Aikido Circle of Positive
and Negative Energy

Aikido Circle

The circle offers continuous ki energy, as it flows around your body. This energy can, at times, have positive vibrations that are dynamic and powerful. And at other times have negative vibrations that are smooth and gentle.

There are several ways of understanding the concept of an aikido circle... 

  •  The circle of energy that flows around the body. This has to do with the microcosmic orbit of energy related to the Tao.

  • The Aikido circle as a movement that absorbs an attackers energy, and redirects their own energy back towards them.

  • A circle where a student starts as a beginner, gains skills, and eventually becomes a black belt. Then with many more years of training, the belt gradually fades, almost becoming white again. The journey starts with a beginners mind, and goes full circle to return to the beginners mind.

Okay, this gives you a few interesting ideas to think about. I will also offer, what I think, is THE most important aspect of an Aikido circle - below...


As discussed above, a circle of energy should flow freely around your body. Often this flow can be restricted by imbalance and dis-harmony. This can happen for many reasons including physical, emotional or mental issues or blocks.

How can you free up your energy and even increase its power?

  • Deep breathing exercises to fill your lungs with Ki energy and oxygen.

  • Stretching exercises lengthen your muscles to work more efficiently. Joints  increase their range of movement, and internal organs are stimulated. 

  • Deep relaxation softens your body. Let go and release... stress, tension, anxiety, and worries. There are several great ways of doing this, and they are discussed, in detail, in my Optimum Health Secrets

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The Aikido
Circle of Infinity

Aikido Circle 

In my opinion, the main aim of the art of aikido, and the idea of an Aikido circle is a path or journey to spiritual enlightenment. Yes, the same enlightenment that, Aikido founder Master Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei experienced.

Why not?

YOU should have the highest goals for yourself... right?

If you aim high, your training will take you through a whole series of important skills, that are essential, for you to actually reach your goals.

These include physical, where you focus on perfecting your Aikido postures and techniques.  Discipline and control to manifest an impeccable form.

Of course, as you do this, you are also learning how to control your emotions. How you feel about Sensei's, and training partners, who have more or less skill.

Any negative feelings must be released as they come up in consciousness.

These feelings stimulate thoughts, and if not careful, your thoughts will spoil your opportunity to advance to a high level of skill. You must discipline your thoughts and feelings and focus on the important aspects of training like...

1 - doing your best to help your training partner to develop their skills.

This requires a relaxed, helpful attitude. Of course, at an advanced level, with your instructors consent, you may agree to pressure test your partners techniques. And, of course, they pressure test your techniques too.

2 - Learning how to be open and welcome an attack.

Then how to deal with an attack in a calm, relaxed manner with the most efficient movements to achieve a successful resolution. 

3 - Spiritual goals can be worked on internally on the mat.

Your training partners will mostly be unaware what you are working on. You can tune in to the energy flow and deal with it at that level, rather than physically.

What spiritual practice you take part in is your decision. What are you drawn to? There your answers will be found!

The founder practiced Misogi purification and Kototama.

Misogi is the purification of your body/mind through intense breathing exercises, pure foods, and internal and external water cleansing. Kotodama harmonises your mind, body and spirit with powerful words through chanting.

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Knowledge is power, but Action is the Key to Your Success!

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