Arun Aikido Club Offers
You a Truly
Unique Aikido Training Grant Scheme!

Our Aikido training Grant is the Arun Aikido Club's way of helping potential students who cannot afford our regular aikido training fees.

This unique service is available when we have sufficient funds. Our first grant was offered in 2011, and we are considering offering another one in 2020.

Our first aikido training grant was provided by a generous family sponsor, and our next one may be available soon, depending on club funds.

It's an amazing opportunity for a student who show their commitment, to get classes at greatly reduced costs. 

Please bear in mind that this offer is only available for students who show that they are willing to commit long-term to their aikido study.

It is like an apprenticeship that could eventually lead to an aikido black belt, and the potential to go on to become an instructor of the art.

How does it work?

1 - come and meet us on a Thursday, and take your 1st class free!

2 - take part in 3 more classes to ensure that you like what we offer, and that you want to make a long-term commitment.

3 - apply for our aikido training grant.

4 - The instructors will review your application and, if suitable, will make you an amazing offer of reduced monthly fees.

5 - you take out Arun Aikido Club membership and get a free uniform!

6 - we set up a direct debit for the reduced monthly fee to be taken from your bank account automatically on the 1st of each month.

Are YOU interested?

Maybe you would like to become a grant sponsor?

The recipients must be able to demonstrate that they are unable to afford the usual club fees, and also show a  commitment to the study of aikido.

This offers a unique opportunity for people who are prepared to get involved in serious training. It is not available to people who want to drop in now & then!

You are welcome to come along and take your 1st class free, and tell us your intention to apply for our aikido training grant scheme.

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