instructor (Russell Stutely)

  • Door Supervisor/Store Detective/Security Guard (SIA)

  • Natural Therapist/Healer (ITEC)

Tony Wilden is an aikido instructor and qualified in several healing arts.
He has a deep interest in spiritual matters, health, environmental issues, and the creation of harmony between people and nature.

Tony began his study of the martial art of Aikido in 1985 after many years of extensive research into a wide variety of spiritual paths. After contemplating the works of Morihei Ueshiba and Koichi Tohei, he was inspired to make an intense study of aikido techniques and principles.

Tony Wilden Sensei is a 5th Dan in Aikido, which he has been practising since 1987. In 1992 he founded the Arun Aikido Club in West Sussex, UK and has trained several students to black belt and instructor level.

Tony has achieved coaching qualifications from these organisations...

Martial Arts Commission (MAC), Ken Shin Kai Aikido Association (KSKAA), British Aikido Board (BAB), National Association for Karate and Martial Arts Schools (NAKMAS), Bushinkan Martial Arts Association (BMAA).

arun aikido clu

Robin Wilden 2nd Dan, Tony J. Wilden 5th Dan, Natasha Wilden 1st Dan, Josephine Wilden 5th Kyu

The Arun Aikido Club, under Tony's direction have had 500+ students and conducted over 50 grading seminars. He has arranged dozens of lectures, courses, demonstrations and workshops for the community.

In 2010 Tony passed an intensive instructor training course in self defence and pressure point fighting under master Russell Stutely. In 2011 he became an SIA authorised door supervisor and security guard.

In May 2013 Tony Wilden was promoted to 5th Dan by Nakmas NGB.

Tony offers classes, seminars, private lessons, lectures & demonstrations in traditional aikido, aiki principles, self defence, pressure points, power development, aiki warrior training camps, and much more!

For full details visit... Arun Aikido Club

Tony has also studied ancient and traditional healing systems in his search and holds qualifications in anatomy & physiology, acupressure, reflexology and advanced touch for health (applied kinesiology).

Tony Wilden has given 1000's of individual health treatments since 1993, and is also the author of 7 books on aikido, health and well-being...

aikido secret

Aikido Success Blueprint - A unique 7 ebook collection on how to fast-track your aiki skills to peak performance levels. It includes how to to prevent and treat injuries, plus an hour of video on aiki principles!

health secret

Optimum Health Secrets - A massive 6 ebook collection and absolute Gold-Mine of knowledge and wisdom on health, harmony and well being.

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