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Welcome, my name is Tony Wilden, and I have been studying aikido and health for 25+ years. I have key principles and insights to share with you.

My aim is to help you follow Morihei Ueshiba's vision and learn how to experience harmony of mind-body-spirit. I also want to introduce this amazing art to people interested in health, well-being and spirituality.

The Aikido Health Centre offers you cutting-edge information, newsletter, forum, Arun Aikido Club, ancient knowledge, master strategies,  and unique products... some of the best available on Your Path to Mastery!

You'll want to have a good look around, as this site is huge and it's constantly growing. There is a ton of valuable info on aiki and health related subjects, so bookmark us to your favourites and return often.

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Our intention is to supply valuable information and resources to help you take control of your health. Use this knowledge with the advice of your health care advisor for total peace of mind. Knowledge is Power!

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Tony J. Wilden - Aiki Instructor/Healer
98 Linden Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 2BD U.K.
Telephone 01243 824329 - Email tony(at)aikido-health.com

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About Tony Wilden - Aikido Instructor/Healer
Tony Wilden began his study of Aikido in 1985 after years of intensive research into health and spiritual paths. He shares his experience and insights at the Aikido Health Centre
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Aikido - Way of Spiritual Harmony
Develop your Inner aiki powers now with aikido - way of spiritual harmony. Morihei Ueshiba taught the art of peace as martial art for self defence and a path to harmony and balance.
Aikido Ebooks Success Blueprint
The Aikido Ebooks Success Blueprint collection will fast-track your aikido skills to a whole new level. You'll learn how to prevent and treat aikido training injuries, and much more...
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Health and Fitness
Revealing information and resources on health and fitness, optimum health secrets, well-being, harmony newsletter, free gifts, and more!
Optimum Health Secrets
Health secrets that you need to boost your energy and vitality. Here is an absolute gold-mine of practical info to change your life fast. Plus 5 amazing Free Bonuses... a massive collection of info!
Health Survey
Take part in and instantly see the results of our Health Survey. Kindly take a few moments to answer several key questions, and give us your important opinion!
Free Health Tips
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Complementary and Alternative Health
Complementary and alternative health, acupressure, reflexology, zen, meditation, herbal remedies, yoga, chakras, energy centres, spiritual healing, organic nutrition, sound healing, FREE Harmony ezine
Tony's Aikido Health Blog
The Aikido Health Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the aikido-health.com Web site. Tune in and Subscribe Here.
Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit Ezine
A FREE monthly Harmony Ezine packed full of unique content, information, resources, news, tips, words of wisdom, and feature articles on aikido, health and harmony. FREE gifts...
Aikido Health Centre Forum
Add your important opinion to our Aikido Health Centre Forum, and we will answer your questions! Tell us what you think, become part of our growing community and check out what others have said.
Tony Wilden's Product Recommendations
Here are some great product recommendations by Tony Wilden from the Aikido Health Centre. These are some of my favourite aikido, self defence, and health products that you may want to check out.
Tony's Ebooks
Tony Wilden's unique ebooks... Aikido Success Blueprint, Aikido First Aid Kit, Optimum Health Secrets, and Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit 1-4 A gold-mine of wisdom!
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Tony's Amazon Favourites
Tony Wilden's favourite amazon product recommendations. Some great products related to aikido, health, alternative health, well-being, spirituality, etc.
Aikido Health Centre FAQ
What are the Aikido Health Centre faq - most frequently asked questions? Fast-track your Aiki skills, boost your health, free harmony ezine, email courses, ebooks and much more!
Local Training Guide
Revealing martial arts and self defence local training guide helps you make an informed, intelligent decision. Learn how to choose the right training with our gold-mine of unique info!
Arun Aikido Club
The arun aikido club is based in bognor regis, west sussex uk, and offers traditional Aikido, aiki principles, self defence, pressure points, power development and much more!
Self Defence Seminars
Unique self defence seminars in West Sussex UK. Learn how to protect yourself using 3 simple moves, effective pressure points, and develop massive power. Proven, effective tips... that work!
Private Lessons
Book your unique private lessons in aikido, self defence, aiki principles, pressure points, massive power generation. You'll learn fast by training smart!
Book Lessons
Here's where you can book lessons in aikido, aiki principles, self defence, pressure points, power generation, etc. All in the bognor regis area, west sussex uk. Can be tailor-made to suit your needs!
International Aiki Peace Week
Aiki Peace Week offer special classes by the aikido community to celebrate the legacy of love & harmony given to us by master Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei. Join the Arun Aikido Club special classes!
Aikido Lectures and Demonstrations
We offer unique aikido lectures and demonstrations in the Bognor Regis area, in West Sussex UK. Book us now for aikido, aiki principles, self defence, pressure points, power development, and more!
Sound Healing Treatments
Book your unique sound healing treatments. Using a music therapy cushion to balance your energy centres. You'll be revitalised, relaxed, refreshed and experience renewed positive energy.
Events - What's On!
Check out what's on and current events at the Arun Aikido Club in Bognor Regis West Sussex UK. Aikido & self defence classes, courses, seminars, lectures, demonstrations etc.
Aikido Directory
Search or add your link to our Aikido directory or Aikido Dojo List. Why? Because you'll get noticed, as the Aikido Health Centre is in the TOP 1% of most visited sites on the Web!
Health Links
Visit and search some of the best health links at the Aikido Health Centre. Free top 10 health tips email course, ecourse, software, ebooks and more..
Aikido Health Centre Ebay Auctions
Grab your Ebay auctions bargains at my Aikido Health Centre ebay. Books, ebooks, Dvds, cds, videos, in fact a whole Collection is being sold off... aikido, health, spirituality, self-help, plus-
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