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Welcome, my name is Tony J. Wilden, I have been studying aikido and health for 30+ years, I have key principles and insights to share with you.

My aim is to help you follow Morihei Ueshiba's vision and learn how to experience harmony of mind-body-spirit. I also want to introduce this amazing art to people interested in health, well-being and spirituality.

The Aikido Health Centre offers you cutting-edge info, ancient knowledge, master strategies, and unique products - some of the best available on...

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You'll want to have a good look around, as this site is huge and it's constantly growing. There is a ton of valuable info on aiki and health related subjects, so bookmark us to your favourites and return often.

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We hope you enjoy your visit, and welcome your comments - 10% of net profits donated to aiki extensions, unicef, and greenpeace.

Our intention is to supply valuable information and resources to help you take control of your health. Use this knowledge with the advice of your health care advisor for total peace of mind. Knowledge is Power!

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