Aikido Concepts, Theory,
and Principles to Help
You Understand Aikido!

The philosophy of Aikido concepts come from principles, spirituality, and the nature of universal ki energy. It is influenced by the Omoto-kyo religion, as practised by Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei

What does Aikido mean?

The name Aikido is made from three Japanese characters...

'Ai' means harmony.

'Ki' means spirit.

'Do' means way.

So, Aikido is the... Way of Spiritual Harmony.

Aikido focuses on the balance and harmony of your body, mind, and spirit. You can only achieve this if you remain relaxed. In this way nothing is forced so your body joins with your spirit and universal energy naturally becomes one.

Morihei Ueshiba taught Aikido as a peaceful way of ending aggression. Both spiritual and philosophical developments are essential ingredients. The Aikido concepts of giving (nage) and receiving (uke) energy can be applied in practice.

Uke/Nage is similar to the Chinese Yin/Yang principles. Aikido can be effectively studied by a thorough understanding of both extremes. The give and take nature of these two characteristics are the basis from which ki energy is learnt.

The philosophy of Aikido concepts deal with how you can learn to adapt, be flexible, stay calm, and blend with your life situation.

At its basic level the art of Aikido offers a method of throwing, joint-locking, striking and pinning, coupled with training in the use of sword, staff and knife. But it is far more than just a fighting art...

It is a path to personal discovery and character development.

Some of its benefits include physical fitness, improved self-confidence and a greater awareness of yourself and how to connect with others.

When pulled, you move forward in the direction of the attack (irimi). When pushed, you move out of the way (tenkan).

You redirect the force of an attack until it's no longer a threat. In a weakened position, the attacker is vulnerable to a variety of throws, controls, and pins.

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The Philosophy of Aikido
Concepts, Theory and Principles!

The goal of your Aikido training is not perfect skill, but to improve your character and become part of the laws of nature and the universe. Nature's movements are efficient, rational, and soft, but the centre is immovable, firm, and stable.

By keeping a firm, stable, centre, your flowing circular movement looks soft, but is actually very powerful. It can be used to overcome and control an aggressor who is far bigger and stronger than you.

The soft or gentle quality of Aikido makes it appealing to people of all ages.

It not only offers spiritual development, but also provides exercise and teaches proper respect, attitude and correct behaviour with other people.

At the heart of Aikido is the universal creative principle - Ki. Aikido concepts teach you how to blend your personal ki with universal ki.

Aikido helps you to release your attacker's aggressive energy. This should be done by controlling them, or more importantly, neutralising the conflict. There are ways of doing this before it becomes physical.

You learn how to focus your power into one point. The combined power generated by focusing the energy of your hips, legs, knees, stomach, and mind, towards one aim is greater than the power of muscles alone.

This ability to generate power enables a smaller and weaker person to apply techniques on a larger and stronger opponent.

Breath power or kokyu-ryoku is when sensitivity, breathing and timing are brought together, which allows you to read an attackers movement.

For Yoshinkan aikidoka, ki can be thought of as the combination of correct posture, centre line, breathing, the explosive power of focused energy and timing. In this way ki is the mastery of balance of all factors.

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