Self Defence Seminar
Sunday 1st April - Bognor Regis

  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Double Your Power.
  • How to Drop an Attacker... FAST! 
  • Very Effective Pressure Points.
  • Aikido Evasion Skills.
  • Simple Moves... That Work!

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Tony Wilden's

Product Recommendations!

Tony Wilden - Aikido Instructor/Healer

My name is Tony Wilden and I have several product recommendations for YOU!

Why would you want my opinion?

Well, I have been studying aikido, health, and spirituality for over 30 years. During that time I have come across some great products that have been of great use to me in my search for knowledge and principles.

Of course, I have also come across some real dud's as well :)

The following products have either helped me or someone else that I know well. I am not prepared to give recommendations to anything that is poor or average...

they must be excellent!

With that in mind, check them out now...

Own Products

First of all, I suggest you have a good look at my own unique products.


Well, they are based on over 30 years of intense study and research. I have condensed a ton of information down to the essential principles that will...

save you a lot of time and effort.

You can purchase them individually or as part of my Package Deals Here


Aikijutsu Academy - learn the martial art of the samurai.

Urban Survival - survive any disaster without leaving home.

Organic Health & Beauty - organic vitaforce superfood.

Reiki Healing Master - develop the power to heal yourself and others.

Old School New Body - 5 steps to looking 10 years younger.

The Fat Loss Factor - while still enjoying all the foods you love.

Organic Food Garden - chemical free, super healthy, eco friendly.

Brain Evolution System - most powerful self development package.

Deep Zen Meditation - learn how to meditate like a zen monk.

5 Tibetan Rites - simple yoga moves to balance your energy centres.

Self Improvement - the top 101 experts - a powerful resource.

The Unexplainable Store - brainwave recordings on health and success.

Manifestation Miracle - Law of attraction power with destiny Tuning.

Millionaire's Brain Academy - Unique brain hack technique!

Wealth Trigger 360 - Mind hack that forces you to think like a millionaire.

Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0 - Controversial and effective mind control secrets.

Public Speaking Certification - Learn how to confidently write and deliver a powerful speech.

Fat Diminisher System - Reset metabolism, turbo charge weight-loss and shrink waist.

Aikido Success Blueprint

  •  Want to develop powerful aikido skills?
  • O'Sensei's two secrets of aikido
  •  Feel incredible energy and see results
  •  Key action steps to reach your goals fast
  •  How to avoid, prevent, and treat injuries
  •  7 ebooks, 2 videos, 1 audio... Full Details!

Self Defence Secrets

  •  Double your striking power in 3 hours
  •  Learn the #1 most effective move
  •  How to protect your personal space
  •  Exactly when to take action to win
  •  Deal with fear and turn it back on attacker
  •  Best angle to hit pressure points for results
  •  6 ebooks, 1 hour video... Full Details!

Optimum Health Secrets

  •  Discover 7 powerful health secrets
  •  You can experience incredible health
  •  Completely relax and release stress
  •  You'll feel great and see results fast
  •  Key action steps to reach your goals 
  •  Plus #1 Health Secret - Full Details!