" An Aikido Tutorial to
Put You on the Fast Track
to Powerful Aiki Skills! "

An Aikido tutorial can teach you how to learn aikido moves. With a home study course in Aikido, you will be drawn in to the beauty of the art and its natural flowing movements.

Aikido is an art of peace, that teaches a whole range of life skills, just from practising a series of techniques. You wll gain some valuable skills and learn Aikido moves that are very efficient and effective.

So, what sort of Aikido tutorial are YOU looking for?

Maybe a home study course in Aikido, where you will learn the principles of Aikido moves much faster than in a dojo or training hall setting.

I will be offering an aikido tutorial and aikido home study course that goes into great detail about how to perform individual techniques.


Hasn't it already been done by the masters, in the best way?

In many ways it has, but a new and unique analysis of the principles and techniques may bring up massive insights for you. At the minimum you'll learn new tips to enhance the effectiveness of your techniques.

Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei, the founder of Aikido, gives some of the best info on what the art is all about, in his fantastic book called Budo.

Koichi Tohei describes the techniques in detail in his book called Aikido.

Gozo Shioda gives a detailed viewpoint in his book titled Total Aikido

The above are my personal choice of study material for Aikido. In them, you will learn Aikido moves that make up a perfect home study course in Aikido. You can get all of these books by Clicking Here!

After 25+ years of intense study of aikido, health and spiritual paths, you may be interested in hearing about my insights and key action steps. Check out my Aikido Success Blueprint and Optimum Health Secrets

They offer you an absolute gold-mine of unique wisdom!

 Aikido Tutorial on Principles and
Theory... With Key Action Steps!

Of course, there are many more great masters of Aikido that you can study, and I highly recommend that you do. But, in my opinion...

it is far better to focus on your training to benefit from your efforts.

The more you look here, there and everywhere at the world of Aikido, the more your mind power will be weakened. In fact you may scatter your mind so much, that it stops you from being effective at all.

How do I know this?

I have done it!

My research has taken me in dozens of different directions. I didn't want to miss anything important to my development, and so I was never happy, and always looking for more.

Eventually, after going full circle in my research and practise, I found myself back at the beginning, so, please don't make the same mistake!

Research and knowledge is very important, but its no good just as an intellectual idea that has not been realised...

Wisdom Comes From Doing!

It is far better to decide on the best Aikido tutorial style for you, and then focus on it. Once you have developed a good basic level, then have a good look around, to see if you can develop and improve your skills.

There are also a whole series of dvd's, by many of the masters, that will help you in your training. So there really is no shortage of information for you to have a home study course in Aikido.

What there is a shortage of is in-depth Aikido tutorials on Principles!

These are the elements inside your techniques that truly make them effective. You see, there are certain principles that run through almost every technique, in every Aikido style, and even other martial arts.

These secret principles are hard to pass on, and are, in time, picked up during your Aikido practise. But, if you look at them early on in your training, then you can learn how to develop your skills faster.

By applying aiki principles to your regular training, you will have efficient, more effective, and powerful techniques.

Personally, I have made an intense study of many healing and spiritual paths for over 30 years, and Aikido since 1985. I have also looked at, in depth, the principles, that run through all defence systems.

This gave me many insights and 'aha' moments along the way, which led me to write my Aikido Tutorial Blueprint and Optimum Health Secrets 

Aikido Success Blueprint

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