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Learn How Aikido Locks Can Effectively Control Attackers!

Aikido locks will give you the ability to take control of your attacker fast!

Using Aikido holds you can stop any aggressor in their tracks, and take command of a difficult and dangerous situation.

Aikido is a Japanese form of self-defense that uses principles of non-resistance to reduce the power of your attacker. This art uses very little of your own strength, but relies on the force of your opponent to knock them off-balance and control, pin, or throw them.

By developing the skills to apply Aikido locks in an efficient way, you can reduce any damage to yourself, and your attacker. An Aikido hold is one of the best, and most ethical ways to deal with aggressive behaviour.

To be confident and sure of your skills, you will have to train hard, but also Train Smart! Check out how... Aikido Success Blueprint

What Aikido Locks and Holds
Are Effective at Taking Control?

Hiji-Jime takes control of an attacker via their elbow. This helps you hold an attacker down on their knees, when they try to rise, the pressure will cause pain in the elbow joint. This can also be used by police and security to walk someone away from a location.

ikkajo/Ikkyo can completely off-balance an aggressor. With pressure on the elbow, while controlling the wrist, it is easily possible to break the balance and take your attacker to the ground. Then by continuing to control the elbow, to go on to pin the person.

Nikajo/Nikyo is an Aikido hold that can be applied quickly from almost any type of grab. Control is achieved by causing extreme pain, without injury. An attacker will try to move away from the pain, which will force them to their knees and then face down on the floor.

Sankajo/Sankyo is an Aikido lock that can force your attacker up on their toes, in an effort to reduce the pain involved. From here it is fairly easy to break their balance and take them down to their knees and face down on the floor. You can use this from a variety of attacks.

Yonkajo/Yonkyo focuses energy into pressure points on the wrist. Once again the pain causes an attacker to attempt to move away from it. You are then able to use this movement to take control of them.

Kote Gaeshi is a wrist control technique that forces an attacker down and you can roll them over. By placing an attacker lying on their front you have effectively removed all of their potential weapons of attack, which allows you to quickly control the situation.

There are more Aikido Holds and Aikido locks that are available to you, and I recommend you get involved in some serious Aikido training to practise them. With a little practise you'll learn how to move correctly with the timing needed for a successful application.

Of course, in a real street attack, it is likely to be fast, violent and frightening, so you will need to practise staying calm in this scenario.

You are most likely to have a surge of adrenaline in these circumstances, which will cause you to do one of three things...

1 - Freeze on the spot with fear, and possibly get hurt.

2 - Run away, to get out of the situation... a good idea!

3 - Use your skills, efficiently & effectively to take control.

If you are unsure of your abilities, it is far better to be realistic than badly hurt. So, for the best outcome, you should use number 2.

To be confident and sure of your skills, you will have to train hard, but you should also Train Smart for Effective Aikido Locks

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