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All of us have known times when we have felt totally alive, and aware of our connection with our environment. But for most people, these times are too brief... enjoyed while on holiday, the benefits soon fade.

The main causes of dis-ease are environmental pollution, hectic lifestyle, negative thought patterns, poor breathing, drinking and eating habits, lack of beneficial exercise and an inability to really relax...

Caused by the way we choose to live our lives!

The human body is a marvelous factory that requires constant attention. You either put pure organic elements in or suffer the results. What you breathe, drink and eat is directly related to how you think, feel and act.

In society the tendency is to alter natures products before we eat them. This is a big mistake as nature supplies food for us in its purest state.

Each day you have a choice - build a healthy, youthful and aware future or allow the destruction of your health by the inertia of daily living.

So you must agree that the purer the air, water and food that you consume, the better your level of health and fitness will be.

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Optimum Health Tips

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Body Awareness

Why is body awareness so important?

Being aware of your body means having your full attention in your body and living through your body. Most of the time our energy is in our heads and manifested as thousands of repetitive thoughts each day.

When fully aware of your body, you relax and breathe deeply, movements are free and coordinated, your perception keen and your charged with energy and...

vital life force power!

As you stand and move in a more grounded way, with a strong sense of centre, your confidence grows and you can't be thrown off balance physically/mentally.

With mind and body sharing equal awareness you'll feel more positive, with energy flowing freely throughout your being.

If you are deaf to the messages your body transmits, you risk allowing stress into your life, which leads to mental/emotional/physical weakness.

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The most important elements in your search for glowing health are...

air      water      nutrition      exercise      relaxation      mind power

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