Drink Water For Health

Drink Water For Health

What Are the Health Benefits of Drinking Water?

Most of the planet is covered with water and the human body is about 75%. 

Water is the second essential for life, it transports nutrients and oxygen around your body, builds tissue and turns food into energy.

You should drink water for health, as it collects waste material to be removed from your body via your kidneys, bladder and skin.

Every living cell requires fluid, air and nutrients. The purer the cell, free from pollutants, the more toxins can be released into it for removal by your body. 

Water refreshes your body, stimulates your vital organs and increases your energy levels. It helps prevent urine infections, kidney stones, bladder cancer. 

Studies suggest you should drink water for health, about 2 litres per day in your drinks and food. You should also increase this intake, when you use more energy through mental or physical activities. 

Too much coffee, tea and alcohol can cause dehydration that can lead to tiredness, slow metabolism, poor circulation, headaches, dizziness, aching joints, dry skin, poor immunity, stress, high blood pressure, and also weight gain.  

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Drink Water For Health
Now For The Bad News!

Drink Water For Health 

Unfortunately, a lot of water is polluted :(

It can include human and animal waste, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides all cause contamination. The so-called modern industry causes serious pollution problems, plus public and industrial sewage comes back to us. 

Where do all the chemicals that you pour down your sink, toilet, and drain, end up?  Tons of toxic chemicals leave our homes each year and go to the rivers, seas, back to reservoirs, and once again, into our water and food supply. 

The massive network of old pipes that delivers water to your taps and the variety of metals it picks up... iron, copper, brass, lead, chromium, fluoride, chlorine etc.

You should drink water for health, but, it must be clean and pure!

Inorganic substances can be harmful in small amounts... arsenic, lead, alluminium, mercury, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron etc.

These elements can gather in the body and related to a variety of problems... digestion, kidneys, arthritis, rheumatism and hardening of the arteries, etc. 

Isn't it time we take responsibility, and to clean up our own mess. Maybe governments and large corporations, or even the 'honest' media, would tell us of the dangers from people not drinking water for health. 

There are new approaches to solving pollution problems constantly being presented, but the cost and practicality stops implementation on a large scale.

Its almost an impossible task to deliver pure water to our taps, so each individual MUST take responsibility, and solve the problem within the own home.

You can purify your water and actually drink water for health!

There are a number of purification techniques, designed for home use, that have been developed and used on a large scale. What is your personal choice?

Natural Mineral Water emerges from under the ground and flows over rocks before it is collected, which means it has a higher content of minerals. It must come from a protected source to be considered pollution free.

Spring Water is collected directly from a spring that rises up from the ground and must be filtered and bottled at the source. It must meet the same hygiene standards as natural mineral.

Tap Water comes from rivers, reservoirs and bore holes. It is treated to remove bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides and residue. It contains chlorine and other disinfectant chemicals which may have undiscovered long-term effects on health.  It is monitored to ensure it is within ;safety' limits. 

Filtered Water is usually achieved using carbon filters and reverse osmosis filters. This leaves the water similar to rain, but relies on the effectiveness of the system, which must be carefully monitored.

Distilled Water simulate the natural cycle by boiling water to leave contaminants behind. The steam is then condensed and collected for use.

Considered to be the most effective method of  purification available, producing virtually pure H2O. It is a blood purifier that helps keep the body cells free from accumulated waste products and  preserves health and longevity. 

I personally use a home filter system that removes 98% of contaminents!

Optimum Health Secrets discusses health benefits of water and other essentials for real health. Plus THE number one most effective health tip available. Key Action Steps For Real Results... YOU can experience glowing health FAST!

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