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Aikido Success Tips Reveal
The True Essence Of Aiki!

Here are some great Aikido success tips from Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei, who created aikido... the art of peace.

There are literally thousands of books, dvds and videos on the art of Aikido. Some talk about the historical facts regarding the development of the art. Others go into detail about the philosophy, and yet more discuss the practice of techniques.

We all know that a serious study of techniques is very important on the road to Aikido success and mastery. We also know how important the history and philosophy is to our understanding of the art.

But, what is the True Essence of Aikido?

How Can You develop your Aikido skills?

Well, to answer these questions, ask yourself...

What did O-Sensei do on a daily basis in his own personal  training?

The answer will give you an insight into what the founder did, and maybe more importantly, what he didn't do!

Morihei Ueshiba often said that the two Secrets of Aikido are...

1 - Misogi purification of mind and body.

2 - Kotodama chanting the sound spirit.

Misogi deals with purification of mind and body, the essentials for a healthy lifestyle... deep breathing, using water for inner and outer cleansing, eating healthy organic food, beneficial exercise, experiencing good sleep, and learning how to completely relax.

Kotodama sound vibrations, chanting to balance and harmonise youe body/mind/spirit. Kotodama is the origin of spirit and substance, that divides into yang/fire energy and yin/water energy. Ki is the opposing force that holds the two together.

For full, step-by-step, details on misogi purification, kotodama sound vibrations and how to add real power to your Aiki skills check out... Optimum Health Secrets

Can You Develop Advanced Skills and Experience Aikido Success?

Of course you can!

It wont be easy, but anything worth achieving takes focused effort and full commitment. To get to the true essence of Aikido you will have to spend plenty of time practising.

You'll need a knowledgable Aikido teacher to show you the basics, and then have to practice them thousands of times to move on to an advanced level. You'll also learn many variations of technique to help you become more flexible in your movements.

You must make a serious study of ukemi, which is the art of receiving techniques. This helps you develop the skill to be physically and mentally relaxed and flexible. In this way you will learn how to fall safely, even if you are thrown hard, or taken by surprise.

You'll notice important aiki principles that run through techniques!

Of course, you can help the process along by practicing at home on a daily basis. It really depends how motivated you are and whether you can apply discipline to yourself.

There are only three methods of training...

1 - Learning techniques.

2 - Analyzing posture and form.

3 - Studying principles. 

Many Aikido instructors  only actively teach the first two. Why? They only feel qualified to teach what they have been shown by their own instructor.

I have had many excellent teachers over the years, but always wondered why it took so long to develop real skill. So I made an intense study of all aspects of Aikido and many of the related aiki and healing arts.

I discovered that its possible to speed up the learning process by focusing on the principles that make the techniques work. I've been studying for 30+ years and gained an insight into how to fast-track the training process and achieve Aikido success.

I made many notes along the way as I discovered more principles, and after years of testing I have written all about it. I will show you exactly...

How to Greatly Increase Your Skills.

To develop skill you must train hard, but also train SMART.

My Aikido Success Blueprint shows you exactly how to train smart. You'll learn how to fast-track your aiki skills to peak performance levels with this massive collection. It is ideal for beginners, seasoned students and even instructors will benefit!

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