Acupressure Point Massage
for Health & Well-Being

The art of acupressure can help you restore a sense of perspective by examining an effective method of self-help.

It stimulates your interest in an alternative approach to health care. Developing an awareness that healing is self-generated and creates self-responsibility.

It offers an alternative method for dealing with many health problems and symptoms by using universal principles of healing. Acu-point massage relies on the stimulation of specific points that become tender when energy is blocked.

The nature of vital life-force energy (ki, chi, prana) is to flow smoothly and harmoniously throughout the body and a number of situations can occur where your energy is blocked.

Acupressure points, when stimulated help adjust energy to flow freely. If you liberate your natural talents and go with the flow, you'll have unlimited energy.

Explore the path-way of personal responsibility with a survival kit which is self-contained in knowledge and can be used anywhere at anytime. This is real health assurance that puts power back into your own hands.

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Acupressure Point Massage is
the Natural Path to Self-Health

Point stimulation can bring instant relief from minor and major symptoms which affect the human body. It can be extremely effective and easy to learn.

The main emphasis is on basic pressure points close to the feet and hands. It is beneficial for those who suffer from headaches, tension, anxiety, and stress.

Acupoints are based on techniques that have been used throughout Asia for 1,000's of years. Often, the emphasis is on maintaining health and longevity before ill-health and sickness, causing healing becomes necessary.

The application of pressure on certain vulnerable points on the body can be used to heal or harm. Martial Artists use this form of healing for its simplicity, using key points on the body for attack as well as to promote energy flow & strength.

Central to healing and important is the control of vital life energy. Also known as ki, chi, prana which can be controlled through the use of external stimulation.

It is an imbalance of the Yin/Yang forces flowing through the 12 meridians of the body that causes illness and dis-ease. When an organ becomes blocked, point stimulation greatly improves the flow of essential energy to solve the problem.

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