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Welcome to our Aikido Health Centre Forum. We would like to hear about your best experiences, most interesting stories, top tips, questions, and anything else about Aikido and Health that you'd love to share with us.

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Aikido Forum

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Aiki Peace Week Forum - What's Your Opinion?

Does Aikido Training Lead to Spiritual Harmony?

Is Aikido an Effective Method of Self Defence?

Had an Aikido Injury? How Did You Treat It?

What's Your Best, Worst, Funniest Aikido Story?

Health Forum

Ask Your Health Questions!

What Are Your Key Health Tips?

Is Your Air, Water and Food Safe?

What's Your Best, Worst, Funniest Health Story?

Thanks for joining our Aikido Health Centre Forum and giving us your valuable opinion... we look forward to reading your important comments :)

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