Exercise for Your Health,
Fitness, and Well-Being!

Human beings in their original state of living, had an abundance of healthy exercise outside in their environment. They were compelled to find food, prepare it, raise crops, build houses, and gather fuel to live in simple comfort.

As people became more 'civilised' they delegated certain duties to others and confined themselves to limited activities. Today many of us do practically no physical work, while others only do physical work.

Everyone should take some exercise on a daily basis as part of a healthy lifestyle. The normal healthy body is nourished if it is used, if not used, it will becomed weakened.

Long walks away from the stress of modern society are excellent. The woods, forests, streams, rivers, and beaches, over hills and mountains, nature waits patiently for us to realise her amazing benefits.

The Yoga adepts focus their mind on their training routines, and use it in connection with their bodily movements. This increases the benefits as the supply of vital energy is drawn to the exercised part.

You should put life and interest into your workout and avoid listless mechanical training with your mind elsewhere. If you have fun and enjoy it you will obtain the maximum benefit and glow with Vitality.
I use an excellent form of yoga that can completely rebalance your energy centres (chakras). It is very easy to learn, efficient, effective and only takes 15 mins a day.

Exercise and Fitness
Training is the Way Forward

What is Exercise?

It is a process by which the cells of the body are placed under controlled stress, and stimulated to reach a certain degree of metabolic efficiency.

It increases your strength and vitality.

Most routines are good at stimulating particular body tissue, but leave out strengthening of others. An efficient form of training will be one which reaches every cell of the body.

The key to a good workout is oxygen intake and the goal is to increase your aerobic capacity, which is the amount of oxygen your body can process within a given time.

This is related to your ability to breathe deeply which ensures oxygen is carried by the bloodstream throughout your body.

There are thousands of fitness systems, but according to research done by the North American Space Agency (NASA), who declared that the power of simple bouncing is the most complete system, yet devised.

Aerobic Rebounding (mini trampoline) vibrates every cell in the body. It increases muscular strength and stimulates lymphatic elimination of cellular toxins and waste materials. It increases skeletal strength and enhances learning ability and its Great Fun.

As you perform your routine, there are certain simple techniques you can use to get...

Maximum Benefits from Minimum Effort!

Deep Breathing is an essential part of a good routine, Zen meditation, relaxation, and deep breathing will deliver the quality and amount of oxygen to really benefit your health.

Drink Water and plenty of it, as part of your daily routine. Pure water flushes the toxins from your body and is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.

By focusing Attention on what you are doing, the benefits will multiply. This can be applied to whatever you do and develops stronger will power, mind power, and discipline.

Mental Awareness is the level of awareness you have for your surrounding environment. A relaxed awareness will allow you to tune-in to see negative events developing, giving you the chance to avoid them.

I cover this in full detail in my Optimum Health Secrets. I offers you unique knowledge with Key Action Steps to change your lifestyle fast!

What Exercise
Will You Choose?

As you work-out it is important to warm-up before stretching all of the major muscles of the body. This way you can avoid potential injury.

To improve overall flexibility all stretching should be done slowly without bouncing. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds as you relax and breathe out. This will ensure you benefit your health and not injure it.

The best exercise routine for you is one that interests and inspires you to put your mind and body to work... as ONE. This will also help you to relax and idealy be a form that can be practised in your environment, outside, or wherever you stand on the planet.

Good forms of exercise are...

walking, running, swimming, stretching,  yoga, tai chi, qi gong (Chi Kung), aikido, martial arts,  etc. depending on your particular preference.

Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art based on non-violence and evasive movements. An excellent fitness workout for self defence, with millions of practitioners across the globe

The ancient Chinese system of qi gong is a natural way to balance your energy centres. It involves deep breathing relaxation, focused mind, and postures and chi flow.

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