Aikido Can Be Effective As Self Defence!

by Tony Wilden
(Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK)

Yes, I think Aikido can be a very effective method of self defence. The practise of the art teaches many ways to completely avoid and deal with various types of confrontation.

It also shows students how to stay calm and relaxed, as they experience difficult circumstances in their lives.

By being nice to everyone you deal with in life, certainly reduces the chance of finding yourself in an aggressive situation.

Also, the techniques show how to deal with an attacker - correct distance, distraction, atemi strikes, control or throw, the options are almost endless.

I think many Aikido students believe that they have the skills to deal with a violent attack, but unfortunately are likely to fail in their attempt to defend themselves.


Well, training in a nice cosy dojo, with friends, who only offer a half-hearted or telegraphed attack is easy to defend against. Also students may be led to believe that their blocks and parries will be successful... as they 'Always Work' in the training hall.

OK, now imagine yourself in a street combat situation, with one or more violent and aggressive attackers bearing down on you.

You'll experience the fear of being badly hurt. Adrenaline will be flowing through your veins, and all of the complex techniques that you have worked on will disappear from your mind.

So... what do you do?

Stay calm and flow with your attackers energy, while using minimum force to control them. Come on, only the very best Aikido instructors or students have a chance to succeed in this way.

I am not among them... are YOU?

Yes, I believe that Aikido offers you all of the tools to be very successful in an aggressive street confrontation, but you must train them in a particular way to be truly prepared.

A true warrior chooses not to harm their attackers, but must know how to, and in the worst possible circumstances.

The main point of my comments here are to make sure you are really prepared to defend yourself, rather than just think you are!

Once you are sure of this, then you can turn your attention to the
more important lessons of Aikido... harmony, love and peace.

Studying Aiki principles can help you to Speed Up your learning curve. Remember that... Action is the KEY to Your Success :)

Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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Thanks Mansfield
by: Tony Wilden

Thanks for your comment Mansfield.

It's good to hear that you are training hard and in a very realistic way, especially as you live in a 'lively' area!

With all of the skills and firepower you now have, please remember that a warrior chooses to use the minimum amount of force necessary to get the job done... stay safe!

Tony Wilden

Aikido Was Born In Combat
by: Mansfield

My experience with aikido is that we practise all kinds of ways of defending ourselves from different types of wild attacks because realistically thats how they are going to come in a street fight.

There are no telegraphed punches and things like that. You have to train in the dojo as if you're already in a fight on the streets.

That's how I train because I grew up in the streets and I've had many street battles, and when I say battles I mean multiple attackers. In one situation 9 guys from a street gang jumped me in my neighborhood and I fought for my life, and this was before I had aikido skills.

So, I now train as if I'm in a life and death type of situation, as being from Detroit teaches you to be combative... trust me!

Right now, I'm a 3rd dan in aikido and a 4th dan in daito ryu aikijutsu and I train to do battle in a life or death situation... period!

I always think of the times I had to defend myself and was kind of helpless, so I make sure I'm not in that type of situation ever again.

I love aikijutsu because its geared strickly for a combat situation, and not for the olympics or tournament circuit. It's bone-breaking techniques are a sure fire weapon against an attacker.

With aikido, daito ryu aikijutsu, and soon to be legally armed I feel pretty safe.

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