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Can you truly understand the universal aiki principles as laid down by the Masters of old? Can you experience complete relaxation, a calm mind, peace and harmony in your life?


By making a study of principles you can develop your energy and ki power. Then your mind and your acts become one with nature.

There are 3 Methods of Training...

  • Accumulating knowledge and techniques.
  • Analyzing form & posture.
  • Studying universal and natural aiki principles.

The first two are achieved by action and conscious discipline. The third is achieved by understanding the principles of nature and the universe.

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Including one point, centre of gravity, relaxation, weight dropping/shifting, ki energy, intention, belief, non-resistance, circles, leading, heavy hand, time on target, and more...

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Aiki Principles

Aikido allows you to work on all three of these methods of training at the same time. Some of the most important principles are listed below and these will lead you to many more.

AI is the shortest known way of saying equal Love for all without discrimination as to race, creed, colour or form.

KI is the Cosmic Power that flows out from the centre of the universe and returns back to the centre. In our daily lives, If we live using positive Ki we become vibrant energetic beings filled with courage. If we live using negative Ki we become weak and retiring. Achieved through breath control, relaxation and mental extension... Chi, Prana, Magnetism etc.

KOKYU is the way you move your body and mental extension of energy. If you have control of your breathing, remain calm and have strong positive Ki, you are able to move your attacker correctly.

HANMI is the posture used to face your opponent from which you are able to move quickly to evade any attack. With one foot a half step ahead of the other we have a strong stance and with mind on our Hara (One-point) we are prepared for all attacks.

MA-AI the correct distance between you and your opponent, which is very important. If you're too close you'll be unable to avoid a sudden attack and too far away, difficult to use your skills effectively. If an opponent must take a step to reach you is good Ma-ai.

ORENAI-TE is the principle of the unbendable arm. If you relax and extend mental energy through your arm it becomes unbendable and strong, without using muscle power which is limited. We can be relaxed at all times and be mentally strong for effective defense.

FUDO NO SHUSEI is an immovable posture from which we can move rapidly. This is achieved by relaxation, with mind on hara and the body filled with positive Ki. This posture is one in which your mind is not disturbed by anything and your body is not moved.

IRIMI is the method used to advance towards your opponent without meeting any resistance and leading his mind, where his body will follow. It enables us to directly and practically experience the principle of non-resistance. This returns power to the aggressor.

TENKAN is a way of leading an attackers power away by turning your body in a strong circular movement. This pulls the attacker into a circle and dissipates the energy of the attack to take control.

NAGE - one who is attacked by his opponent and pins or throws him.

UKE is the one who attacks and is pinned or thrown.

Some real methods of power gained by studying aiki are... proper alignment, relaxation, acceleration and penetration with mind extended.

Aikido practitioners believe in the principle of non-resistance and using the minimum amount of power to control an attacker without causing them harm. Aiki principles teach the art of acceptance and leading energy.

There are many other aiki principles in the study of aikido... awareness of environment, timing, Ki-ai shouts and atemi strikes to distract, balance taking, keeping one point, controlling the circle, weight dropping, weight shifting, alignment, avoiding direct conflict.

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