Music, Frequency, and Sound Healing Treatments to...
Balance Your Energy Centres

Sound Healing Treatments offer you a very effective way to revitalise your body cells, organs, and states of consciousness. Add the power of a unique music therapy couch and you'll leave feeling calm, relaxed, and positively inspired!

Scientific research, great composers, psychologists, and therapists have created sound, music, and frequencies to uplift, relax and soothe away worries.

They observed how the music of nature affects the emotions and spirit. Running water, fountain, waterfall, birdsong, a gentle breeze, forests, mountains, oceans. 

Your energy centres are linked to various organs and each chakra has an associated musical note. Listening to music designed to balance and harmonise will increase your positive energy flow and help you experience glowing health.

Therapy Couch

What is a music therapy couch?

It's a very comfortable full body cushion with built-in speakers. It has two either side of the head for stereo sound, but even better than that, it has two much larger speakers that send sound vibrations throughout your body.

This has the effect of making You Feel the Music!

You'll experience a series of spine-tingling moments as healing music swirls in and around you. In fact, you'll lose all sense of time as you journey to expanded states of awareness. Sound healing treatments can't be that good, can they?

Of course they can, and are! - a unique music therapy couch plus a large choice of great music and sound vibrations... an Amazing Experience!

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic
Frequency Vibrations to Energise Your Body Cells.

Your treatment will include a unique frequency bath with the Lightstream Wand and Tesla Coil Chakra Mat - the worlds most advanced PEMF/RIFE machines. We will rejuvenate you with amazing quantum waveform frequencies including...

Sounds of the Sun - dna repair, boost heart chakra, purify water and food.

Planet Earth - Schumann waves at 7.83 Hz to ground and tune into nature.

Pineal Gland - decalcify, open third eye chakra, creativity, intuition, insight.

Great Pyramid - strengthen & balance energy, healing, manifest intentions.

Golden True Phi - brainwave entrainment, Fibonacci ratio, intelligence, focus.

Prime Numbers - 3-d vortex, clear old traumas, past/future time travel.

Infinities - zero point field, attract abundance, release blockages.

Trinity - 3 most holy quantum frequencies, search for and experience god.

The Cube - multi-dimensional holographic, mystical mind expansion.

Star Systems - astral projection, inner journeys, explore universe, wisdom.

Plus - 1,000's of Rife Frequencies to target your exact symptoms. 

This Is a Rare Opportunity for YOU! 

Sound Healing Treatments
Choose Your Unique Journey


Alpha Relaxation System

alpha brainwave training for awareness, clarity, focus, and relaxation.

Healing Mind System

theta brainwave training to calm your mind and open healing pathways.

Meditation Mind System

theta brainwave training to calm your mind and deep meditation.

Gamma Meditation System

gamma brainwave training for deep meditation, insight and clarity.

Egg of Time Child of a Dream

Music with 3D processing to alter consciousness. Human body sounds, nature sounds and NASA space sounds. Multiple levels of sound designed to resonate brainwaves into very deep states of relaxation. Designed to alter states of consciousness - close your eyes and blast off into inner space.

The Gateless Gate - 70 mins

Become the central character on a meditation journey of self-discovery to a mountain ashram. Verging on 'virtual reality' with beautiful music and incredible 3D sound effects. Meet Joshua who directs you to seek inner awareness. 

The Temple of Light - 65 mins

Become a central character on a journey to the himalayas. You'll visit a sacred temple and meet masters who take you through a chakra initiation.

Other Titles

A range of music, affirmations, and awe inspiring and relaxing music.

Benefits of sound healing treatments...

  • Stress Release
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Balanced Energy Centres
  • Be Revitalised & Inspired
  • Plus Much More!

What Happens During Sound Healing Treatments?

Treatments take place in a comfortable room with total privacy. Your 1st treatment includes a free consultation to decide which music and frequencies will suit you. Followed by tips on how to get the most from your session.

After adjusting the volume to suit your needs, you'll be on your own as your treatment begins. Afterwards you'll be given a few minutes to return to 'normal awareness', before you carefully make your way home.

Treatment length is about 1 hour, depending on the piece of music you choose. Check availability in Bognor Regis West Sussex UK by completing the form below.

Sound Healing Treatments - £50  (Free Consultation + Unique Free Bonus).

To get the best results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments - £250 (1free)

Plus Unique Free Bonus!
Add Quantum Energy
Permanently to Your Special Item!

90.10 Cube

The CUBE is a quantum energetic torus generator that creates an energy field between its positive and negative pole, which is renewing constantly.

All kinds of objects can be enriched with energy. By placing an object in the Cube's field, it instantly and permanently stores pure quantum energy.

I can also store powerful frequencies in your chosen object to enhance the effect. Add powerful energy to your ring, bracelet, pendant, chain, etc.

Truly Unique! permanent quantum entanglement with zero point, scalar energy, and harmonious frequencies. To experience, please complete the form below...

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