Arun Aikido News
June 2021

First of all we must apologise for not being in contact with you enough during this difficult time... sorry. We hope you are all healthy and well. It is beginning to look like we may be able to get back to our normal lives soon. 

Until we are sure of the situation, for this year, we have decided to offer a series of monthly seminars so that we can all get together and practice some aikido.

We hope you will join us for a new chapter in our Arun Aikido Club journey.

Before training, students will need to renew their membership/insurance.  As training will be limited this year we will offer this at a 50% reduction of £10

Our seminar on Sunday 29th August 2021 at 4-6pm will also include grading certificate and belt awards. We hope you can join us, If you want to receive your award then you must confirm that you will be there, the award fee is £10

The aikido seminar fees for 2 hours training are - Juniors: £7 - Adults: £10

We prefer that fees are paid online, but if this is impossible for you, we will accept the exact fee in cash at the venue. Please let us know your decision.

If we don't hear from you, we will assume you wont be returning. Maybe you don't want to continue your aikido training, or that you cannot train on Sundays. If you wish to discuss this with one of our instructors please contact... 

Robin: 07752 128829 or Natasha: 07795 647675

Please pay your membership, grading and seminar fees via Paypal...  

click the down arrow to choose your payment

New Seminar Dates
Sundays 4-6pm

Sunday 8th August 4-6pm

Pressure Point Self Defence Seminar

Sunday 29th August 4-6pm

Aikido Seminar for Juniors and adults

More dates will be added here soon!