" Would You Do Well
in a Real Aikido Fight? "

How confident would you be in a real Aikido Fight?

Does the idea of an Aikido street fight fill you with fear?

After all, practise is fairly safe in the comfort of a dojo! Maybe, where you train the practise of Aikido is more focused on harmony, and the connection of energy between partners, than on Aikido and self defense.

There is nothing wrong with this type of practise, in fact, it is preferable to focus on the flow of energy between training partners. This teaches you how to be in harmony with other people, and not to resist life.

It also helps you in your daily life as you interact with other people.

But, if you practise this way, all of the time, you will certainly not be prepared for the shock of a real Aikido fight.

If you are suddenly attacked, out of the blue, for no reason whatsoever, then you are more likely to freeze than react well.

Unfortunately... this is the reality of the situation!
A sudden attack, leading to an Aikido street fight will not go well, unless you prepare for the situation. Even an attack that you know is coming, as aggressive verbal attacks sometimes lead to physical attacks, you may still freeze in your tracks...

leading to injury or serious harm :(

One of the main reasons you are unlikely to react, in a favourable way, is that you are just not prepared for the pure venom that another person can have for you. An aggressive attacker tries to cause you serious harm.

The fact is, this could lead to physical and emotional damage that you may never truly recover from. Is this a rather shocking viewpoint?

Maybe, or... Just Being Realistic!

It has been shown, time and again by experts in street defense, Peter Consterdine, Geoff Thompson, Russell Stutely etc., who are martial arts experts, on the front line and have been in that scenario hundreds of times, how martial artists often fail in defending themselves.

Some of the main reasons they give are...

1 - Lack of true awareness of your surrounding environment.

2 - Believing certain techniques will work, when its unlikely.

3 - The shock and adrenaline dump of an Aikido fight may freeze you.

Martial artists, including Aikidoka, generally train in a safe environment, where the attacks are weak, and you can do it again if the technique goes wrong. They are also, not usually, put under the type of stress they will experience in an Aikido street fight situation.

How do you feel you will do in an aikido fight now?

Good, not so good? The main thing is to be realistic about this. You are probably not studying the art of Aikido in order to be able to defend yourself in an Aikido and self defense scenario.

There is so much more to the art... right?

But, although you do not expect to be attacked, it can happen. After all it is happening to someone every day in every country of the world.

So YOU Must Be Prepared... Or suffer the consequences!

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