Pressure Point Self Defence Seminar
Sunday 6:15-9:15pm - 5th February 2017

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We Spotlight Aikido

Master Seigo Yamaguchi

Seigo Yamaguchi (1924-1996) was a Japanese Aikido master who held the rank of 9th dan shihan Aikikai. He taught for many years at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and travelled extensively worldwide during his career to promote the teaching of aikido outside Japan.

Yamaguchi was born in Kyushu, Japan, had many brothers and a sister.

He read many books supplied by his father, who was the principal of a public school. His study of history, literature and philosophy in his early age helped form the foundation of his teachings.

He graduated from Denshukan, traditional high school, founded by YANAGAWA-HAN (Samurai clan) in Edo period and then entered an advanced school (university), called Hiroikegakuen founded by Dr.Hiroike.

Between October 1943 and October 1945, he joined the army and actively participated in the Pacific War. He was at that time considering a career in the army, becoming a senior officer by 1949 when he was introduced by a friend to Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido.

He became his uchideshi in 1950.

Morihei Ueshiba developed the martial art of Aikido from his combat studies of Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu with Sokaku Takeda, and his spiritual studies with the Omoto Kyo and Onisaburi Deguchi.

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Master Seigo Yamaguchi

In 1958-1960, Yamaguchi taught aikido to the military in Burma and after returning to Japan he became one of the senior instructors at Hombu Dojo, where he taught on Monday evenings for decades. He also taught at other dojo's and at a private dojo where he taught selected students.

He often conducted special seminars for advanced students, and  sometimes gave lectures and lessons to the professional Japanese baseball teams, Universities and other private dojos.

Among these dojos, Zoshukan, in Tokyo, Japan was the most important private dojo.

From 1977-1995, Seigo Yamaguchi organized seminars, and travelled to many countries including...  France, Germany, England, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and the USA to teach aikido.

In 1990 unique video recordings of his budo were made in Paris, Oxford, Mannheim, and Munich in week-end seminars.

His  aikido technique was very relaxed and creative. He was popular because of his unique approach that emphasized balance taking.

I particularly like the way he completely controls his uke. His videos are fascinating to watch and reveal many gems to students. More Here

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