Aiki Internal Masters
Teach Unique Solo Exercises

Aiki Internal Masters

There's a lot of discussion about the essence of Morihei Ueshiba's teachings. In most dojo's, training tends to focus on waza (techniques) and kata (form).

The receiver of technique (uke), is taught to blend with a performer and allow themselves to be moved easily. This partner blending is great to experience harmony, but gives the performer of technique (tori) a false sense of skills.

In reality, without some form of pressure testing, we cannot really know if our moves would actually work against an aggressive attacker.

But, when uke is instructed to resist, it often descends into a battle of muscular strength and skill levels disappear. Without lowering our training into a battle of wills and ego, there must be a better way of training... right?

My new series on Aiki Internal Masters examines this with links to information about many of the... Ancient Aiki Masters and the Modern Aiki Masters

If YOU are interested in what Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei was really doing with Aikido... Then YOU Are Going to Love my new Series!

Unfortunately, the reality is that Aiki Internal Masters are few and far between. Of all the ten of thousands of Aikido and Aikijujutsu instructors and students, only a few have actually found true aiki... this is a little sad :(


First of all, it is quite difficult to actually track down an aiki master. There are many who state they are, and to the untrained eye, many appear to be.

Even if you can find a true aiki internal master, then you need an introduction to them, or be close enough to visit their training venue. Also these few masters have plenty of students, so it is difficult to get access to them.

If you are persistent, you'll find a master and do whatever it takes to learn from them. But, then when you have understood a few of their basic teachings...

Then YOU do solo exercises, on a daily basis, to develop skill. It takes a will of iron to carry out the necessary training to achieve this mystical level of skill.

Aiki Internal Masters reveal an OLD/NEW approach to training...

  • Daily Solo Training on developing the body to an extreme level.
  • Also working on the  sensitivity required to achieve subtle skills.

Below, I will introduce you to some of the Aiki Internal Masters. They would not regard themselves as masters of Aiki. But, of course a real master of an art would say they are just at the beginning stage... right ;)

The following links are of Aiki Internal Masters. Some already link to individual pages, others are in the process. If you know of or train with an aiki master, who isn't listed here, kindly message me and I will consider including them :)

I hope you enjoy your journey and would love to have Your Feedback

Aiki Internal Masters

Sokaku Takeda

Yukiyoshi Sagawa

Kodo Horikawa

Morihei Ueshiba

Koichi Tohei

Roy Goldberg

Dan Harden

Seigo Okamoto

Howard Popkin

Hiroshi Ikeda

William Gleason

George Ledyard

Don Angier

Tony Annesi

Aikido Sankenkai

I hope you agree with my Aiki Internal Masters. If you know of others, please message - We would love to have YOUR feedback  -  Tell Us What YOU Think!

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