Cyst or Boil Treatment/Removal

by Unknown

I have had one one my bum for several years, and am usually able to drain it with a needle monthly to keep the pain down.

But this month it is bigger than ever and more painful and now it's inbetween the size of a baseball and golf ball!

I am barely able to sit because its that painful now. What are my treatment options for this?

Surgery to remove it, and I end up with a huge hole? or could they drain it better then I could? or is there a med to make it disappear?

Someone please let me know! thanks


Thanks for your question.

1 - I highly recommend that you visit your doctor or health practitioner for professional advice.

2 - As this problem has been with you for several years, you may want to look into how you can boost your general health...

3 - Check out online advice via google etc. For example... OR...

I hope this helps.


Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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